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  1. Dave Arnold
    Dave Arnold at | | Reply

    Just got through installing your 4″lift on my 2017 .
    Long story short ,leave the stock blocks in the rear .
    The blocks that you include in the kit are to much.
    Personally, when I lift a truck I want the front a little higher than the rear.
    If you use the blocks the truck stink bugs bad.
    I realize that when you have a heavy load that the stink bug would be nice,but most people buy the lift for everyday looks.
    If you need to carry an load fill the air bags,youll need them anyway.

  2. Tony Mitidiero
    Tony Mitidiero at | | Reply

    I would like to know if anyone can tell me if 35″s on the stock rims will rub the radius arms at full lock. I do not know what the offset is on the stock rims and cannot seem to find anyone who knows.

    On my 14′ I had a Readylift leveling kit. They told me 35″s would work without rubbing and they were wrong. After spending $2k on tires I lived with it, but I’m not going down that road again. I would very much like to know with 100% certainty before buying the kit as I do wish to maintain the stock wheels if possible.



  3. Justin
    Justin at | | Reply

    I know this kit says it’s for 4 wheel drive but would it work with 2 wheel drive? I need a kit to fit 2wd

  4. Alexandre pilote
    Alexandre pilote at | | Reply

    Hi i just install my 4″ lift kit on my superdutu 250 and when i put on 4×4 in acceleration i can hear vibration at the front. Some body cab help me with that . I install the center bearing drop at the rear and on 2×4 every thing is perfect . When i installed the front arm i follow the instruction but i can swap the spacer by the back or the front i dont know if that can help tanks

  5. Nick J
    Nick J at | | Reply

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what brand and model wheels are on the truck in the gallery for this lift. They look great!

  6. David
    David at | | Reply

    Does anyone know of BDS will be coming out with a 6 inch lift for the 2017 F250 line?? I’m currently torn between doing a 4 or 6 inch lift. But would prefer to purchase a BDS product. Thanks!

  7. Brad
    Brad at | | Reply

    So I would like to put this 4″ Radius arm lift in my 2017 F350. I have the 6.2L gas engine and I would like to know what needs to be done as far as exhaust modifications by the front drive shaft. What would be involved in getting this modification done? Thanks

  8. Brad
    Brad at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter,
    You guys don’t happen to have any diagrams of how this needs to be done? I am having this lift professionally installed at a shop so I can’t imagine this extra work being too difficult.

  9. gregory andrews
    gregory andrews at | | Reply

    I am purchasing this lift for my 2017 F350 SD 4×4 super cab.
    Planning on using 35×12.5 x20 Nittos
    Will I be OK on 20×10 – 4.5 backspace wheels??

  10. gregory andrews
    gregory andrews at | | Reply

    Hi Carter thanks for answering my above question.
    Just one more question…..will this 4″ suspension lift work with a 2017
    F350 Chasis/ cab truck upfitted with a 9′ Bed??
    The front suspension appears to be the same from what I can see.
    Thanks for your help.

  11. Bruce Kerr
    Bruce Kerr at | | Reply

    Just curious what size tires are pictured?

  12. Joel christensen
    Joel christensen at | | Reply

    Hello I see you have lift kits for 2017 250 and 350
    My question to you do you have a leveling kit and a 4 inch lift kit for a 2017 F450 dually .
    I’ve been watching your website and thought I would ask to see if you have made it thatkit yet
    Thank you ,Joel

  13. C.J.
    C.J. at | | Reply

    Hey Carter, question on 2017 S.D., I have one with the factory snow plow package that is still a tad higher in the rear. I thought maybe going with your 1″ leveler would cure that. My concern is because the factory plow package raises the spring rate, would there be any issues alignment wise, [ball joint cams, or other alignment] problems I need to be concerned with? Don’t want to prematurely wear out any components. There’s enough maintenance to address already. Also is the spacer capable of the extra weight? The winters here in the Great Lakes state are brutal! By the way, 6.2 liter gas. Western Ultra mount Poly

  14. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    Are the sway bar drop brackets in picture above supposed to be 2″ or 4″?

  15. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    Hi Carter, thanks for the reply. So i’m guessing on the 6″ lift kits the drop would be the 4″, is this correct?

  16. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    Hey Carter, would you happen to know what the part number is for those sway bar drop brackets? I have the 4″ BDS radius arm lift kit and it came with 4.5″ drop brackets. The sway bar is hanging really low and doesn’t look right at all.

  17. Curtis
    Curtis at | | Reply

    What offset rim would I need to clear 37″ with 12.5 width truck is on rough terrain regularly.

