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  1. John D.
    John D. at | | Reply

    Is it possible to purchase just the coilovers themselves from this kit? I already have a 7″ lift on my 2500HD and I just want to convert to coilovers.

  2. Joe
    Joe at | | Reply

    Just ordered 2017 Chevy 2500hd diesel 10 weeks til it comes in. Is this lift compatible for the 2017? If not do you have a release date for the 6.5 coil over?

  3. Ignacio
    Ignacio at | | Reply

    Can you get me a quote on your lifts? I’m running some 295/60R20 tires on it and it rubs. Would you recommend a 6 or can I get away with a 4 inch lift?

  4. O
    O at | | Reply

    So I got 2500HD 6″ fabtech 37″ tire, as I understud I need the upper & lower arm and coil over shocks to stick to existing FT lift kit.
    Is that it or what else do I need?

  5. Chris
    Chris at | | Reply

    Need to actually spindle kit for a 1989 Chevy Scottsdale 2 Will Dr. 2500

  6. Kevin "Pop" Voyles
    Kevin "Pop" Voyles at | | Reply

    Liking this new lift seen on “EXTREME OFFROAD” (PowernationTV). Wondering if you offer this new lift kit for a 2000 Tahoe LS with air ride. Shocks are blown so considering a lift.

  7. Rob Dog
    Rob Dog at | | Reply

    I have an ’05 H2. Do you make a kit for my truck?

  8. DMarcus Davis
    DMarcus Davis at | | Reply

    Is there any way i could do a 4 inch lift with a coilover conversion on 14 and up 2500hds. Didnt see a option for coversion on the site. I dont really need a 6inch and 3inch would be fine but i would like 4inch more

  9. Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez at | | Reply

    Hello! Awesome suspension package. Can this be applied to a 3500 dually? Thank you.

  10. Tracy
    Tracy at | | Reply

    What do u carry for my 06 LBZ 2500 ,

  11. Brandon
    Brandon at | | Reply

    How much usable suspension travel are you guys getting with this 6.5″ coil over kit on the four wheel drives? I read all the descriptions but I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere.

  12. Alejan
    Alejan at | | Reply

    I bought them a Transfer Case Indexing Ring Kit for a Dodge 2500 2015 and and I want to know if they can send me the installation guide in Spanish.
    Thanks, Alejandro.

  13. Ryan
    Ryan at | | Reply

    Installed the 2-4 coilover kit on my 2015 gmc denali 2500hd.

    After install truck sat 2″ lower than when I had a leveling kit on it, basically back to stock level… went to start adjusting shocks and confused how expected to crank coils while on the truck and reservoir line in the way… If this kit is setup specifically for these pickups why wouldn’t the shocks be setup for the advertised lift??? Furthermore, why would anyone install the rear blocks setup with the front still raked down with the setup sent as it was??? Was very excited to finally see a coil over kit for the HD GM’s that wasn’t to the level of long travel and chase truck setups out there but confused as to the engineering and/or setup shipped to me.

  14. Dom
    Dom at | | Reply

    Really like the looks of your coil over system. Do you make a 4 inch lift with voil overs… I don’t want to lift my truck to 6.5 inches…

  15. Justin Keiper
    Justin Keiper at | | Reply

    How hard would it be to convert from an existing 2-3″ coilover conversion kit to the 4-6″ kit on a 2015 GMC 2500?


  16. Luke
    Luke at | | Reply

    Hey, was just curious as to how much an 8″ lift would cost?? On average.

  17. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    Have you determined if the 6.5? Coilover System will work on the 2017’s? What is the ride quality compared to stock? Is there someplace in the Pacific NW were a guy could ride in a converted truck?

  18. Gavin
    Gavin at | | Reply

    In your 6.5″ c/o kit for late model Gmc 2500HD is it possible to get any more lift out of it? I want to avoid cutting the metal bumper when running 37’s. I’m okay cutting the plastic valence. Thx.

  19. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    Hey Carter,
    With the plastic valence removed & without cutting the bumper, what is the largest tire size accommodation with the 6.5″ c/o kit?

  20. Jose
    Jose at | | Reply


    I have 2015 Denali DRW I have 8″ to play for a lift kit, since I tow gooseneck trailers I want to keep the height to a limit, I also want to use a c/o kit my consern is I don’t want to pay $$$$$ to just lift 2-3 inch, can you tell me what’s my overall height achievement with the 2-3″ c/o.

    Thank you

  21. Jose
    Jose at | | Reply

    Hey Carter

    The shop is ordering the 2-3 and 35″ tires with 20″ rims is this going to work with out trimming the bumpers?


    After looking and adding I realized that this set up will give me 5.5″ of height of what I have now.

  22. Voytek opalski
    Voytek opalski at | | Reply

    I had this kit installed on my 2016 GMC sierra Denali hd. It was done in the beginning of 2017 and since I had to replace both rear shocks due to a seal failure and oil leak(I upgraded them to ones with the reservoir) unfortunately the new ones are showing significant leak again. They are probably 1.5yr old. My big issue is with a front coils being completely covered in rust! It started to show about a year ago and now they are all rusty. Will you guys be backing up this issue under your warranty and what should I do. Other than that I put around 40k miles with your kit and really enjoy it.

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