If you haven't already seen it, the new Ford Bronco Raptor has been making waves and sparking strong opinions across the off-road community. Read on to check out our overview of the vehicle, its features, and our plans for support and upgrades in the future.

The Bronco Raptor

Ford did a great job reimagining the Bronco R race vehicle into a sleek and mean street-legal off-road machine. Despite what people say about the fender flares on the internet, in person they look much better. The large Ford lettering on the grill, function hood louvers, and fender vents really help carry the heritage and styling of the Raptor name to fruition. With the Bronco Raptor being almost ten inches wider than the stock Bronco it nets 8.6 inches of additional track width. Mean LED lighting front and rear comes standard, and beefy skid plates to help protect and provide the rigidity necessary to perform off-road like any Raptor should.

Highlighted features

Ford and Fox worked together to make this Bronco Raptor chassis a work of performance art. Fox 3.1 Live Valve technology on all four corners is paired with some shock tower and mounting improvements to create a better performing and smoother ride. Dana-50 axles and a beefy driveline ensure that this Bronco Raptor has the strength to make it over even the toughest obstacles. Ford boasts that the Bronco Raptor has 13 plus inches of wheel travel capability and comfortably runs 37" tires from the factory.

G.O.A.T. modes are new to this model and include Baja mode as well as three capable trail modes. This system regulates suspension and performance, allowing the 3.0 EcoBoost v6 to shine in every environment.

Preproduction model with available equipment shown. Available Summer 2022. Removal of doors for off-road use only. Closed course. Professional Driver. Do not attempt unless you have special off-road driving training and are driving on a closed course. Always consult the owner’s manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear. Ford is committed to the preservation of the environment and treading lightly.

Our Opinion

We have heard the critics, we have seen the beast in action, and we have decided that this Ford Bronco Raptor is extremely underrated by the community. We hope to see the Bronco Raptor rise above the Bronco vs. Jeep shenanigans we have been seeing trends all across social media. This vehicle is in a class of its own and is set to release in late 2022.

Till then we are developing kits for the 2021 Bronco that include FOX 2.5 Coilovers that should be available soon.

We are very excited to get our hands on this Ford Bronco Raptor in the future and see how we can add a bit of our BDS off-road heritage and create an even more badass machine. After a long period of uninspired manufacturer projects, we feel that the Bronco Raptor could be the start of a new era of consumer off-road performance.

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Got a Ford Bronco? Want to keep up with this beast? Check out our plans for the Bronco 2/4 door base models here:


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