Willys on BDS Suspension

The hottest trucks at SEMA are always running BDS Suspension including our new Bronco. This year is going to be a bit different. While the SEMA Show is on, attendance from industry professionals and exhibitors may be down as concerns and regulations surrounding the pandemic linger. FOX Factory -- the parent company to BDS -- is among the many companies not exhibiting in 2021. While we won't have a booth for in-person meetings, FOX and BDS will still be everywhere with dozens of vehicles placed throughout the show. Most of these trucks are spotlighting new and soon-to-be-released products from BDS as well as Zone Offroad, JKS, Crawltek, and FOX. Of course, keep an eye out for the BDS Fire Command Bronco -- a one-of-a-kind "half cab" pickup that is decked out in full fire/rescue gear. It's a throwback to the old-school Broncos that would lead the charge into extreme environments back in the sixties and seventies.  Here's just a small sampling of vehicles that will be out at the show, be on the lookout for others.

'41 Power Wagon
Vehicle: 1941 Dodge Power Wagon
Product: BDS 3" Coilover System
Location: Milestar Tire Booth (South Lower) #43061

Interactive Garage mated patina-clad '41 Power Wagon to a later model RAM 2500 for to an ultra cool show stopper.

Fire Command Bronco
Vehicle: 2021 Ford Bronco
Product: BDS 4" DSC Coilover System
Location: Ford Booth (Central) #22200

Ready at a moment’s notice, BDS’s Fire Command is a fire/rescue themed Bronco 2-door converted truck designed to lead the charge for emergency missions off the beat path.

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"Live Bravely" Ranger
Vehicle: 2022 Ford Ranger
Product: BDS 6" DSC Coilover System
Location: Ford Booth (Central) #22200

Designed in cooperation with Outside Magazine, the mission of this 2022 Ford Ranger pickup matches that of the enthusiast publication – to inspire participation in the great outdoors and support adventure travel and sports.

Halo Rockstar Energy Gladiator

XBox Halo Gladiator
Vehicle: 2021 Jeep Gladiator JT
Product: JKS 4.5" J-Krawl System
Location: Rockstar Garage Booth (Central) #20655

Built by the crew at Rockstar Garage, this over the top Halo-themed Gladiator is operationally ready.

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Vehicle: 2021 RAM 3500
Product: BDS 8" 4-Link C/O System
Location: South Hall FV

Truck Guru himself, Cris Payne built this BDS-equipped behemoth of a RAM 3500 that packs all the fun in.

ADD Bronco
Vehicle: 2021 Ford Bronco 4Dr
Product: Zone 4" Kit w/ BDS UCAs
Location: ADD Booth (West) #55077

Maxlider Bronco
Vehicle: 2021 Ford Bronco 4Dr
Product: Zone 4" Kit w/ BDS UCAs
Location: Dynomat (Central) #22593

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