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  1. Stephen Foisy
    Stephen Foisy at | | Reply

    Nice website, do you know what rims are on the dodge powerwagon, i currently own 2 powerwagons with BDS kits

    1. Billy T.
      Billy T. at | | Reply

      Hey there man, i’ll Tell ya I love these new station wagons that’er Out now. I done took the hole fam downda Georgia last week in mine, third row seating fits all them rascals like a Swiss watch, take care partner!

  2. Jeff Chene
    Jeff Chene at | | Reply

    I have been waiting for a kit for my ’18. This is my third Power Wagon, however I have never lifted any of my previous Power Wagons due to the lack of available lift options. I had a 6″ BDS suspension set up on my ’16 Ram 1500 with great results. Does the BDS system add 4″ to the 2″ factory lift, or does it replace the 2″, giving an overall 4 “suspension lift?

  3. Caleb
    Caleb at | | Reply

    I have a 2018 PW. With the lift added, can the factory winch still be utilized?

    1. Billy T
      Billy T at | | Reply

      Oh heck yeah brotha! That’ol Winch’ll Work just fine and dandy!

  4. Billy T.
    Billy T. at | | Reply

    I done seen it all now, what a hoot! I done lifted my station wagon and put some street tires on’er man! You shoulda saw the old lady when I picked’er up from bingo last Saturday! Damn near thought she’sahgunna lose’er mind ya’ll. The. I got home and had me a cold one laughin all about it.

  5. Chris Kenyon
    Chris Kenyon at | | Reply

    Have you developed a kit for the 2019 PW yet?

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