There's a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the 2021 Ford Bronco. Long before these started to roll off the assembly floor there’s been a buzz around the Bronco, lots questions and excitement from as enthusiasts and manufacturers alike itching to get their hands on them to see if they live up to the hype and how they’ll measure up. Now that these Broncos are starting to be seen out in the wild we’ve been working through our product plans to test and validate and get new products into production quickly, but without cutting corners or ensuring our kits are built to take any use and abuse you want to through at them. While we might not be first to market with kits, the wait will be worth it.

For the bigger Bronco, both the 2Dr and 4Dr, our goal is to Up the performance and capability. While independent front suspension and rear 4-link with four-corner coilovers is noteworthy right out of the gate, we plan to take that further. Improve travel, better damping, more adjustability. All of the BDS systems will include FOX coilovers at each corner for next level ride quality and performance to go way beyond what the stock shocks and Sasquatch shock packages offer. We’ll be offering several lift kits from the 2” all the way up to 6.5” allowing clearance for up to about 40” tires. Additionally we’ll be offering upper control arms and other accessories to enhance its capabilities.


As with any manufacturer, the more complex parts take longer to develop, test and ultimately bring to market so things like the FOX coilovers and replacement steering knuckles will have a longer lead time. Initially you’ll see us come to market with performance upper control arms designed to increased travel that can be paired with all of our lift packages.

In the Q4 of 2021 we’ll have the FOX shock upgrades available along with complete 2-4” BDS coilover systems on the shelf and ready to ship. These systems will utilize FOX 2.5 performance elite series coilovers with the DSC adjustment along with BDS performance series upper control arms among other upgrades these will allow clearance for up to 37s tires and dramatically improve ride and handling of the vehicle. Due to the factory suspension geometry there isn’t a ton that is needed on when lifting the Bronco up 4”.

Over 4” of lift there are some additional provisions need to be made to correct suspension, steering and driveline geometry. We’ll be offering 4.5” and 6.5” lift height suspension systems to include crossmembers, taller steering knuckles, differential relocation, FOX coilovers all the way around with the goal to allow clearance for up to 40” tires. More to come on these taller lift systems, but expect to see them out early 2022.


Beyond those systems we will be launching additional accessories and components to further enhance your Bronco experience. Along with these upcoming BDS products the FOX Factory family of brands will be bringing new suspension, shock, armor, bumper, fender and other accessories to market over the coming months so stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more coming.

Keep a look out for updates on of website and social media pages, sign up for notifications on our website. We’re looking forward to helping you take your Bronco to the next level.


BDS Products:

2-4" UCA Coilover Lift Systems - Available Q4 2021

4.5"/6.5" Coilover Lift Systems - Available Q1 2022

Performance Upper Control Arms - Available Q3 2021

FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coilovers - Available Q4 2021

Additional Kits/Accessories - Announcing Soon


The Setup

Throughout this year the crew from FOX Factory has been touring the country holding a series of events known as the FOX Experience. Equal parts education and thrill ride, the FOX Experience has helped give users a more in depth look at the various shock offerings, the features and the benefits of each sequential shock tier (2.0 Performance Series, 2.5 Performance Elite Series, and 3.0 Factory Race Series). From shock cutaways, and educational videos to a Q&A session these sessions helped provide a deeper dive into shock tech. BDS Suspension and sister company JKS Manufacturing were on site to show off our suspension packages and support the truck and Jeep performance lift systems.

What set FOX Experience apart from your typically product training day was the 4 Jeeps lined up on site and an offroad course tailored to show the performance improvements gained by upgrading the shock package. Each participant had the chance to go through the progression of Jeeps to experience the improvements first hand through a mix of hill climbs, off camber and rutted out trails, a high-speed short course, frame twisting articulation and more. For this particular FOX Experience the team gathered at Holly Oaks ORV Park in Holly Oaks, MI just outside Detroit.

The Experience

The first Jeep, a bone stock JKU to provide a baseline for the experience. Out on course it didn't take long to see the shortcomings of the factory suspension. A few bumps and turns into the 2.5-mile obstacle course had the Jeep's stock twin tube shocks hot and ineffective at damping through the terrain. With the suspension on this Jeep worked well beyond its limits it was easy to see the room for improvement. The shock internals hot and the fluid a frothy consistency this Jeep definitely didn't impress as it beat the passengers along the way to complete the course showing excessive shock-fade.

