So you pulled the trigger on the lift of your dreams from BDS Suspension, you got it installed, and now you're ready to hit the trail and/or show it off. Or maybe you've been rocking BDS on your ride for years and love your setup. Either way, getting featured on our social media is surprisingly easy if you provide good photos of your rig and the right information in your submission.

In this blog post, you will learn the Do's and Don'ts, what to send in and how to get featured. All submissions should be made via email.

Why Your Submission Matters:

BDS Suspension prides itself in high-quality, top-of-the-line lift systems with a focus on extreme off-road capability and the best warranty in the industry. We represent everything from high-quality daily driven show trucks to trail prepped offroad rigs and everything in between. Having a BDS lift system and/or upgrades is something to be proud of! Below you will see two examples of social media vehicle showcases, both equally awesome, even though only one was created with submission content from user-submitted content. We want your rig to be the next to get featured on Facebook or Instagram!

What Not To Do:

Photos can be disqualified from being featured on our website and social media for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the location and framing of your photos. The BDS Suspension HD is a sweet tow rig, but these photos don't do it justice. Submitting photos like this will not get featured on the page.

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Shot is framed ok (true 3/4 shots ideal).Ā  On-road shots in parking lots, driveways, etc are boring and don't get featured.

Be sure to get the entire vehicle in the shop, cropping shots or objects blocking it don't get featured

Avoid weird perspectives or less flattering angles of the vehicle, focus on the key features of the tuck to highlight

How To Take "Feature Worthy" Photos:

You don't have to be a professional photographer to get really nice photos of your vehicle. You also don't need to drive your brand new 80,000 dollar truck down a sand dune just for us (unless you want to). Find a nice secluded spot with grass, gravel, dirt, or sand, and park your vehicle so that the background of your photos is lake, sky, forest, bushes, or anything aesthetically pleasing.

Start off by taking a 3/4th shot of your vehicle showing the front and passenger side of the vehicle. Repeat this process to include the front and driver's side of your rig. Make sure to include a shot that shows the rear of your vehicle to truly showcase the lift and stance. The reference shots above illustrate this process well; in each photo you can clearly appreciate the truck, its aggressive stance, and how the background enhances the photo. Take more photos than you need and choose the best options for your submission to increase your chances to get featured.

Suspension Photos (Optional)

Occasionally, getting low to the ground and snapping photos of your suspension components can also help us create awesome content with your submissions, just keep these shots simple and centered! Shooting your whole vehicle from a lowered perspective works just as well as taking a picture of the shocks, coil-overs, or branded components like the 4-link, radius arms, or cross-member.

Better Photos Make Better Posts:

It's surprising how often the simplest of submissions work well to showcase your vehicle. Below you can see how a quick adjustment of location and framing (for that BDS Chevy HD) results in a much better and more professional posting that can truly show off the rig. These types of photos get featured regularly!


Submitting Your Rig For Feature:

So now that you have your photos taken and you have chosen the best to send over for consideration, what's next? Emailing us is the best way to make sure content is received in high resolution, processed, and queued for posting. Our email for content is <> for all media submissions and considerations.

We have included a sample email below to model these requirements in an organized manner. Don't forget to attach your photos and send them in the highest resolution/size!

Screenshot 2022-03-28 125114

Key Takeaways / Guidelines:


  • Shoot and send High-Resolution Photos.
    • No low res cell phone pics, no Facebook submissions, avoid unlit night photos
  • Capture Action.
  • Take photos out in nature, on a dirt road, on grass/gravel, and on the trail.
  • Shoot from a low perspective to really show off your lift!
  • Take Ā¾ views for showing off both the front and side view of a vehicle.
  • Take your lifted truck photos level with the horizon.


  • Submit photos in driveways or parking lots
  • Cut off part of your lifted Jeep, SUV, or pickup truck unless you're after a suspension closeup.
  • Shoot in vertical unless you cannot help it (for photos)
  • Edit and resave JPEG files multiple times.
    • Only make corrections in photo editing software if you are well versed in good editing practices. (We have a guy for that)


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