The Mint 400 has an interesting history, after almost getting killed a few few years back, its been thriving in recent years as on of The Great American Off-Road Races. Bringing in a wide range of racing classes with teams from around the country and beyond, this 400-mile race draws a big crowd each year out in Vegas as they take over Fremont Street for a festival, run a parade of cars through the streets of Vegas and take to the nearby open desert for the racing action.

Typically held in March each year, this was one of the last events that ran in 2020 prior to the COVID-19 stay home, stay safe orders here in the USA. Fast forward to 2021 and with things still up in the air they decided to postpone the event rather than cancel it and now that thinks are starting to get back to normal they're running the event in December this year before a quick turnaround to bring it back to its regularly scheduled timing for March 2022.

BDS has been attending this event for years alongside our friends from FOX and this year is no different. With Bronco a hot commodity this year we're out showing on some badass builds to include the BDS Fire Command Bronco and Rockstar Garage's Scosche Broncos. Additioanlly we have the Curtis Motorsports chase truck, Project Go Beyond and a handful of other Tuscany-built, BDS/FOX-equipped Shelby-edition trucks out on display. Following the Wednesday parade through town, the festival runs on Fremont Street (Thursday) with tech inspection and contingency. From there everything gets backed up and heads over to Primm for Qualifying on Friday before the green flag drops for racing Saturday.


Every year at SEMA, Ford makes a bold statement about its commitment to the Automotive Aftermarket with some exceptional custom trucks. From its sprawling main hall display, to the tire-shredding excitement of "Ford Out Front", the Ford Motor Company showcases its passion for automotive customization and proves that it knows how to stand out from the pack. 2021 was no different and Ford had a potent weapon joining the fleet this year -- the all-new 2021 Bronco. With an assortment of Broncos on display, as well as a new "crate" electric motor plus the new F150 Lightning on display, Ford had a solid footprint around the show once again.

A ton of Fords could be found around the show, from race-prepped Ultra 4 Broncos and drift-ready Mustangs to mile-high Super Duty trucks, cherry resto-mods blue ovals, and next-gen future tech. BDS has prided itself in offering a wide array of suspension parts and accessories for the Ford Ranger, F150, Super Duty and Bronco platforms over the years with new lift kits and accessories coming available for late model applications regularly. This show had plenty of primo examples of what the aftermarket has available for Ford vehicles.

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It's safe to say the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco dominated the limelight at SEMA in 2021. Easily the most anticipated, the most accessorized, and the most in-demand vehicle, there were north of 70 of them on display around Las Vegas Convention Center. As a show that's known for pushing the envelope with new and emerging (right or wrong) industry trends, SEMA delivered once again. From lifted and adventure-ready to over the top and borderline impractical, this year's SEMA Show had Broncos of all kinds, old and new, mild to wild. Starting out in Ford's booth, there were five custom-built Broncos with a mix of 2Dr and 4Dr models as well as three Bronco Sports on display this year.

Obviously a personal favorite of ours, the Fire Command Bronco garnered a ton of attention out at the show. Its a modern throwback to the original brush fire trucks built from Broncos. Its built as a command vehicle ready at a moment's notice, able to tackle harsh conditions and difficult terrain. For more on how the BDS Fire Command Bronco was build check out the build thread.

BDS Bronco Pickup Truck

Beyond Ford's display, the show was chocked full Broncos. From show-prepped to race-prepped, chia-covered to overland-extreme, there was a huge variety of new Broncos. BDS continues its push to bring new products to market for the Bronco 2 door and 4 door models with kits ranging from 2"-6.5" lift heights to clear up to 40" tires. In addition to our Uniball UCA kits that were seen on several of the Broncos, there were a few outfitted with the soon-to-be-released complete BDS 3-4" DSC Coilover Systems. Take a look at some of the other Broncos from around the show.

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Despite pandemic-borne uncertainty, there were still plenty of show-stopping vehicles and impressive new products at the 2021 SEMA Show. When it was all over, BDS walked away with a Ford Design Award for our Fire Command Bronco. A melting pot for all things automotive aftermarket, The SEMA Show is home to everything from over-the-top "brodozers" to race and trail-bred rigs. As with recent years, some of our favorite builds are Overland theme -- with just the right mix of performance and utility. Regardless of what spins your wheels, the SEMA Show always delivers and never disappoints.

