While we were out west for the SEMA show, the crew at BDS could not resist the urge to go wheelin'. For this adventure, we chose southwestern Utah -- which may be the most remarkable off-road sanctuary in the United States. If you’ve never been to Washington County, it's home to one of the most epic national parks in the country, Zion National Park. In and around Zion, the scenery changes every few miles, and the geography offers every type of terrain imaginable. Sandstone and limestone rock ledges are framed by coarse gravel trails with rocks the size of softballs that stand straight out of the earth.

If you are looking for a milder off-road trail, Washington County offers the “road” to Toquerville Falls. Locals rave about the beauty of Toquerville Falls, and we can confirm that it’s one of the best views in the area. Expect a fun, scenic ride with some challenges. It's also a great opportunity to spotlight the fact that big, long-wheelbase trucks can be capable off-road rigs with the right upgrades.


We were driving the BDS 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, a 6.6L-Duramax diesel-powered beast outfitted with a preproduction BDS 6.5” coilover system, Recoil traction bars, and rolling on a set of 37s. It's the same vehicle that we used to tow the Fire Command Bronco to SEMA. For this outing, we dropped the trailer, unloaded the recoil's spring preload for more rear articulation, and set out for some fun on Toquerville Falls.

Arriving at the base of the trail, we aired down a bit for the terrain ahead. As we rounded the first bend on the trail and encountered a group of Jeeps coming down off the mountain. Having just completed the trail, everyone in that group had a contagious smile from ear to ear -- A good sign of what lay ahead. Beyond our Jeep friends, we encountered our first of many rough sections of this trail. Small layered steps of limestone. Not trying to turn this truck into a rock bouncer or rattle every nut and bolt loose on the truck, we opted for 4Low and showed the crawling capability of the big BDS HD.


Leaving that section, we next encountered gravel, followed by more limestone steps. The BDS Duramax easily crawled over the rocky ledges, that progressively got bigger and bigger going from 6-12" leading up to some large 24"+ ledges--with no way around them. After scoping out the terrain we picked a line and let this HD crawl its way through.

From there, we enjoyed easy cruising for a good pace. The HD is so comfortable. We breathed in the awe-inspiring views, red iron-oxide stained mountains surrounded by golden deserts, dotted with green shrubbery. Amazing blue skies soared above us and soaked everything in pure sunlight. More rock ledges and rough off-camber terrain lay ahead.

If you’re ever in Southwestern Utah, and you have an offroad capable vehicle, take a cruise up Toquerville Falls road for some epic views. While we tackled this trail solo, we always recommend bringing a buddy, spare parts, plenty of food and water. Be sure you have a good lay of the land before and get yourself some upgrades.

4 Comments on “BDS HD tackles Toquerville Falls
  • Michael Glen Reece says:

    When is the coil over kit for the 20-21 HD trucks coming out. I know of at least 10 people wanting this kit. Is it going to be available soon or do we just keep getting to read articles about how great it is on this one truck ? Any info would be great.

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Michael,
      Kits are getting close, we hope to have the kits available by early next year with the 2.5″ coming available first followed by the 6.5″ options. While we had hoped to release earlier, production lead times have been pushed out by material shortages, supply chain delays and other delays related to the pandemic. We’ve had a ton of requests for these kits and based on the success of our similar kits for the 11-19 HD we’re sure these will do well in the market. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements as we bring 20+ HD coilover kits to market.

  • Alexander says:

    Any update on the 2.5” coil over conversion for the 20+ HDs?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Kits are in the works, still a few months out before we’ll have all the parts on the shelf available for purchase. We’ll be releasing more info as kits are ready for pre-order


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