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  1. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    Can you send me a link to view the price of this kit

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at | | Reply

    Any updates on availability/options/cost?

  3. mike
    mike at | | Reply

    Love the new Colorado lift, my new Z71 is being built on the 25th of March, PLEASE get your Colorado lifts on the market ASAP.Iam waiting for it patiently!!!!!!

  4. mike
    mike at | | Reply

    Picking up my new 2015 z71 Colorado in the morning, still wondering when lift kits are going on sale ????? Please hurry

  5. andy
    andy at | | Reply

    how did you guys get that light bar in the front did you have to remove the whole front end to get that mounted?

  6. Kurt
    Kurt at | | Reply

    Colorado looks good, guys.

    For those of us building the truck for expeditions, will spring rates/dampening rates be available to accomodate load/winches/bumpers?

    How much suspension travel does your kit provide?


  7. Adam
    Adam at | | Reply

    Thanks for the awesome look on these trucks. Will the skid plates be available at the same time of the lift kit release? Thanks Adam

  8. mike
    mike at | | Reply

    Still awaiting 2015 Colorado lift kit!!! New Z71 Truck sitting in garage looking like a plain off the shelf truck…need luft kit ASAP..please

  9. mike
    mike at | | Reply

    Ok its past spring May now…still awaiting Colorado lift kit….:)

  10. Andrew
    Andrew at | | Reply

    when using the 35’s, did you have any rubbing at full lock, or when the suspension was fully compressed? just wondering if you had to do any trimming to run these tires.

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