After the lackluster ride in the stock Jeep, the fun started. The experience gave participants to ride along for the progression through three FOX-equipped Jeeps to feel and experience the performance improvements first hand. The first Jeep was the aluminum-bodied Performance Series 2.0 IFP shock equipped Jeep JKU. This offered a noticeable improvement as the vehicle was able to soak up the terrain much better, limit bottoming out the suspension and adapt to the various terrains. This are similar to the 2.0 shocks provided in most BDS lift kits for both trucks and Jeeps. While these shocks were a large improvement to stock, there is a point these shocks can be pushed to hard and over-driven over time out on rough terrain. While they weren't hot, the spirited drive through rough terrain did have them warm as with the aluminum-body helping better dissipate the heat with only mild shock-fade by the end.

Stepping up to the Performance Elite Series 2.5 shocks is once again a massive leap into performance suspension that can is such a stark contrast to the damping qualities of the stock Jeep and greatly surpasses even the Performance Series 2.0 IFP shocks. The shocks feature the race-developed high-flow pistons and vehicle-specific valving improve both off-road performance and on-road balance. The 2.5” diameter one-piece aluminum bodies and external reservoirs increase oil volume to combat heat buildup from extended off-road use at speed, with dual speed compression (DSC) adjustment to dial in your ride. This FOX-equipped Jeep soaked up the terrain with ease and allowed us to push the Jeep harder, faster, and push the limits while out on course. This setup was able to soak everything up this course had to offer and was ready for more.

When it comes to next level performance and technology, FOX 3.0 Factory Race Series shocks pull out all the stops for true race-winning technology packed into a bolt-on shock package for the Jeep. The position-sensitive internal bypass technology contains regulated ports that allow fluid to bypass the piston as it moves through the initial travel, and then forces fluid through the piston at the extreme ranges of compression and rebound. This allows for a plush, predictable ride over normal off-road driving conditions with the ability to ramp up damping force to counteract harsh bottom-outs or top-outs that could buck you off the trail. The shocks themselves are a hard-anodized, aluminum-body with recirculating reservoir bridge with external fins that act as a heat sink for increased heat dissipation to maintain optimal shock oil temperature for consistent damping through the harshest conditions. To say these shocks are impressive would be an understatement. Putting the 3.0 Factory Race equipped Gladiator JT through its paces pushing it even harder, even faster was a blast to ride in and see what this Jeep is capable of out on the trail.

For more info on the FOX Experience and other shock technology visit: FOX Experience

If the Ford F150 = Cool, then the Ford F150 Raptor = Super Cool. So by that thought process the new Super Duty with it's monster power and payload takes cool to a whole new level with the limited edition Shelby F250 Super Baja, bringing together the strength and offroad prowess into a production truck you can drive right off the dealer lot.

Dreamed up by the team at Tuscany Motor Company in partnership with Shelby America, this ultra capable Super Duty brings performance and capability to the 3/4-ton truck market. Boasting a relatively unmodified 6.7L Power Stroke putting out 475hp/1050tq. The real magic is underneath the truck with a BDS 4" radius arm system with FOX 2.5 factory race series coilovers and shocks to help take control of the terrain. Along with the extra altitude to clear the 37" BFG KM3s, this suspension package offers DSC (dual speed compression) adjustable remote reservoir coilovers and remote reservoir shocks to allow these shocks to run cool when your bombing through the Baja peninsula.

Up front a custom set of ADD bumpers were fitted sporting the Shelby nameplate along with an assortment of LEDs to light up the trail. Additionally colormatched smooth bulge fender flares, fender vents, a functional ram air hood, and a custom decal package was added to give this truck its race inspired Baja appearance. The sides feature custom rock sliders that gain you access to the plush leather interior with custom embroidery, carbon fiber trim and custom gauge cluster. Stepping back outside in the bed you'll find a chase rack sporting (2) fullsize spares along with some additional lighting that carries through to the matching rear bumper.

All in all this is on bad ass Super Duty you can buy right off the lot and have a blast with whether that's out on the trail or just cruising around town. Either way this truck is backed with an unbeatable warranty. For more on the Shelby F250 Super Baja head to Tuscany Motors.

What started about a decade ago as an opportunity to break the norm of taking Jeeps out on the trails for one day during Easter Jeep Safari in Moab has grown and evolved into a full week of trail riding as more than a hundred super cool rides converge on the town to run the big boys. From tow rigs and classic K5 to purpose built bobbed and dovetailed square bodies, exocaged RAMs and more, this eccentric group hit the red rocks of Moab ready for a good time.

