Fans of BDS suspension will recognize "Project Work/Play" sitting on the right side of this video. The iconic SEMA build paved the way for alternative and environmentally friendly lifted vehicle exploration.

Now, in 2022, BDS Suspension looks forward to the hybrid and electric options for the future.. starting with the development of some 2022 Ford Lightning lift systems.

Watch the video and head over to the BDS Suspension website for more information!


Quick Look:

Stock Ford Lightning

Project Work/Play

Plans for Ford/BDS lifts

Lifting Electric?!

So you pulled the trigger on the lift of your dreams from BDS Suspension, you got it installed, and now you're ready to hit the trail and/or show it off. Or maybe you've been rocking BDS on your ride for years and love your setup. Either way, getting featured on our social media is surprisingly easy if you provide good photos of your rig and the right information in your submission.

In this blog post, you will learn the Do's and Don'ts, what to send in and how to get featured. All submissions should be made via email.

Why Your Submission Matters:

BDS Suspension prides itself in high-quality, top-of-the-line lift systems with a focus on extreme off-road capability and the best warranty in the industry. We represent everything from high-quality daily driven show trucks to trail prepped offroad rigs and everything in between. Having a BDS lift system and/or upgrades is something to be proud of! Below you will see two examples of social media vehicle showcases, both equally awesome, even though only one was created with submission content from user-submitted content. We want your rig to be the next to get featured on Facebook or Instagram!

What Not To Do:

Photos can be disqualified from being featured on our website and social media for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the location and framing of your photos. The BDS Suspension HD is a sweet tow rig, but these photos don't do it justice. Submitting photos like this will not get featured on the page.

no feature
no feature
no feature

Shot is framed ok (true 3/4 shots ideal).  On-road shots in parking lots, driveways, etc are boring and don't get featured.

Be sure to get the entire vehicle in the shop, cropping shots or objects blocking it don't get featured

Avoid weird perspectives or less flattering angles of the vehicle, focus on the key features of the tuck to highlight

How To Take "Feature Worthy" Photos:

You don't have to be a professional photographer to get really nice photos of your vehicle. You also don't need to drive your brand new 80,000 dollar truck down a sand dune just for us (unless you want to). Find a nice secluded spot with grass, gravel, dirt, or sand, and park your vehicle so that the background of your photos is lake, sky, forest, bushes, or anything aesthetically pleasing.

Start off by taking a 3/4th shot of your vehicle showing the front and passenger side of the vehicle. Repeat this process to include the front and driver's side of your rig. Make sure to include a shot that shows the rear of your vehicle to truly showcase the lift and stance. The reference shots above illustrate this process well; in each photo you can clearly appreciate the truck, its aggressive stance, and how the background enhances the photo. Take more photos than you need and choose the best options for your submission to increase your chances to get featured.

Suspension Photos (Optional)

Occasionally, getting low to the ground and snapping photos of your suspension components can also help us create awesome content with your submissions, just keep these shots simple and centered! Shooting your whole vehicle from a lowered perspective works just as well as taking a picture of the shocks, coil-overs, or branded components like the 4-link, radius arms, or cross-member.

Better Photos Make Better Posts:

It's surprising how often the simplest of submissions work well to showcase your vehicle. Below you can see how a quick adjustment of location and framing (for that BDS Chevy HD) results in a much better and more professional posting that can truly show off the rig. These types of photos get featured regularly!


Submitting Your Rig For Feature:

So now that you have your photos taken and you have chosen the best to send over for consideration, what's next? Emailing us is the best way to make sure content is received in high resolution, processed, and queued for posting. Our email for content is <> for all media submissions and considerations.

We have included a sample email below to model these requirements in an organized manner. Don't forget to attach your photos and send them in the highest resolution/size!

Screenshot 2022-03-28 125114

Key Takeaways / Guidelines:


  • Shoot and send High-Resolution Photos.
    • No low res cell phone pics, no Facebook submissions, avoid unlit night photos
  • Capture Action.
  • Take photos out in nature, on a dirt road, on grass/gravel, and on the trail.
  • Shoot from a low perspective to really show off your lift!
  • Take ¾ views for showing off both the front and side view of a vehicle.
  • Take your lifted truck photos level with the horizon.


