Since the unveiling of the all new 2nd Gen Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon there has been a buzz around the industry about the revival of the midsize pickups in the US market. That coupled with the promise of a new smaller Duramax diesel option in the near future for improved tow capacity and better fuel economy has ignited an interest from the public and a push by aftermarket companies to find new ways to customize them. The Colorado/Canyon has been the first contender in a while to stand toe-to-toe with the Toyota Tacoma and the addition of the US emissions compliant diesel engine has made the other OEs take note.

Back in Fall of 2014, the engineers at BDS got their hands on one of the first 2015 Chevy Colorado trucks in the country when they went on sale and within a few weeks had it ready to drive out for the 2014 SEMA Show with a prototype lift kit and 35” tires. Along with being first to market with several lift options, that 3.6L V6 equipped Colorado has been used for FMVSS No.126 ESC System compliance testing, as an Ultimate Adventure support vehicle, wheeled in Moab and attended events from coast to coast. [Click here to see more on the BDS Colorado build]

Fast forward about a year to early 2016, BDS Suspension and Fleece Performance Engineering concocted a plan to build up a 2016 Chevy Colorado with the much anticipated brand new 2.8L Duramax diesel. Fleece Performance picked up one of the first diesel Colorados available and after laying down stock dyno numbers they drove the truck north from Indiana to Michigan where BDS Suspension started the first part of the transformation. For Part 1 of the build, the engineers at BDS needed to check compatibility of the gas – 5.5” IFS kits over on the diesel Colorado. While most of the kit crossed over they did find some minor modifications that will need to be made before they can release kits for the diesel Colorado/Canyon. A modified* 5.5” Performance System with FOX Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjustable coilovers (Click for gas IFS kit info, #722FDSC) was installed to give clearance for a set of (33”) 275/60r20 BFG All Terrain KO2 tires mounted on 20×9 Fuel Boost wheels.

*722H/722F/722FDSC kits will not fit diesel equipped 2016 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon

For Part 2 of the build on this diesel Colorado, the truck is heading back down to Fleece Performance Engineering as they turn the 2.8L “baby Duramax” into a force to be reckoned with. We’re pumped to see what they come up with for this smaller turbo diesel, stay tuned for updates on Fleece’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Check out the video from Part 1 of the BDS/Fleece Diesel Colorado buildup


A few months back Verne Simons from Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine got his hands on our 2015 Chevy Colorado for an offroad road trip around the Southwest. Part favor, part editorial he took the keys to our test mule new midsize truck to get some seat time behind the wheel on a quick adventure from Vegas to Arizona. Check out the story online through the FourWheeler.com Network page or wait for the upcoming issue of 4WOR to hit the newsstands. To find out more about the making of this truck and the journey out to SEMA head to BDS Colorado. To see more on this 5.5″ IFS Systems click here.

Click to read the 2015 BDS Suspension Chevrolet Colorado – To Oatman in a Colorado online story


The BDS Colorado got some ink in the March/April 2015 issue of Truck Truck Magazine. In a story titled Colorado Blitz, the publication summarizes the rush to build our 2015 Chevy Colorado from stocker to SEMA worthy in just a few short weeks. Look for the story in the pages of Truck Trend and if you can’t wait that long click the link to read it online at http://www.trucktrend.com/features/1503_bds_suspension_lifted_2015_chevy_colorado_blitz/


Verne Simons from 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine got his hands on the keys to our 2015 Chevy Colorado Z71 while it was on display at 4 The Truck Customs in Henderson, NV and hit the the road/trail for an Ultimate Adventure inspired test-drive on his way to Arizona. He plans to get the truck on-road and off, hitting several trails, 2-tracks, and high-country terrain as he tests out the capability of this new breed midsize truck. Stay tuned for updates from 4WOR throughout the week and look for a future test drive story with the BDS Colorado online and in the pages of the magazine.

The BDS Colorado is unlike any currently around, after picking up the truck less than a month before SEMA, the BDS’s engineers tore into the truck to designing, engineering and testing a number of new suspension products. The standard 3 month production time was cut down to 3 weeks which gave the guys time to outfit it with a few accessories to get it show ready. The truck has a prototype 6” suspension lift with Fox 2.5 remote coilovers, the new 35” Nitto Terra G2 tires, a custom drilled set of 20×9 AE Alloy 012 wheels, a flush mounted 30” Rigid RDS light bar, prototype set of N-Fab wheel-to-wheel nerf steps and an Extang SolidFold tonneau cover. We gave the truck it’s initial break in with a 2000-mile road trip from Michigan to Vegas with a trail ride detour through Moab. We’re excited to see what Verne and the 4WOR crew thinks of the BDS Colorado. Stay tuned to find out…

For more on the BDS Colorado, how it was built, and the road trip out to Vegas for the 2014 SEMA Show head to https://blog.bds-suspension.com/?cat=682


SEMA 2014, another year for LED light bars, trucks on 24x14s and seemingly bottomless build budgets. While SEMA is known for the flash, the extreme and often over-the-top vehicle builds, the show is also chalked full of new technology, innovative ideas, and emerging trends in the automotive industry.

