Fans of BDS suspension will recognize "Project Work/Play" sitting on the right side of this video. The iconic SEMA build paved the way for alternative and environmentally friendly lifted vehicle exploration.

Now, in 2022, BDS Suspension looks forward to the hybrid and electric options for the future.. starting with the development of some 2022 Ford Lightning lift systems.

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Quick Look:

Stock Ford Lightning

Project Work/Play

Plans for Ford/BDS lifts

Lifting Electric?!

The late model Tacoma has proven to be a formidable successor to 3rd gen trucks with new technology, powertrain, and styling. While the chassis/suspension hasn’t seen much change since 2005, there are several upgrades to allow customers to get more from their Tacoma on and offroad. For that BDS offers a 6″ performance lift system with FOX 2.5 coilovers and BDS chromoly UCAs. In this video Daryl from Victory 4×4 offers up a detailed walk through of the install along with tips and tricks along the way.

Build Specs:
BDS 6″ Performance Coilover System w/ UCAs (see online)
295/70r18 Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires
18×9 Mamba Offroad M19 Wheels
Victory 4×4 Front/Rear Bumpers


Video: (view on YT)

The newest build to join the BDS fleet is this 2016 Toyota Tacoma, packed full of new technology, new styling and a stout chassis. While the truck is fairly capable in stock form, the BDS team had bigger plans for this truck to improve the overall look, stance, and off-road prowess. For that we turned to a some of the best names in the business to take this Tacoma to the next level. This truck will spend a fair amount of time on the road as well as the trail so we needed a setup that would be comfortable, capable and up to any beating we put on it. The BDS 6″ performance coilover system is the perfect upgrade to correct suspension geometry, add extra offroad protection, provide additional tire clearance and improve high-speed offroad dampening for better performance across any terrain. Along with the coilover system a pair of the new BDS chromoly upper control arms (UCA) were added for extra strength and improved ball joint position and to allow extra suspension travel. With the suspension installed that offered up clearance for 35×12.50 Pitbull PBX A/T tires on 18×9 KMC XD133 wheels. These tires offer a great all terrain pattern for on and off-road use, long tread life and limited road noise.  The XD133 wheels have an awesome styling finished in a gray face with black simulated beadlock ring to match the styling of the truck. These wheels are 18×9 with 5″ backspacing (0 offset) which is ideal for use with our kit for fitting larger tires while offering sufficient clearance for the replacement steering knuckles from the BDS lift kit.

With the suspension, wheels, and tires knocked out the new upgrade was to the bumpers. While the factory bumpers are sufficient for everyday use, they limit tire clearance, overall strength and the ability to mount a winch and aftermarket lighting. We turned to Pelfreybilt and upgraded to a set of their steel replacement bumpers. What an improvement over stock, these bumpers checked every box with a heavy duty design and ability to add accessories. The bumpers are offered raw or powder coated, we opted for raw so we could do custom matte black powdercoating to match the graphics package we put on the truck. Mounted in the bumper is a Warn VR Series 10,000lb winch with synthetic rope to get us out of any tough position we may find ourselves in out on the trail. Attached to the front of that is the Factor 55 ProLink for safe recovery. Many times trail days turn into trail nights so improved lighting is a must for hitting the trail. Up front a Baja Designs 30″ S8 lightbar was added along with a pair of their Squadron cornering lights. These offer ample lighting at the flip of a switch in a clean, rugged housing. Out back a matching Pelfreybilt bumper was installed for added protection along with a pair of Baja Designs S2 backup lights. Finishing off the truck for the time being is an Extang SolidFold 2.0 tonneau cover providing us with dry storage for gear and supplies.

As with most project builds, this one is a work in progress and will continue to be upgraded with components and accessories to help it perform better on the trail and on pavement. Stay tuned for future updates on this build and keep an eye out for this Tacoma at an event near you.

