BDS F250 takes on Moab, UT


After a long haul across country for Easter Jeep Safari, the BDS hit the trail for the annual Fullsize Invasion to show the big trucks aren’t scared to wheel out in Moab. While it isn’t as nimble as a short wheelbase rig or as capable with open diffs, where’s something to say for pushing the limits how what a rig can do regardless of what that limit is. After several months of development and testing in the BDS R&D shop we were impressed with the performance of the suspension. The Fox coilovers and shocks accented the BDS 4-link system for a planted suspension out on the trail, capable of hard cornering and improved articulation. The coilovers soaked up the bumps and harsh terrain like it was nothing giving us a chance for some high speed passes.

For the Full-size Invasion this year we ran Golden Spike Trail out across the crack and then turned around to head back. All was well until the truck found its way into a hole (driver error) that bottomed it out on the front bumper making for a moment of panic followed by some good jokes before they gave us a quick tug back out onto all 4. Check out some of the photos from the Moab and keep an eye out for more coverage  in Four Wheeler Magazine. To see how the BDS F250 project came together check out the build thread.

Check out the video of it in action on YouTube.

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