Earlier this year we had the pleasure of hanging out with the one and only 2018 JL Chase Truck built by the team at Bruiser Conversions out of Florida. Yes it resembles a Gladiator on steroids, but it started life as a Wrangler JLU long before the arrival of the JT where the crew cut and customized it into this ultra capable, purpose built Jeep chase truck with an LS under the hood, BDS suspension and 42" BFGs.


This Jeep is running an assortment of accessories, plenty of trail proven bolt-on accessories and gobs of one-off fabrication. Outfitted with a full workshop worth of tools, gas, welder and more right in the bed, this go anywhere Jeep made its debut at the 2018 SEMA Show in Warn's booth. If you remember back to those pre-COVID days, this Jeep made quite the splash, check out the original walk around video following that show.

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