For those of you out there that haven’t heard of SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association,  is a trade association made up of thousands of automotive product manufacturers, retailers, builders, clubs and more all working towards the common goal of supporting, protecting, and endorsing automotive customization. Each Fall SEMA hosts an event out in Las Vegas, a gathering of companies from around the world to showcase the latest in automotive customization. While the show is closed off to the general public, the world watches on as media outlets, vendors and industry members attend this “industry only” event drawing more than 100,000 each year for the 4-day show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

BDS Suspension has been attending for 6 years now as has continues to stake our claim in booth #30192, a 80×25′ spot in the off-road section where we show off some of the latest products and invite customers to stop by to hang out and enjoy a beverage of choice with the BDS crew.  We teamed up with sister companies Zone Offroad Products, JKS Manufacturing, and 4×4 Posi-Lok, all divisions of Sport Truck USA Inc for what was one of our best years yet at this colossal automotive show. In the booth we had several show trucks to include the BDS’s project 2015 Chevy Colorado, Operation Fearless Bronco, the military themed High Honor 2015 GMC 3500 Dually, and the Trail Seeker JK as well as dozens of BDS equipped vehicles on display around the show.  The event was packed this year as retail shops, media personnel, OEMs and other industry professionals came out to the show to see all the new products. The booth was buzzing all week long as the masses came by to check out the rides and hang out in the BDS lounge and chat over an ice cold beer. Check out some of the photos from the show and stay tuned for more to come in the coming months as many will be featured online and in print from various off-road publications.

Thanks again to everyone that stopped by the booth to check out what’s new with BDS and the other Sport Truck USA brands. We’re excited for the future and looking forward another awesome year in 2015!

To see more from SEMA head to Facebook or Instagram and to follow the BDS Colorado’s journey to the show head to BDS Colorado


If you haven’t checked out our last post on the BDS Colorado, head to BDS’s Last Minute SEMA Build: 2015 Chevy Colorado for more on the  project, our plans, and the execution to turn our 2015 Chevy Colorado into a 2014 SEMA Show standout in under a month. When we left off with the story the truck had less than a week to go before departing on the 2000-mile adventure from Michigan to Las Vegas. The engineering team prototyped a set of Fox coilovers to work with the existing 6” suspension system and parts were  arriving from Nitto, Eagle Alloys, Rigid, Extang, and Magnaflow. We got word from N-Fab that the steps were built and getting powdercoated to install once the truck arrived in Vegas. Following a quick check up at the dealership the truck stopped off to install graphics and hit the road for SEMA with 3 days planned for the ultimate test-drive out to the show.

With myself (the marketing guy) behind the wheel of the new Colorado, I set off for a solo journey in route to Vegas to meet the rest of the BDS team for the biggest auto show of the year. We knew there were high expectations for the truck from the amount of coverage it had online and in the press, on forums and from all the phone calls we received so we were excited to get it in front of the 100K+ crowd that attends the show each year. With 3 days to make the 30-hour journey I made stops along with way, took in the amazing scenery, found a few trails off the highway to test of the new suspension. I was blown away with the quality of the ride, the handling, and performance of the new truck. Even with stock gearing and 35” tires loaded down with promotional products for the show the truck handled the drive without any issues. The powerful 3.6L 300+ horse engine and 6-speed automatic took the drive and mountain passes in stride making for a very enjoyable cruise out to Vegas. Along the drive I came across rain, snow, tumble-weeds, a dust storm, farm land, streams, mountains, and deserts with a truck that started the commute with a mere 300 miles on the odometer. I posted photos and videos throughout the trip to BDS’s Facebook and Instagram pages to keep the fans updates on the progress and arrived in SEMA just in time to pull into the booth prior to the show. The show was a madhouse all week and it was easy to see the Colorado was big hit by all the photos, questions, and finger prints on it throughout the week. From GM reps, dealers, customers, and media personnel the truck received its fair share of attention all week long. For many at the show it was their first time seeing a 2015 Chevy Colorado in person, let alone a lifted Colorado on 35s.

Check out the video below that was shot out in Moab in route to the show and stay tuned for more coverage as we recap our week at the 2014 SEMA Show.