  • Submit photos in driveways or parking lots
  • Cut off part of your lifted Jeep, SUV, or pickup truck unless you're after a suspension closeup.
  • Shoot in vertical unless you cannot help it (for photos)
  • Edit and resave JPEG files multiple times.
    • Only make corrections in photo editing software if you are well versed in good editing practices. (We have a guy for that)


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Jack uses his Colorado ZR2 for camping, hauling, and everyday on/off-road activities. Set up with a BDS 4" lift kit on 35s, this truck has the stance and approach he was after to meet his needs. With improved ground clearance, offroad protection and geometry correction, this setup is the way to go while still taking full advantage of the stock DSSV Multimatic shock package.

As with every truck its a work in  progress with more mods to include re-gearing the axles and possibly adding a supercharger to improve the power from this 3.6L V6 to turn the larger tires. Take a look at Jack's walkaround as he goes over his Colorado ZR2.

Quick Specs:

2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2

BDS 4" Lift Kit - link

35x12.50 Nitto Ridge  Grapplers

17x8.5 Dirty Life Cage

Custom Roof Rack

Memorial Day

Every year, on the last Monday of May, we take the day to remember and to celebrate the brave servicemen and women who paid the ultimate price to protect our country. While only one day a year, this day represents a lifetime of service and sacrifice to this country.

Our hearts and our minds rest with those who are left behind: family, friends, and brothers/sisters in combat. It is hard to put words or actions forward that could possibly express our gratitude for the freedom we have received amidst the pain of their loss.

How we honor those who serve:

Fortunately, Americans across our nation have come together to form support groups, charities, and clubs to spread awareness for those who serve and have served. These charities often focus and specialize their efforts in helping veterans and families of the fallen. We have a few of our favorites, those we feel are most impactful, listed below:

  • Fisher House Foundation - link
  • Wounded Warior Project - link
  • DAV Charitable Service Trust - link

We encourage everyone reading this to donate, volunteer, and to spread awareness to others that freedom is not free. Each day we live, every trail we drive, and every sunset camp we make, we owe to them. Over the years, a number of builders have felt the same sentiment, reaching out to us over at BDS Suspension for partnership in tribute builds for different branches of our Armed Forces. We take great pride in our involvement with these support groups, charities, and veterans. It is amazing to see a community of passionate people come together and support great causes with great builds. Read a bit about these trucks and the organizations behind them, helping to remember the fallen each and every day.

Operation Fearless: Adam Brown Tribute Bronco


The Reason:

Adam Brown fought for this country. He was a true American patriot and modern day hero who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our freedom in the Middle East. Adam was a Navy SEAL Chief fighting in Afghanistan in 2010 when his team was attacked. Adam was killed in the battle, but his brave actions saved many of other members of SEAL Team Six and he was awarded the Silver Star Medal for Heroism. His passing left a void for many, but none more than to his wife and 2 children. Adam’s remarkable story has been told in the news and in print, find out more about his life and sacrifice at Remember Navy SEAL Adam Brown or in the book Fearless.

The Rig: 

The Bronco Project came about as an opportunity to rebuild/restore Adam’s first car, a 1991 Ford Bronco. This Bronco build is a tribute to Adam being overhauled as a gift for his 2 kids, Nathan and Savannah. This project is just a small piece of the memory of Adam Brown and features a number of cool and custom components in his honor along with countless hours invested by the build team at RKM Performance.

The initial build plan was to restore the Bronco, but after the team began discussing Adam’s life and what would be a worthy tribute, they pulled out all of the stops and transformed it into what you see today. This frame-off build includes a 5.0L Coyote engine putting out north of 400 horses, a Transzilla F56 6-speed manual transmission, 241 GM t-case, and built front and rear axles. Exterior mods include a custom fiberglass front clip and flared fender assembly, custom bumpers, Rigid LED Lighting, Warn winch, and a matte desert tan paint scheme. Interior changes include a full roll-cage, racing seats, and a one-off custom dash with cockpit-influenced gauges and switch panel. For the suspension, the opted for a BDS 4” Radius Arm Lift Kit with dual shocks and rear leaf springs to go under this truck allowing for enough clearance for 38×15.50 Nitto Mud Grapplers and 18” Fuel Hostages to be installed. After being completed in late October of this year, the truck went onto promotional tour at car shows, fundraisers as well as showing in BDS's booth at SEMA a few years back.

BDS Suspension is honored to be a part of this project and thankful for the opportunity to give back to the brave men and women service this great country and protect our freedom. God bless you all!

Back Country Access: BRC Ford F150


The Rig:

Ford F150, dubbed "Back Country Access" was designed by Jhan Dolphin of J. Robert Marketing in partnership with Black Rifle Coffee Company and premiered at SEMA. This vehicle features tasteful upgrades combined to create a rig that was meant for being driven.

