BDS is looking for promotional opportunities to showcase its products to a national audience. Fill out the form below and tell us about your plans if you have big promotional plans for your ride and it will be featured at shows like SEMA, be on TV, in magazines or otherwise seen nationally.

Regional Sponsorships

We rely on our area distributors to promote BDS Suspension for regional promotions. Contact your local authorized BDS distributor to discuss possible sponsorship opportunities.

National Sponsorship Request Form

6 Comments on “BDS Vehicle Sponsorship Request Form
  • david fernandez says:

    Hello would like to introduce myself, My name is David Fernandez, 20, Licensed Realtor of NY.
    My Vehicle (5th in count)- 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab
    I Contacted you today cause simply I would like to feature some products of yours on my truck. Why my truck; well, I already have invested over $15,000 in parts not to mention the countless hours though it is my hobby. I’ve always been a car fiend since I was young. I have setup my truck to the point were it is simple yet, mean. Not to mention meticulously maintained, though still very new its my baby, not to be confused she does go offroading!
    Some of the big mods;
    Grille, Hid LED Headlights, Led Taillights, Mopar Full Exhaust, Cold Air Intake, Full Audio, Subs, Deck etc, Custom RED leather interior proffesionally done, Tint, Lift, 35×12.50×20 mounted on 20×10 wheels, RED neon. List goes on and on with receibts that surpassed $10,000 of my own dime.

    Why i’m contacting you well, I would like to have some sponsorship to finish my build. I made my truck a show king. Go to many shows and has been seen by 1000’s. Any sponsor of mine I will show and represent your brand and promote you. Long Island NY has only a handful of nice trucks driving around mine being 1 of them, but I am not the baddest biggest truck. Which is why I type this. I can’t keep throwing my money at this truck with no help, being a Student isn’t cheap.

    What is left to be put on my truck also so you can picture what im looking to do.
    1. 22×11 or 22×12 wheels in black gloss finish or matte(2nd choice)
    2. 35×12.50×22 or 37×12.50×22 tires, off-road such as trail grapplers or open country open to many brands I did do 30k on Durun 35×12.50×20 and always marketed them at shows.
    3. 6-8″ Off road suspension like pre-runner setup or simple lift setup. Never had a lift more than 3″ so open to brands.
    4. Offroad bumpers, Like ram runner or iron cross.
    5. Oracle custom made headlights to set my truck apart from all others.
    6.Led light bars 50″ across top
    7. Vinyl Wrap I would like to market a wrap company and have no issue paying for installs on any parts my truck is a blank canvass right now just marketing my name! IG @daveantonio92 over 4000 followers

    PLEASE NOTE: if your reading this I would not only be thankful I have a large following, instagram,youtube,twitte, facebook, My Gf’s dad runs pennysaver ampitheatre in Farmingville, NY which runs a car show ” Monday Night Takeover” were 1000+ cars show up every monday spring into fall. And if i do not get any sponsers I will still finish this build cause I have a dream to be know East Coast Wide and will go to shows all over the country. The sponsorship is only to help make it somewhat easier and promote everyone who helps me.

    Im including a link of a youtube video from a few months back just showcasing my truck’s exhaust I have 100’s of photos. Not to mention my truck has been on Truckdaily 4x4trux and others featured many times.

    If you’d like any photos or proof of my investment contact me at anytime;
    631-655-4338 Cell 24/7
    Daveantonio92 Instagram/Twitter

    Youtube video;

    Please don’t disregard this. I am a hardworking young man and would appreciate even a $5 decal any little bit helps. Thank You so much if you read this. God Bless

    -David Antonio Fernandez
    1 Gladysz Way
    Port Jefferson, NY, 11777

    • Carter says:

      Hello David, thank you for the comment, however you’ll want to fill out the sponsorship request form (above on this page) and submit photos of your ride. When submitted it sends all the information directly to our sponsorship coordinator. You can also write an email to with “Vehicle Sponsorship Request” in the subject line and answers to all the above questions.

  • Jared Sensat says:

    We have just submitted the sponsorship request form but we have a complete build proposal we would like to send to you. Is there an email we could send it to?
    Also, we are in the beginning stages if designing the rendering and would be honored for the opportunity to have your product in the final design. Thanks again for your time.

  • Joseph Baldwin Jr says:

    I am asking to be sponsored by your brand because I am loyal and I will rep your brand as hard as I can and in any form possible. I will attend any shows in Texas and out of state within reason and what I work with my job obviously but I am competed because know it’s not just slapping some stickers and saying yeah BDS for life. No its a sales sponsor me i rep you and the little kids see my truck and goo ohh ahhh I want a bds lift too and spend their money on it. I am the man for the job. My truck I want it to me the next level. I wanna break necks and with your company I can see that happening. Please let me know what you think. Sincerely Joseph Baldwin Jr

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Joseph, you’ll need to complete/submit the form to be considered for sponsorship. We don’t actively seek sponsorships, however when opportunities come along with an apparent great ROI and national exposure we may work out some form of sponsorship.

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