What good is a show without the people!?! From the exhibitors to the car builders, the show goers, media, and celebrities, SEMA brings in the people. 100,000+ in fact for this 4-day convention out in the desert.

Former UFC Champ Matt Hughes hanging out in the BDS booth with Johnny from Fusion Bumpers, Mike from BDS, and Blake and Brock from BMF Wheels

This section of BDS’s 2012 SEMA coverage focuses on people of SEMA. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of BDS’s SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Booth or Part 2 SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Rides yet, click the links to check them out.

Mike and Steve from BDS along with Carter from Zone

The SEMA Show is gargantuan. From the behind the scenes staff it takes to put this show together, to the sheer size of the convention hall and influx of 100,000+ for the show each year. Car guys (and gals) from around the world converge each year on the desert oasis that is Las Vegas, NV, for a week long automotive trade show focuses on the aftermarket customization. With over 2000 exhibitors in attendance, seeing it all in just 4 days can be a tall order for some. Good shoes and pre-show endurance training is essential if you plan to scour the show and still be functional at the end of the week. Even standing in a booth for 4 days straight can wear on an exhibitor, which is where extra carpet padding and ice cold beer came in handy throughout the week.

Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s Rick Pewe in the BDS Booth at SEMA 2012

This is a gold mine for media personnel searching for stories and new products to feature in their magazines, TV shows, and blogs. The BDS booth was a popular meeting place to discuss new products and grab a free bite to eat around lunch time each day.

Celebrity appearances and SEMA go hand-in-hand, from TV personalities to custom builders, professional drivers and professional athletes. Throughout the week the BDS booth was frequented by many stopping by to grab an ice cold beer and chat about BDS. Our crew from BDS Suspension teamed up with the crew from Zone Offroad Products for this year’s SEMA Show for the tailgate party themed booth. All in all our 10 man (and women) crew spent the week talking with new customers about all the benefits of the product and our distributorship program. We also were able to catch up with many of our current customers who took the time to stop by the booth. SEMA gives us the opportunity to catch up with our customers from around the world and get some quality face time in. Thank you to all our customers who made it out for SEMA this year and for stopping by to see us.

Well with that another SEMA Show has come to a close. It has been an amazing year for us and we look forward to the coming months. Look for many of the vehicles to be popping up in magazines and featured at upcoming events over the next few months. We appreciate everyone that stopped by to see us at the show, the amazing builders for their hard work prepping the vehicles, and the crew from BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad Products for their hard work getting ready for the show and making it a success while there. We’ll see you next year with another crazy booth idea!

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of BDS’s SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Booth or Part 2 SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Rides yet, click the links to check them out. For more photos from the event and of the vehicles, check out our Picasa album and join the conversation on our Facebook page.

The show is great, the potential for new business is amazing, but we know what a lot of people come for, the rides…

This section of BDS’s 2012 SEMA coverage focuses on vehicles of SEMA. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of BDS’s SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Booth yet, click the link to check it out.

SEMA has something for everyone, that is if you are into cars, trucks, or bikes. From lifted trucks and off-road machines, to low riders and luxury exotics, purpose built racecars and rolling boom boxes. BDS teamed up with a number of builders from around the country and beyond to put together some killer customs and head turning creations.

It’s difficult to stand out at a show like SEMA. In the sea of show stopping customs, over the top exotics, and flashy (often gaudy) paint jobs, trying to play the balancing act of attention-getter without looking like you stuck every body on accessory available for it can often be a struggle. BDS was well represented around the show with upward of several dozen vehicles on display, in vendor booths and on display in the featured vehicle area. From lifted JKs to full size Fords, Rams and Silverados.

Starting in the booth, BDS had 4 killer customs on display showing off BDS lift kits and accessories. Each truck and its owner, with their own take on customization, all coming together to be part of the tailgate party.

2012 Ford F350 Super Duty 4wd

BDS 8″ 4-Link Long Arm, BDS Dual Shock Hoop with Fox 2.0 Shocks, BDS Dual 9500 Steering Stabilizer Kit

40″ Interco M-16s on 22″ BMF Wheels, Fusion Bumpers, Rigid Industries Lighting, Superwinch Winch, H&S Performance Tuning


2012 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4wd

BDS 6.5″ High Clearance Lift Kit, Fox 2.0s, BDS Traction Bars

3″ Body Lift, 38″ Interco Swampers, 18″ Fuel Wheels, TJM Winch and accessories


2010 Dodge Ram 2500 4wd

BDS 8″ Long Arm Kit, BDS multishock kit with triple Fox 2.0 Shocks (front) and dual Fox 2.0s (rear), BDS traction bars

37″ Toyo M/Ts on 22×14 XD Diesels, Bulldog Lighting, Undercover Tonneau Cover, Performance Tuning


2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JK-8 Conversion)

BDS 6.5″ Long Arm Kit with Fox 2.0 Shocks

Dynatrac ProRock 60s, 40″ Toyo M/Ts on 20″ Fuel Nutz, Vision X Lighting, GenRight Fenders, Performance Tuning


Also displayed in the booth was an oddball rig shown by our sister company and co-exhibitor at the show, Zone Offroad Products. They brought out the Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s 2012 Ultimate Adventure rig, a 2012 JK 2Door with 2 front ends, 4-wheel steering, a 4″ lift and 40s. The booth rigs grabbed attention all week long with many of them securing photoshoots for various magazines immediately following the show (we’ll let you know when they hit the newsstand).

