With SEMA right around the corner the team at BDS is busy overhauling their latest project vehicle. Over the years they've built some wicked rides, outfitted to be right at home on the trail and on the highway. From one off Jeeps to off-the-shelf Chevy HDs and a handful of Fords, BDS continues to use these SEMA opportunities to show off their design and fabrication skills as well as highlight key products available on the market. Check out some of our past build threads:

This year the team is building an overlander, a low slung rig built for long adventures of back country exploration, camping and self sufficient when getting off the grid away. So what's your guess, what vehicle did BDS choose to be their ultimate overlander???

Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks as this build comes together to debut at the 2019 SEMA Show. #ProjectGoBeyond

Each year thousands of the top automotive customizers converge on the SEMA Show to showcase their latest creations. The show is a mix of late model and classic rides; some lifted, some lowered; from radical hotrod to purpose built race vehicles; bro dozers to rice rockets. Of those thousands of vehicles only a few hundred enter the ultimate builder showdown known as the Battle of the Builders. This competition pits the best builders and the most unique builds again one another where only one can take home the top honor.

Throughout the show the competitors are narrowed down to the top 100 builds, then top 40, then top 12 voted on a handful of industry professionals. For 2018 Battle of the Builders the BDS team entered the build, the 2019 Ford Ranger dubbed Project Ranger X. While the truck didn’t make the top 12, it did make it to the Top 40 Builds of the 2018 SEMA Show. Me sure to set your DVRs or tun in to watch the SEMA Battle of the Builders TV show to find out who took home top honors. The show premiers on the MotorTrend Network on January 7, 2019 at 10:00PM.


Power Automedia met up with BDS at the Ford booth at the 2018 SEMA Show to get some insight on #ProjectRangerX. Ford’s booth is definitely one of the best booths at SEMA. The 2019 Ford Ranger is coming to America, and not only did we got our hands on one of the first in the country, but we had the opportunity to  do a complete overhaul on it and have it featured in Ford’s booth.

This build was inspired by adventure. We are offroad enthusiasts and we wanted this truck to reflect that. This truck is awesome right out of the gate both on road and offroad, but we wanted to take it to the next level so that no adventure was out of reach. For full details on #ProjectRangerX check out our blog post on it at https://blog.bds-suspension.com/?p=17021



Our friends at Power Automedia stopped by our booth at the 2018 SEMA Show to find out more about what BDS has been up to. We started off by giving a quick run down of #ProjectSD126. This Ford Super Duty was our build that we did for the Ford booth for the 2017 SEMA Show. Project SD126 was  built to not only look good, but perform out on the trails and open desert. The frame off overhaul included off the shelf parts from some of the best companies in the industry combined with top level fabrication from the BDS build team. What started as an idea to bring back an old favorite has evolved into a super cool and over the top 2017 Ford Super Duty standard-cab, short-bed, diesel that turns heads everywhere it goes.

We also gave a quick overview of our build for Ford’s booth this year. This year’s build, #ProjectRangerX, was an exciting build as we got our hands on one of the first Ford Rangers to come to America. Find out more about #ProjectRangerX at https://blog.bds-suspension.com/?p=17021.

When asked “what new products do you have coming out,” we were proud to give a quick update of what is to come, including kits for the ’19 RAM, ’19 Chevy, ’19 F150, and Tacoma. While we cannot give out much information, we can say we are as excited as ever for what is to come. With all the new released vehicles, our R&D team is working hard to come out with new kits.



With the build announcement made public right before SEMA there were a number of news sites and media outlets that jumped on 2019 Ford Ranger press release. Several outlets shared the build renderings, backstory to the builds and created even more buzz for these revival of the midsize truck back in North American just a few short months away. Among them was BDS’s Project Ranger X, a motorsports themed utilitarian truck capable offroad and ready for an adventure. For more on Project Ranger X see the links below and head to the full buildup coverage.

Ranger X Coverage:

Build Intro

Build Update #1

Build Update #2

Build Update #3

Build Update #4

Finished Build

Media Coverage:

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Motoroso.com Full Feature on BDS’s Ranger X: https://www.motoroso.com/5baaa67309ba0/Project/5baabc14417ba/2019-Ford-Ranger-SuperCrew-by-BDS-Suspension/5bd7f45695fcb/2019-Ford-Ranger-XLT-4X4-SuperCrew-by-BDS-Suspension-%E2%80%93-Las-Vegas-Trucks-FordSEMA?ajax