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  1. Nick reb
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    Nuuube here

    I’m running BDS 7″ lift kit on my tundra. Seeing the recoil traction bar looks amazing! I’m just curious what is the purpose of it & is it necessary to have? I don’t mind of purchasing it. UTs another awesome looks to my truck. Plz let me know thanks

  2. Nick reb
    Nick reb at | | Reply

    Gotcha. Thanks. Last but least will these help my pinion and gears since it’s lifted and running 35″ going to 37″ soon? Will really like to know. Thanks

  3. Nick reb
    Nick reb at | | Reply

    Where do I purchase this items? Can I go directly from you?

  4. Nick reb
    Nick reb at | | Reply

    I was looking at placing order and happened to noticed a important message on customer note saying before buying or bidding. To make sure if the right one for you. Said 0″-6″ lift and I have 7″ bds lift kit. Or they are saying 0″-6″ lift block? Which I have 4″ if not mistaken.

  5. Andrew
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    Will these fit a 2017 with a 4” bds lift?

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