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  1. D scott
    D scott at | | Reply

    Very cool!
    6″ is a bit much for me, though. I don’t suppose you have any 2/3″ options, or feedback on reducing the float I get with rear coils. It’s smooth, for certain, but it feels loose to me.
    Actually, I was just looking to do to my new (2016 with air ride) 2500, what a set of bilsteins did for my 2012 without needing any lift, but I’m open minded.

    The coil spring rear throws me off; maybe I just need to get used to it. I have been spoiled! (Fords a creek and performs on highway better than most anything on the road, yet feels like a limo (and I can still get it though the parking garage). Or, lets say I COULD do that, with my 2012 plus bils…

  2. L Gomes
    L Gomes at | | Reply

    I noticed when reviewing the 6″ kits items, the rear blocks for coil rear suspension are 4″ blocks where the air rear suspension are 5″ blocks.

    Is this because the factory rake on my truck is less than the coil rear rake?

  3. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    When will you guys drop the 6” for 4W suspenaion

  4. Arthur
    Arthur at | | Reply

    Do you carry a lift kit for a megacab 2016, 3500 model dually with air ride? I want to put 22.5 semi rims on the truck and need a lift to clear.

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