BDS Suspension has been the official suspension of the Fullsize Invasion or at least participating in to since the beginning. Typically unhooking our tow rig and bringing it out on the trails to show what our off-the-shelf lifted trucks can do. This year was we followed suit bringing our 2012 Ford Super Duty, the General out on the trail. In addition, BDS sponsored athlete Kevin Stearns was out in Moab for the Ultra4 Beatdown at Area BFE and decided to bring his #11 4400-car out on the trail to put on a show. It was a sight to see these polar opposites out on the trail together, but also spoke to the diversity in the group that attends the Fullsize Invasion. Other sponsors for the event include Offraod Power Products, Pivotal Manufacturing, Warn, Raceline Wheels,, Offroad Design, Gordon Custom Fabrication, Reckless Wrench, Corbeau Seats, Mercenary Offroad, F Garage, XS Power Batteries, and Devil Mountain Diesel.

The 2020 Schedule of trail rides for the most part was the week prior to the traditional Easter Jeep Safari event and had rides on Porcupine Rim, Cliffhanger, 3D Pickle, Steel Bender, and Poison Spider Mesa. The week had its fair share of body damage, trail repairs and broken drivetrain, but smiles all around as the group came together to break the COVID norm and hit the trail together for some rock therapy. Great job by Jerrod Jones and Dave Hellman with putting together a great Fullsize Invasion once again!

For updates on Fullsize Invasion check the website at:

You can also keep up on content on the group's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Fullsize Invasion on Facebook

@fullsizeinvasion on Instagram


BDS's Project Go Beyond, our overland prepped 2020 Ford Super Duty found its way onto the cover of the April 2021 Issue of Diesel Tech Magazine. This is the latest in a series of accolades for the truck as it tours the country following its original debut at the 2019 SEMA Show in Ford's booth. Built over the course of about 2.5 months by the team at BDS Suspension, completed overhaulled this once run of the mill Super Duty into a capable overlander packed with all the right gear from the 6.7L Powerstroke diesel, plush leather interior, a custom service box, recovery gear, a BDS 4" lift kit and massive 40" tires. This truck is right at home whether hitting the trails or towing trail rigs from location to location.

Check out Diesel Tech's online article on this truck at Diesel Tech | Go Beyond F350

To reach the entire April 2021 Issue of Diesel Tech check out Diesel Tech | April 2021


If you want to find out more about Project Go Beyond, how it was built, where its been, etc then you're in luck. We've got the full build coverage complete with photos and videos right here on the BDS Blog.

The crew from BDS joined the party out in Moab, UT for the hybrid Easter Jeep Safari (EJS) and Dixie Offroad Expo for a week of trail riding, vendor show, and other activities. This year was understandably a little different. Looking back to last year EJS was the first major event to get cancelled in the wake of the early 2020 pandemic chaos. What seemed at the time like an overreaction was just a sign of what was to come with most tradeshows and other events getting cancelled throughout the year.

A year later and it felt so good to get back out on the red rocks, to see friends and hit the trails. Planning went a bit sideways about 2 months before the show with Grand County deciding not to allow the EJS vendor show to happen before a back and forth, on and off uncertainty leading up to Dixie Offroad stepping up to host a vendor show at their shop just outside of the county limits. In a short amount of a vendor show was organized where to host more than 80 vendors to include BDS, JKS, FOX, Ford (Bronco) and Jeep to show off cool products, talk to customers, give test drives and more. Turnout was good this year especially with the timeframe to plan it all out. BDS set up alongside FOX and JKS showing off some Project Go Beyond our 2020 Super Duty Overlander and the #11 Ultra4 #4400class car of Kevin Stearns.

Around town there was plenty of see and do. The town of Moab was buzzing as thousands made there way in to enjoy the scenery, the activities and give the local economy a little tourism boost. As always Jeep was set up showing off several concept vehicles with a mix of Wrangler JL, Gladiator JT and other models on display. As to be expected the Wrangler 392 was in the spotlight, as was the 4xe hybrid, a fully electric JL and even the EcoDiesel powerplant used in some of the other concepts.

On the other side of town team Bronco was out in force with several Bronco and Bronco Sports available for on/off-road test drives along with several cool build Broncos to check out. BDS has a number of kits in the works for these new Broncos so it was great to see how well they were all received at this "Jeep" show.

Throughout the week, the BDS crew made it out on the trail running some of our favorites Poison Spider Mesa, Cliffhanger, Top of the World, Hell's Revenge, among others. Check out our separate coverage from the Fullsize Invasion here.