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  1. Seth
    Seth at | | Reply

    I am in the middle of installing the 2″ leveling kit w/ fox 2.0’s on my 2017f250. I did not order a steering stabilizer, but am wondering now, will i need it to avoid bumpsteer or loose steering on the highway? The tires are 325/60/20 (or 35×12.5×20 if the bigger ones rub) so not really that much oversize. I do lots of highway driving.

  2. steve
    steve at | | Reply

    Can I install these on a stock height 2017 f250 4×4 with any clearance issues? thks

  3. steve
    steve at | | Reply

    Also do i have to remove the stock single stablizer if i install the bds duals?

  4. jonathan gentry
    jonathan gentry at | | Reply

    will your kit allow full lock turns? or will it limit the turning radius a little?

  5. Tommy
    Tommy at | | Reply

    Will this work on the 11-16 superdutys as well?

  6. Deja
    Deja at | | Reply

    I just had the Fox 2.0 dual stabilizer installed along with the 6 inch BDS lift about 3 weeks ago on my 2017 F250. The steering has been extremely loose ever since. I checked to make sure tire pressure is correct and it is. What do I need to do tighten up the steering? Have there been other similar issues with the new stabilizer? It can make you a little nervous on narrow one lane roads. Thank you.

  7. Marco
    Marco at | | Reply

    Hello, I’m getting conflicting information on retaining the OEM stabilizer in conjunction with this duel set up on my 2017 F250. I called your tech support and they said that it should be removed and it also states that on the installation directions. I’m seeing here that you are saying that it supplements the OEM stabilizer. if retaining the OEM stabilizer is an option, can the OEM stabilizer be upgraded to a Fox 2.0 stabilizer in its place in conjunction with this dual stabilizer kit?

  8. Carlos Rey
    Carlos Rey at | | Reply

    Will this dual steering stabilizer work for a 2018 f250 fx4?

  9. Clint
    Clint at | | Reply

    I just installed a fox 2.0 dual steering stabilizer on my 2017 f250 and it has made my truck feel like I’m all over the place, especially normal driving. I did not remove the stock stabilizer but just wondering if I should have or if something else is going on.

  10. Sergio
    Sergio at | | Reply

    Hi a friend of mine has this kit on his 2017 but is turning is nis lease and was gonna give me his kit.
    However i have a lifted 2012 will this fit at all?

  11. Austin
    Austin at | | Reply

    Will this setup work on a 2017 f450?

  12. Kevin Kolek
    Kevin Kolek at | | Reply

    Does it matter which way you put the shocks on? I currently have the body of the shock to the center…

  13. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    Does it matter which way you place the shocks? I currently have the body of the shock to the middle. Is this a problem? I’ve seen them both ways. Thank you!

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