MX4 Edition Ford Ranger

In the world of classic Ford Broncos, Maxlider Bros has earned a reputation for creating award-winning restomods by bringing together late-model innovation with classic styling. With respect to upgrades and personalization, the sky is the limit. Every build features custom paint, suspension, engine mods, and even the number of doors you can get (check this thing out). Maxlider has made a niche for themselves by breathing new life into these old stallions through the integration of modern electronics, powertrain and suspension technology along with top-notch bodywork and paint. Several of their Bronco builds fetch 6-figure price tags as demand grows for classic Broncos following Ford's announcement to revive the Bronco nameplate. Its safe to say the Bronco is good business and the crew at Maxlider has mastered that craft.

So where does their business model go from here? There's only so many classic Broncos around and parts are becoming scarce. The answer lies in the popularity of lifting late-model trucks. Starting with the 2019 Ford Ranger and expanding out to other platforms, Maxlider has brought their eye for design and build expertise together to design, develop and outfit some of the coolest Ford Rangers around. What's more, they've partnered with dealerships around the country to offer these highly "upfitted" Rangers direct to consumer or through your local dealership backed by a factory warranty. Dubbed the MX4 Edition and available in an assortment of colors, these trucks come out swinging with the appearance and performance capability locked down. Every detail of these trucks has been addressed from their strong, beefy stance and larger tires to custom features with the grille, rack, badging, and more. This truck turns heads.

Starting up front, a Maxlider developed a custom mesh grille for unique styling with branding and additional lighting. From there, a custom low profile Razerrack roof rack is added along with an apocalypse-ready row of eight, extra-bright, Rigid XL LED cube lights. A set of high gloss running board steps are added for easier access. For suspension, Maxlider turned to BDS for a fully-build suspension package to not only lift ride height, but ultimately offer next-level comfort and offroad performance. The MX4 Ranger is fitted with a complete BDS 6" lift system that includes FOX 2.5" Factory Race Series remote reservoir coilovers up front and upper control arms. FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP gas shocks are mounted in the rear. This suspension package offers increased strength, better dampening control, and more off-road capability with plenty of clearance for the included 35" BFG KM3 tires on 18x9 custom MX4 edition wheels.

Inside the cab, the interior is kept mostly original for a clean, modern appearance. The leather upholstery features custom-embroidered headrests. Each build has a unique badge to show that you are truly part of an elite club. Under the hood, the factory 2.8L EcoBoost has a few bolt-on accessories, exhaust, and a custom tune to give the Ranger MX4 an impressive 332 horsepower and 427FtLbs of torque. With multiple packages available, these trucks can be further accessorized to meet your needs. BDS is proud to have our suspension on these super cool Ranger builds. So now the real question, which color would you choose?

Click HERE to learn more about the Maxlider Bros Ranger MX4.

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