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  1. Robert Monoson
    Robert Monoson at | | Reply

    What about 2017 Ram 2500 POWER WAGON?

    1. David Drummond
      David Drummond at | | Reply

      How about a lift kit for the 2017 power wagon? Need one.. Gonna make One?

  2. Moe
    Moe at | | Reply

    Looking for a leveling kit for my 2017 ram 3500 mega cab dually, with a stabilizer bar, well I was told to use a stabilizer bar so no shaking would occur, you all have them in stock and if so what’s the price for the complete kit?

  3. Larry
    Larry at | | Reply

    I purchased a 2017 ram 2500 4×4 with the air suspension in the rear. I also installed 35″ tires to the truck. The dealer put a 2.5″ leveling kit on the front to assist with the fisher xv2 plow. Now the truck is 1.5″ higher in the front. Is there a spacer kit I can use for the rear to bring the truck back to level or even a little higher? I do not really want to take the 2.5″ leveling kit off of the front because I like the looks of it.

  4. Galen walker
    Galen walker at | | Reply

    Are you going to come out with the 3inch radius arm kit for the 6.4hemi 2500

  5. Chris
    Chris at | | Reply

    +1 on the need for a 15+ Power Wagon kit… I’m going to modify one to make it work, but you guys would be the ONLY manufacturer offering a full kit (not just springs and shocks) for that application. You guys know the changes are minor, so why not offer it?

  6. Tyson Zielke
    Tyson Zielke at | | Reply

    Hey just wondering if you guys have any advice or recommendations about putting a levelling kit in addition to a 4″ lift. Currently running the 4″ coil lift with BDS shocks on my ram 2500 but wouldn’t mind seeing closer to a 6″ lift. Would a 2″ level and replacing the upper control arm to change the ball joint angle be safe to do? And what steps could I take in the back as there aren’t leaf springs…

  7. Tony
    Tony at | | Reply

    Will the 3500 regular cab be the same with gas engine? Want to run 40’s

  8. Will
    Will at | | Reply

    +1 on the 17 power wagon. Any plans?

  9. Rhonda
    Rhonda at | | Reply

    I’ve got a ’17 Ram 2500 Mega Cab…I’m looking to go 6″ w/37″ tires…do you have a recommendation to prevent take off vibration typical with the 2 piece driveshafts?

  10. Graham
    Graham at | | Reply

    Hey guys I have a 2017 Ram 3500 SRW diesel with the factory air bags on the rear axle, the truck sits as stock with a 1″ rake. My question is in order to run 34 or 35 tires with sufficient clearance on full steering lock etc. do I need to just do a front level kit (will the ride adjusters compensate at the back maintaining the 1″ rake without over stressing the air bags causing premature failure) or would I be required to lift front and rear ? Really only want 2″ additional height as I tow trailers on goose neck and 5th wheel any higher will cause me problems any advice gratefully received.

  11. Darrek
    Darrek at | | Reply

    Somebody needs to make a kit to fit 37s -40s on 14 and up power wagons, that market demand is growing . I’ve had my 15 for 3years now and only AEV makes a kit. Only to fit 37s . Nobody puts these lifts on but them. There is no reason top companies can not offer a system for these trucks.

  12. Mike McMahon
    Mike McMahon at | | Reply

    I have a 2017 2wd 6.4 2500, i need a lift that is more than 2 inch. I have 4 inch sky jacker springs but cant find shocks to make them work. What shocks will fit on the 2 wd?

  13. Jamie
    Jamie at | | Reply

    Hey Carter! I just Bought a 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon and now need a BDS lift kit. Is BDS getting close to releasing a kit? From the looks of all the dealerships with the Power Wagons arriving on their lots the lift kits should sell like hot cakes!

  14. Steve
    Steve at | | Reply

    I currently own a 2017 Ram 2500 4WD, 6.4L Hemi, rear coils. I really want to get 37″x 13.5″ tires under it. Do I need a 5.5″ lift for this or would it work with a 4″ kit. Also, I know there’s a lot to it that you probably COULD explain…but what are the major pros/cons of a 4-link over a standard lift? Is is that much better as far as ride quality? Thanks in advance.

  15. Matti
    Matti at | | Reply

    I hope you guys will soon be able, to release a lift kit for the new generation Powerwagon’s :0)

  16. Brandon
    Brandon at | | Reply

    C’mon Power Wagon suspension kit!

  17. Rodney Martinez
    Rodney Martinez at | | Reply

    Really want a lift for my 2017 power wagon. Got an 8.5” lift on my Cherokee that I love and have had no issues with. Wondering when your kit is coming out. Don’t think I can wait much longer. Might have to start shopping somewhere else. To bad cause I really like your products.

  18. Joel Marett
    Joel Marett at | | Reply

    Just bought a 2018 Power Wagon. Are you guys going to develop a kit or what???

  19. Alexis Perez
    Alexis Perez at | | Reply

    Hey do you guys make anything for a 2wd dodge 2500 2017 or know of anyone that dose looking for 3” or 4.5”

  20. Michael St Louis
    Michael St Louis at | | Reply

    Greetings, just had sporttruck here in Coldwater install the 8” 4 link to my 16ram 2500. On the tire size should I stay with a 40×13.5 tire or could I go with a 40×15.5. Rims are 20s -44

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