Also displayed throughout the show were roughly 40 other custom 4x4s showing off a range of new products and varying levels of customization. Here are just a handful of the BDS-equipped rides on display at the show:

To head to back to read Part 1 of BDS’s SEMA 2012 Coverage: The Booth yet, click the link to check it out. For more photos from the event and of the vehicles, check out our Picasa album and join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Wow…What a week out in Vegas for the 2012 SEMA Show. This annual assembly of the automotive aftermarket brings together hundreds of thousands with a love for the automobile and the infinite ways available to customize them. SEMA, which stands for the “Specialty Equipment Market Association” is a trade association of manufacturers, shops, builders, and clubs devoted to the automotive aftermarket. BDS Suspension has been a member for a number of years now and once again made the trip to Las Vegas, NV for the trade show celebrating its 46th year of this convention. The show has something for everyone, with a mix of cars, trucks and motorcycles; lifted, lowered, go fast and all show-all go rigs. This 4-day gathering is a sight to see as over 2000 national and international companies come to Sin City to show their latest and greatest parts, talk to retail shops, dwell up new business and see other industry professionals. While the show is not open to the general public, it acts as a testbed for new parts and benchmark for new trends in the market. It brings together manufacturers with industry professionals and media members. Well over 100,000 walk the show floor of SEMA each year.

Now in our 4th year exhibiting at the show, BDS Suspension has teamed up with our sister company Zone Offroad Products to put on a party in the desert. Each year BDS has a themed booth for a big impact and to create a buzz around the show. Following some successful shows in years past we felt it was time for a party, and what better party this time of year than a tailgate party. After securing a 100×25′ booth space in the south hall, upper level of the Las Vegas Convention Center we sought out to create the tailgate party atmosphere. For the backdrop a 100′ long 15′ tall stadium panoramic backdrop was hung along with two (2) overhead blimps that doubled as overhead signage. Flooring came in the form of green astroturf and numerous tailgating props, grills, chairs, and signage. No tailgate party is complete without a tailgate, and BDS brought 4 vehicles to display in the booth along with the Zone sponsored 4-Wheel & Off-Road 2-Faced JK from this year’s Ultimate Adventure. We’ll cover the vehicles more in-depth with an upcoming post, but this year’s booth vehicles included a 2012 F350 Super Duty running the BDS 8″ lift kit and 40s, a 2012 Silverado 2500HD running the BDS 6.5″ lift kit and 38s, a 2010 Ram 2500 running the BDS 8″ lift kit and 37s, and a 2012 JK-8 conversion running the BDS 6.5″ lift kit and 40s.

Without a doubt one of the highlights of our booth was the food and drink. No tailgate party is complete without delicious grub and ice cold beer. BDS delivered with a mix of hot dogs and pulled pork BBQ each day around lunchtime for show goers along with keg after keg of ice cold Budweiser served up in a BDS branded red solo cups. Offroad videos and music kept everyone entertained during their stop at the BDS booth to check out the kits and all our new products.

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For more photos check out our Picasa album and join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Come by and see the crew from BDS Suspension at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 30-November 2, 2012. Booth setup is underway and the blimps are about to be hung. We’ll have a 100×25′ booth (#30192) in the south hall, upper level of the LVCC. This tailgate party themed booth will be the place to be so come by to join the party! Food and beer will be served and along with music, videos, and some killer custom trucks showing off the latest and greatest from BDS Suspension. If you can’t make it out, follow us on Facebook for updates from the show. We’ll see you in Vegas!!!!


SEMA Show 2012

Without a doubt one of the pinnacle events within the automotive aftermarket industry is the SEMA Show. This annual event hosted by SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) brings tens of thousands out to Las Vegas, NV in a week long barrage of automotive overload to the senses. Whether you’re into lifted trucks, off-road racing, high performance, cars, racing, lowering, lighting, audio, or big wheels and tires, SEMA has something to amaze and excite you. From debuting the latest products to inspiring future trends in the market, the SEMA Show is the place to see what’s going on in this industry. This 4 day show brings together manufacturers, media, and other industry professionals all centered around the Las Vegas Convention Center as over aftermarket companies showcase their company’s newest products. BDS Suspension will be there once again this year, expanding on last year’s booth space to showcase additional vehicles and new products. This year’s booth is set in the same location as last year (left wall of south hall, upper level #30192) and is now 100×25′ with a variety of show vehicles slated to show off the latest products from BDS Suspension.

Each year BDS Suspension teams up with sister company Zone Offroad Products in a joint display. This year Zone will be bringing the Ultimate Adventure Jeep JK Offroadster (2-faced Jeep Wrangler) to display a number of new suspension and offroad products. This year, as in past years BDS will have a themed booth, one of the ways we like to stand out from the rest of the manufacturers displaying at the show. The off-road shop theme of 2 years ago and last year’s outdoor camping themed booth were big successes and this year we plan to have quite the party with our football tailgating themed booth. Come by and join the party with BDS Suspension in booth #30192. Grab a cold beer and hotdog on us and check out some of the new products we have available. Take a load off and feel the excitement as BDS turns the SEMA into the ultimate pregame party.

BDS will also have dozens of vehicles strategically displayed throughout the show in manufacturers’ booths and as featured vehicles. Look for more on those as the show approaches. Unfortunately this show is not open to the public; it is limited to industry professionals and media. To get the latest updates on what’s new at SEMA and what vehicles are on display, check out the BDS Facebook page during the show.

To see photos from last year’s SEMA Show, head to link.

Check out this month’s issue (March 2012) of Diesel World Magazine for SEMA coverage and featured trucks like Fusion Bumpers’ blacked out 2011 Super Duty. Sitting tall on a BDS 8” 4-Link Suspension and 38s this truck with its menacing bumpers was the envy of many. So much so that the magazine gave it a 6-page spread to tell you all about it. Pick up your copy of the March ’12 Diesel World on the newsstand now to ready all about it!