First, the truck was fitted with our BDS 6" coilover lift system complete with FOX shocks. This system allowed for easy installation of 37" tires wrapped around 20" wheels. Warn bumpers and a Warn 97600 front recovery winch paired well with some Rigid trail lights to really send the message that this rig was ready for more than just a truck show.

Additional accessories include TruckVault bed storage, Yakima roof rack, a built in refrigerator, Katskin leather seats, a full sound system upgrade, CB Radio, and all the things needed to make the perfect cup of coffee on the go.

The Reason: 

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded by a Green Beret, and has committed to hiring more than 10,000 veterans.  They were a partner on this build, but the real reason they are featured in this list is because of the work this veteran owned company does outside of the office.

Not only do they hire veterans, they have developed a fund to support veterans, first responders, and families as well as providing aid to conservation efforts. They assist directly in the connection of veterans and services, partner with charities, and even provide training to veterans looking for self betterment. They want to make it possible for as many transitions into civilian life as possible.

For us here at BDS, highlighting this company and their build honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice by supporting and promoting the success of the people closest to them. Providing tools to enrich and support veterans is vital to honoring our military's commitment to protecting our freedom. If you want to learn more about the BRCC Fund you can find that information here:

High Honor: GMC Army Service Tribute


The Rig:

A digital camo wrap with UV graphics pops especially bright when the sun hits the sides of this badass, clearly military-themed, GMC dually. Flares provide additional width to adequately match the trackwidth of  35×12.50×22 Toyo M/Ts mounted up on 22” Fuel Full Blown wheels. Our BDS 6.5” High Clearance System complete with FOX  2.0 shocks at each corner was installed to provide clearance for tires as well as additional travel.

Up top a Rackworks storage rack was mounted, holding (4) 50” LED lightbars and some truck security/surveillance cameras. (Yes we know, its 2022, NO MORE LIGHTBARS, but when this truck was built it broke necks and featured the most badass parts available at the time)

Iron Cross HD steps make accessing the cab and bed easier. The bed features a pair of Diamond Performance stacks, TransferFlow fuel cell, CargoGlide bedslide and a Truck Covers USA bed cover. Out back the truck has a custom set of "High Honor" mudflaps, and a Iron Cross bumper with EVEN more LEDs and cameras wired up.

Under the hood the stock 6.6L Duramax was fitted with several upgrades to an estimated 575Hp/950Tq. Upgrades include an AFe Power cold air intake, Banks Power straightshot methanol injection kit and Banks IQ 2.0 along with Edge Products cuts evolution tuner, Diamond Performance dual exhaust with Diamond stacks. Inside the cockpit the factory stereo/navigation were supplemented by a CB radio, police scanner, and iPad. From controlling lights and monitoring engine vitals to 360 degree video recording this GMC is a mobile command center.

The Reason:

Kelly, now retired from the US Army, spent several years serving this country and has taken a lead to help out and give back to our military veterans. He began the Rev-It-Up for Wounded Warriors Memorial Tour, a rolling tribute to those that have served in our armed forces. The tour raises awareness, support, and money for veterans and their families as Kelly tours the country attending events.

Although dated, BDS showing his rig in this list is a tribute to all the campaigns for funding and awareness of veterans issues that Kelly supported and championed.

Determined One: One Badass Vet Owned HD


The Rig: Wrapped to resemble a tank, this military built and owned rig is one of the best driving trucks of its year courtesy of our BDS 6.5" coilover conversion system along with Recoil traction bars all finished in custom powder-coat. This system has been rigorously tested to maximize travel and performance on and off the pavement. Fusion bumpers are amung the laundry list of mods made inside and out to this GMC 2500 HD rolling on 38" Fury tires on 26s.

The Reason: For the owner of this truck, an active duty Air Force member, the main goal of his truck theme is to celebrate all of his friends who serve and have served alongside him. He maintains the vehicle and drives the vehicle daily to enjoy the freedom that his service and the service of the men and women who came before him have created.

Maxlider Bronco Build:

This 2021 Bronco represents a new age for Maxlider Brothers Customs. It is the flagship, stage three, upgraded version. This rig represents their offerings for custom late model Bronco orders in the weeks and years to come. Featured on this build are many upgrades including BDS Suspension, trail lighting, trail armor bumpers and steps, and of course wheels and tires. Keep reading for a full list of the quality components that make this Bronco perform and look a class above the rest.