One of the largest automotive trade shows in the world, the SEMA Show has grown from humble beginnings with less than 100 vendors in 1967 to massive proportions. With recent additions, the show takes up more than 3 million square feet of Las Vegas real estate. Nearby casinos resorts and establishments welcome around 2000 vendors and 165,000 attendees each year. If you are in the business, you can explore the latest trends, incredible builds, and prepare for the coming business year. The show covers all aspects of the automotive aftermarket with trucks & offroad growing in popularity as they moved into the newly built West Hall of LVCC. Due to the pandemic, SEMA made the call to cancel the 2020 show after more than 50 consecutive years of running. For 2021, SEMA pulled out all of the stops to get the annual trade show back on track.  Though we were unable to bring our full display due to COVID precautions, a few of us were on hand to deliver our one-of-a-kind Bronco Pickup to the Ford display. while we weren't speaking with attendees and doing interviews with media, we used our free time to check out the sights and sounds. Since sharing is caring, here are some highlights. Enjoy the video and gallery.

Even with attendance down in 2021 due to COVID, there was still plenty to see including lots of new products and cool vehicles on display. Around every corner, we saw awe-inspiring -- even jaw-dropping customs. ...and in some cases, we rolled up on some head-scratching builds. The SEMA Show is all about getting attention in an environment of sensory overload.

BDS has been participating in the SEMA trade show for the last 15 years. For us, it's all about showcasing exciting new products, meeting with our valued customers, and collaborating with top partners in the industry. This year, our focus was somewhat different. We showcased products on dozens of vehicle builds spread across the show floor. It was a great way to get a glimpse at new and upcoming product offerings from BDS and our growing family of brands. From new 6-8" lift kits for several full-size applications to new Bronco accessories and more, here are just a few examples of the BDS-equipped vehicles on display. More info will be coming out soon on these vehicles and suspension upgrades so keep an eye out for news updates and be sure to join our newsletter HERE.

The new 2021 Ford Bronco undoubtedly stole the SEMA show this year. With nearly 100 custom Broncos on display, the future looks great for this new vehicle. Among the many Bronco upgrades on hand, BDS recently announced 3-4" Coilover lift systems that begin shipping in a few weeks. Of the many Broncos in attendance, the crew at BDS took this opportunity to overhaul a Bronco 2Dr Black Diamond edition into a fire/rescue truck dubbed the Fire Command. Built in just a few short weeks, the Fire Command is a modern-day throwback to the original Bronco brush trucks used by many rural fire departments back in the late '60s and into the '70s. Our unique Bronco was outfitted with numerous upgrades before making its way out to SEMA. On display in Ford Motor Company's booth, the "little" red BDS Bronco stole the show--bringing home one of only a few Ford special recognition awards for Excellence in Design. We have a ton planned for this Bronco so keep an eye out for it at upcoming events. For more on how the BDS Bronco took shape click here.

All in all, the 2021 SEMA Show was still commendable and points to the future growth and success of the SEMA Show. We look forward to sharing more coverage inside the one and only SEMA Show.

BDS Bronco Pickup Truck

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In just 10 weeks, BDS, makers of extreme duty suspension, have completely overhauled a bone stock 2 door Ford Bronco Black Diamond Edition into a mission-ready "half-cab" Bronco pickup. Built with a backwoods fire/rescue theme, the ultra-capable Bronco is designed to help a fire chief or command-lead get on-site quickly. The goal is to assess each situation and build a tactical plan of attack for the team. "Fire Command" as it's been dubbed, is a one-of-a-kind short wheelbase Bronco truck that pays homage to the early Broncos used by many rural fire departments decades ago.

Equipped with the right gear to get the job done, Fire Command is ready for action thanks to suspension upgrades with oversized wheels and tires, dual winches, state-of-the-art comms, emergency lighting, first aid, an assortment of tools, storage, and much much more. Given BDS's reputation and background, it's no surprise this Bronco is outfitted with the latest and greatest BDS and FOX components. Along with the half cab conversion, the "bed" has been fitted with a custom bottom-hinged drop tailgate in place of the swing gate that gains access to a slide-out storage tray. If you missed how Project Fire Command took shape, be sure to check back through the entire build series to see how this Bronco came to be.