Build Specs:
2016 Toyota Tacoma 4wd V6
BDS 6″ Performance Coilover System w/ UCAs
35×12.50×18 Pitbull PBX A/T Tires
18×9 KMC XD133 Wheels (black/gray finish)
Pelfreybilt Front/Rear Steel Bumpers
Warn VR10000-s Winch w/ Factor 55 ProLink
Baja Designs Lighting (30″ S8 Lightbar, Squadron Corners, S2 Backup Lights)
Extang SolidFold 2.0 Tonneau Cover
Magellan TRX7 Offroad GPS


Product Update Announcement

November 23, 2015

PR.224 (F150 Kit Updates)

Applicable Kit #

1507H (4″ IFS Lift Kit)

1507F (4″ C/O Lift Kit)

1507FDSC (4″ DSC C/O Lift Kit)

1506H (6″ IFS Lift Kit)

1506F (6″ C/O Lift Kit)

Update Component

Weld-in differential support changed to a bolt-in style support


2015 Ford F150 4WD

Support Files & Links

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Driver's side diff mountF150 Bolt-In Diff Support Bracket
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’15 Ford F150 w/ 4″ lift kit
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Updated 2015 Ford F150 4WD Lift Kits

The engineers at BDS Suspension are constantly striving to develop new and innovative suspension products and accessories for popular truck and Jeep applications. Whether its 4-link long arm systems for better handling and performance, multi-stage leaf springs able to provide a smooth ride and increase tow capacity, or FOX DSC coilover upgrades for popular BDS lift systems, BDS continues to push the envelope building high quality, American made suspension options.  Along with new product development the engineers look for opportunities to improve on current designs to improve fitment, ease installation, or further strengthen the overall design.

The latest kit update is a new bolt-in differential support bracket now shipping in all 2015 Ford F150 4″ and 6″ Lift Kits. This new gusseted support bracket has all the strength of the former weld-in support plate, now in an easy to install bolt-in design to speed up installation and eliminate the need for any welding during installation. The bracket mounts between the rear control arm crossmember and driver’s side differential relocation bracket adding extra rigidity to the system.

The rest of the kits remain the same with high clearance laser cut crossmember, CNC machined ductile iron steering knuckles, multipoint differential relocation and skid plate, billet aluminum driveshaft spacer and more. Check out the individual kits now offered for the 2015 Ford F150 4WD on the BDS Suspension website or by calling (517) 279-2135.


Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • FMVSS No.126 ESC System compliance
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty


July 31st, 2013: BDS Suspension FMVSS No.126 Compliant

compliant-badgeIn an effort to reduce the risk of rollover crashes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) established the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 126 requiring all new passenger vehicles under 10,000 lbs GVWR include an electronic stability control (ESC) system as standard equipment. FMVSS No. 126 tests new vehicle ESC systems through a series of evasive lane-change maneuvers at highway speeds to ensure the driver can maintain control in critical driving situations. Effective August 2012 this law requires aftermarket products to be compliant with these same standards.

With the new requirements in place, SEMA reached out to aftermarket manufacturers to test kit compliance of products. The initial investment to test compliance is large, so many companies have chosen to self certify their products without any formal engineering analysis. BDS Suspension, however, has been on the industry forefront by working towards independent verification of all applicable suspension kits to show compliance with the new standards.

This accomplishment is just a small representation of the large investment by the BDS Suspension team to produce the safest and highest quality product on the market today. For additional information on this and other quality products available log on to our website at BDS Suspension is a division of Sport Truck USA Inc.



It’s been a busy week in the BDS R&D Shop as the guys prep Project KJ for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure. The project white board is looming over the guys with a daunting task list and only 10 work days to complete. From body work to engine prep the team is working on all areas of the build. The plasma table was been getting a workout with plenty of parts getting cut out over the last coulpe weeks. A custom aluminum fuel cell was designed in Solidworks and cut out to snuggly fit the contours of our recessed cargo area. We went this route over the conventional cell to allow us to maximize the space available and still allow us room for the dual Optima batteries, air compressors and full size 40” spare while allowing us to reuse the factory tank’s internals to ease plumbing the system. The body work is still on schedule and is being prepped for a fresh coat of paint next week. To help us focus on the KJ body, electrical, and plumbing projects, we decided to pull the axles and drop them off at All Pro Off-Road to help us out with the gear/locker install. You may recall from an earlier update the JK Rubicon Dana 44s we were sleeved, trussed, and gusseted to accept the BDS 4-link suspension linkage, Fox 2.5 remote coilovers, and Fox 2.0 bumps. Internal upgrades for the axles include 5.13 Nitro Gear ring & pinions, air-Ox Locker front with 30-spline Nitro Gear chromoly shafts, and an ARB air locker rear with 35-spline Nitro Gear chromoly shafts. We’ll have the axles back next week for final install along with custom driveshafts from our friends at Drivelines Plus to turn this KJ back into a rolling chassis.
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