The students at John Hersey High School designed a custom bumpers using AutoDesk Inventor. They cut out the panels, their school logo, and Jeep with a CNC plasma cutter and then welded it together. Two auxillary lights and 3/4″ D rings were added. They fabricated a back bumper and cut BDS into it. Both bumpers were powdercoated and the cutouts will be backlit.

in-action2Picture is a series of action shots… all of the cars at the high school get plowed in whenever they plow the lot so we use the jeep to pull them out. That Saturn was buried in two feet of snow and the Jeep pulled it out no problem. It is hard to see the tow strap in the picture but it is fastened to the D-rings on the bumper.

Note from Jim Van Bladel, John Hersey High School – Automotive / Computer Aided Drafting Instructor:

Progress was slow around winter break but we are back on track now. We built the snorkel, made the back lights for the bumpers, welded up the rear bumper, attached the front fender flares, and we are doing some patchwork on the body before we put on the rears. There isn’t much metal on the rear back side of either fender so we are going to build a replacement panel before we bolt them on.

Students from Hersey High School that worked at their auto show.

Here are a few more pictures from Hersey High School. They are in the middle of the project so everything is still in mock up form. One of the photos shows the truck at their auto show with all the students that volunteered to work. The truck is still on little tires at this point but the BDS suspension is on it. Continue reading “Hersey Photos”