After a long and anxious 24hr drive, we finally made it in to Moab and prepped the BDS TJ for hitting the trails with Crawl Magazine. The town has been taken over by jeeps, yotas, and full size trucks towing trailers. About 10 minutes outside of town we met up with Crawl Magazine at BFE to run some trails. Crawl debuted their new buggy which didn’t disappoint out on the trails. After a quick drivers meeting we headed out to run the Green Day trail following Larry from Crawl in his yellow LJ.  Watching Larry smash in the driver’s door of his rig seemed like a good idea so we followed suit and there were many more that followed. What made for some great photos for everyone else left our driver’s door mangled. On the positive-side  our door is closing better now, being that previously it didn’t due to carnage at the Ultimate Adventure 2009. On the negative side, the window won’t go up, but who needs windows anyway.

After a long day of wheeling and watching all kinds of trail carnage, we hit the road to head back into town.  On the way out of the trail we had a minor issue when we got passed by our left rear tire.   I have learned over the years that you shouldn’t go wheeling if you aren’t prepared to fix your Jeep on the side of the trail.

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