Suspension and Wheels:

Regardless of the customer's intentions, a true Maxlider Bronco is prepared for off-road and on-road driving without a reduction in ride quality.

This uncompromised feel is provided by our BDS Suspension 4" lift system with FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series coilovers on all four corners. These coilovers are specially designed for use on the Bronco platform and feature easy tuning with the DSC (dual speed compression) adjustable coilovers. There pair with specially designed BDS tubular UCAs to allow for an improved driving experience under all conditions on and off-road.

Of course, great suspension can't function without great traction. Maxlider Brothers Customs has always upfitted their Broncos with the best: 37" BFG KM3's wrapped around custom Maxlider wheels developed in partnership with Vision X. With this wheel and tire combination hooked up to our tuned coilovers, the possibilities are endless.

Exterior Upgrades:

Maxlider Bronco packages feature modular, customizable front bumpers with an optional brush guard, winch, and lighting options. These bumpers have been carefully developed in-house and designed to have both form and function for off-road use. Maxlider also offers a rear bumper with the same level of customization and the option to fit a full-size spare tire.

Custom fender flares and vintage stripe livery are added to accommodate the larger tires and throwback styling that Maxlider Customs is known for. The vintage stripe caries over onto a cowl style hood from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts.

A touch of the modern flare can be noticed in the powered dual-purpose steps/rocker guards provided by Rock Slide Engineering. These steps are versatile and allow for heavy off-road use while not compromising on convenience for on-road use. This modern flare doesn't end there, it also shows in the unique backlit lettering of the Bronco front grill badge.

Accesories and Interior:

On this particular Bronco, we get a host of really cool additions starting off with the Warn Industries winch and brush guard options built into the custom bumper.

Lighting comes next, including flush-mounted bumper lights, the unique front badging, and a modular lightbar above the windshield all powered by Vision X.

Underneath the rear of the rig, you can find a Stainless steel cat-back exhaust with dual dump pipes developed by Maxlider Brothers Customs specifically to allow them more capability in their Bronco applications.

Finally, inside the vehicle a custom orange two-tone leather interior speaks to the Brothers' notoriety, as they have received a lot of community praise for their ability to create fully custom beautiful interiors in classic vehicles over the years.

Maxlider Brothers Customs builds some of the most badass Broncos in the world. Founded on the dreams of Erik and Kris, fondly recalling core memories built around car restoration within their family. These guys move with the purpose to create new memories for all their clients. BDS Suspension is proud to be a continued partner in all their endeavors off-road!

With the arrival of the 2021 Bronco, there was bound to be some heated discussion about old versus new, young blood measured and scrutinized in the shadow of a timeless classic. Amidst all of this talk, Scosche, a company well known for its automotive electronics, got together with Rockstar Performance Garage and brainstormed a different vision for two builds, Broncos old and new, which could sit together in the desert in perfect harmony.

To achieve this the 2021 Bronco was outfitted with the BDS 4" DSC Coilover System, which allows for extremely capable maneuvering thanks to our BDS uniball UCAs and FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series Coilovers. This lift along with a fender flare delete kit gave this Bronco some aggressive retro styling all while sitting above 37" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T tires wrapped around 17x9 Fuel Ripper wheels.

The exterior was functionally finished with steel bumpers, sliders, and skids along with a Warn VR-series winch to assist in recovery. Baja designs LED trail lighting integrates smoothly with the bumpers and interior control system which also handles a variety of Scosche audio upgrades, cameras, and functional off-road phone mounting system. The tone of the exhaust was deep and clear thanks to a Magnaflow exhaust.

The 1974 Bronco was also upfitted with a custom lift kit designed around FOX shocks and some BDS components. This allowed for 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires wrapped around 17" American Racing wheels. This 1974 Bronco was smooth sailing across the desert with its custom suspension, 350HP Edlebrock equipped motor, and Magnaflow exhaust.

To harmonize with the 2021 Bronco, the 1974 was also fitted with off-road bumpers, a Warn winch, Spyder headlights, and Baja Designs trail lighting. Inside it featured custom seats wrapped in PRP seat covers, a custom iPad dash conversion, and sweet custom audio by Scosche.

With a mix of old-school styling and modern electronics, these two Broncos really pull away from the pack. Two equally well-equipped off-roading machines, in comparable trim, ready to handle any trails, beaches, or deserts. Side by side without judgment and definitely without compromise thanks to our performance-based lift systems.

Check out the gallery below, or the video above for more on these sweet rigs, and as always shop BDS Bronco lift systems for superior off-road performance.