  18. Lou
    Lou at | | Reply

    Carter, I have 17 f350 diesel long bed.. can I put a 1.5″ cool spacer over the 4″ radius arm kit? I’m going to run 36×15.5 20 Mickey MTZ’s with 20×14 wheels. Just want to make sure I clear. I also like it a little higher in front. I’m just hoping It won’t effect the ride too much.,


  19. Tim
    Tim at | | Reply

    Hi Carter,
    Looking to install your 4″ lift on 2017 f250 platinum that has adaptive steering and the 7 camera option. Will I lose my adaptive options or will they not work correctly? Also the 7 cameras installed id hate to install lift and cameras not find my trailers barcode sticker designators. I don’t know if the cameras are adjustable. The tow package is pretty specific on entering distance data. Can you tell me if you have a lift package specially designed for 2017 platinum f250 witch has all the factory options?


  20. Tomio Yamawaki
    Tomio Yamawaki at | | Reply

    Im Wondering if your 4in kit will fit on a 2017 f350 dually and If not do you have a kit that will fit a dually no bigger than 4in.

  21. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Hey Carter,

    I’m looking to install your 4 inch system on my 2017 F350, will I be able to run my factory 20 inch wheels with the factory rubber.

  22. jeff rudolph
    jeff rudolph at | | Reply

    Hey Carter, i have the 2017 250 with plow prep package. im getting the 4” kit installed. my question is, Will the springs for the gas motor be equivalent in strength to the factory plow prep springs

  23. Michael Boatwright
    Michael Boatwright at | | Reply

    Hey Carter, I am looking to install your 6″ C/O LA system on my 2017 F-250. I am looking at a 37×13.50R22 Toyo M/T on 22X10.5 wheels with 4.75 backspacing… In your opinion would this be okay to run with no rub or trimming? I can see the system can clear 38’s Im more concerned about the width… Thanks!

  24. Jared
    Jared at | | Reply

    So the red truck pictures has 35×12.5 tires right? What are the specs on the wheels on that truck?

  25. Gary
    Gary at | | Reply

    Will your 4″ radius kit keep the factory geometry specs?

  26. Mark
    Mark at | | Reply

    Eyeballing the 4 inch lift for 18′ f250. Wanting to run 37×12.5 on 22×12. What trimming will need to be done?

  27. Justin
    Justin at | | Reply

    So I’m getting this kit installed in 2 weeks but I’m having a hard time deciding between the fox 2.0 upgrade or standard nx2 nitro shock… I have the budget for the fox for both duel stabilizer bar and all around the truck. Regardless the place I’m getting the lift says the nx2 rides better then the fox meaning the fox is stiffer on bumps and the nx2 rides smother. I won’t be doing any kind of offrroard but I do like to have it stable around turns as I go up and down a mountains everyday and turns. So once again the $500 extra dollars is not the concern it’s the shock performance… Am I just paying for the name and what is the performance difference if not using off-road between the two?

  28. Matthew James
    Matthew James at | | Reply

    Hey Carter, I have done quite a bit research on the lift, wheels and tires I would like to use. I am considering either the 4″ RA or the 4″ C/O RA and have 4 questions:

    1. What is the rake of the truck with the 5″ rear block. It seems to me (although you all state a “level stance”) that the rear is still slightly higher than the front (this was confirmed by stage 3 motorsports in their review of the 4″ RA). I do not have the snow plow package. I am looking for the truck to be perfectly level while unloaded. If there is still some rake with your kit, can anything be done on the back end to correct this for me?

    2. I will only have this truck in light off road situations (“mostly” cleared level off-road) and will be my daily driver for the most part. I would consider doing the 4″ C/O for its increased comfort in normal driving conditions. Do you have any thoughts here? Will the ride quality either on or off road be noticeably better? I have never used a C/O lift before.

    3. What would be my stress points to consider on the front suspension? Would you consider any additional upgrades for longevity? (you have touched on this in another response already. I am just double checking)

    4. I have done no research on this question, but can airlift air bag systems be used with any/all of the 4″ kits from BDS?

    Apologies for so many questions, and thank you in advance for your help.

  29. Jeffrey Stephens
    Jeffrey Stephens at | | Reply

    I’ve looked all over and cant find a complete kit. I’m wanting the 4″ radius arm kit and the dual steering stabilizer kit together. Is there a kit number for that with the fox shocks? Also does the bds kit change the caster to help eliminate the death wobble?

  30. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Just had this kit professionally installed on my 2017 F250. The caster is out of spec- 7.2 on the drivers side and 7.4 on the passenger side. Toe and camber are good. Truck pulls to the right. Rotated the tires to see if that would help – no change. Any thoughts? I specifically purchased the radius arm kit because of the advertised camber correction.

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