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Intro, Teardown & Fabrication

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Suspension, Wheels & Tires

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Bumpers, Lights & Much More


Ford Bronco 2Dr (Black Diamond Edition)
2.3L Engine | 7-speed manual transmission
Race Red Paint Color

Build Specs:

Hypertech React Offroad + Speedo Calibrator (more info)
Ford Performance by Borla Catback Exhaust System

BDS 4” DSC Coilover Lift System (more info)
- FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series Coilovers w/ DSC
- BDS Uniball Upper Control Arms
BDS Adjustable Rear Upper/Lower Control Arms & Track Bar

Wheels & Tires:
37x12.50x17 Nitto Trail Grapplers (more info)
17x9 Method Series 106 Beadlocks (custom powdercoat) (more info)

Half Top Conversion (modified OE MIC hard top) – painted race red
Lower Half Top Bulkhead
Drop Tailgate Conversion
Crawltek Modular Front Winch Bumper (more info)
Crawltek Rear Winch Bumper (more info)
Dual (Front+Rear) Warn VR Evo 10-S Winches w/ Epic Hooks (more info)
Crawltek Fender Trim Kit (more info)
Fabricated Tonneau Cover
Yakima LoadWarrior basket w/ misc accessory mounts (more info)
ARB Jack w/ custom mounts (more info)
Axe, Shovel, Chainsaw, First Aid, PPE, Emergency Comms
RCV 300M Axle Shafts

Rigid 360-series 6” LED lighting (red backlit) for roof (more info)
Rigid 360-series 4” LED lights on cowl (more info)
Rigid SR-M LED Lights on bed rack (more info)
Rigid A-Series LED underbody lights (more info)
LED Emergency Flashers

Katzkin Leather Seats (black & red w/ embroidery) (more info)
Ford OE Upfitter Switches to control lighting
Rescue Siren/PA System
Garmin Overlander GPS Unit and Camera (more info)
Fabricated rollcage to tie into factory rollbar
Ford Performance Door Sill Plates
Ford Performance Floor Mats (more info)
Ford Performance Fire Extinguisher
CargoGlide Trailslide Tray System (more info)
Ford Performance by Warn Recovery Kit (more info)

Thanks again to all our build partners for their support - Ford, FOX, Crawltek, Nitto, Method, RCV, Warn, Rigid, ARB, Katzkin, Yakima, CargoGlide, Hypertech, Garmin and more. #ProjectFireCommand

Willys on BDS Suspension

The hottest trucks at SEMA are always running BDS Suspension including our new Bronco. This year is going to be a bit different. While the SEMA Show is on, attendance from industry professionals and exhibitors may be down as concerns and regulations surrounding the pandemic linger. FOX Factory -- the parent company to BDS -- is among the many companies not exhibiting in 2021. While we won't have a booth for in-person meetings, FOX and BDS will still be everywhere with dozens of vehicles placed throughout the show. Most of these trucks are spotlighting new and soon-to-be-released products from BDS as well as Zone Offroad, JKS, Crawltek, and FOX. Of course, keep an eye out for the BDS Fire Command Bronco -- a one-of-a-kind "half cab" pickup that is decked out in full fire/rescue gear. It's a throwback to the old-school Broncos that would lead the charge into extreme environments back in the sixties and seventies.  Here's just a small sampling of vehicles that will be out at the show, be on the lookout for others.

'41 Power Wagon
Vehicle: 1941 Dodge Power Wagon
Product: BDS 3" Coilover System
Location: Milestar Tire Booth (South Lower) #43061

Interactive Garage mated patina-clad '41 Power Wagon to a later model RAM 2500 for to an ultra cool show stopper.

Fire Command Bronco
Vehicle: 2021 Ford Bronco
Product: BDS 4" DSC Coilover System
Location: Ford Booth (Central) #22200

Ready at a moment’s notice, BDS’s Fire Command is a fire/rescue themed Bronco 2-door converted truck designed to lead the charge for emergency missions off the beat path.

[More Info]

"Live Bravely" Ranger
Vehicle: 2022 Ford Ranger
Product: BDS 6" DSC Coilover System
Location: Ford Booth (Central) #22200

Designed in cooperation with Outside Magazine, the mission of this 2022 Ford Ranger pickup matches that of the enthusiast publication – to inspire participation in the great outdoors and support adventure travel and sports.

Halo Rockstar Energy Gladiator

XBox Halo Gladiator
Vehicle: 2021 Jeep Gladiator JT
Product: JKS 4.5" J-Krawl System
Location: Rockstar Garage Booth (Central) #20655

Built by the crew at Rockstar Garage, this over the top Halo-themed Gladiator is operationally ready.

[more info]

Vehicle: 2021 RAM 3500
Product: BDS 8" 4-Link C/O System
Location: South Hall FV

Truck Guru himself, Cris Payne built this BDS-equipped behemoth of a RAM 3500 that packs all the fun in.

ADD Bronco
Vehicle: 2021 Ford Bronco 4Dr
Product: Zone 4" Kit w/ BDS UCAs
Location: ADD Booth (West) #55077

Maxlider Bronco
Vehicle: 2021 Ford Bronco 4Dr
Product: Zone 4" Kit w/ BDS UCAs
Location: Dynomat (Central) #22593