The 4wheeing trip of a lifetime and if you’re up to the challenge of a weeklong hardcore offroad adventure its one you should have on your bucket list. The Ultimate Adventure hosted by 4Wheel & Offroad Magazine is a weeklong 1200-mile 4wheeling trip across multiple states with about 25 rigs split between magazine staff, sponsors and selected readers. No trailers or support vehicles, you need to be self sufficient with tools, spare parts, and food for the journey. Its a mystery what each day of the trip will bring as you follow Rick Pewe on the route he mapped out. This year BDS was the official suspension once again bringing the Crawlorado, a bad ass V8 powered 1st Gen Colorado as well as a 2015 Colorado to shuttle the magazine and video crew around from trail to trail. Each year the magazine features the event in multiple issues of the print publication, online as well as in a feature length video. Check out the 2015 Ultimate Adventure video… #ua2015

UA2015 Part 1View on YouTube

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UA2015 Part 5 – View on YouTube

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A few months back Verne Simons from Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine got his hands on our 2015 Chevy Colorado for an offroad road trip around the Southwest. Part favor, part editorial he took the keys to our test mule new midsize truck to get some seat time behind the wheel on a quick adventure from Vegas to Arizona. Check out the story online through the Network page or wait for the upcoming issue of 4WOR to hit the newsstands. To find out more about the making of this truck and the journey out to SEMA head to BDS Colorado. To see more on this 5.5″ IFS Systems click here.

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Each year the 4Wheel & Offroad Magazine crew host a week long debut to showcase the Ultimate Adventure film. While the video only offers you a glimpse into the journey, it gives fans a chance to see what the trip is all about and the lucky few that get to attend a chance to relive the experience once more. This past year Dave and myself (Carter) were the lucky ones selected to represent BDS Suspension and headed off on the journey with the company’s 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD, dubbed Project KJ. The journey took place back in July and we still tell stories from the week that we 4wheeled our way through Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri in a parade of 25 rigs. Watch the videos below to check out 4WOR’s coverage from the trip.

To see our daily updates from the 2014 Ultimate Adventure and how Project KJ was built head to

UA2014 Part 1

UA2014 Part 2

UA2014 Part 3

UA2014 Part 4

UA2014 Part 5

BDS on the 2014 Ultimate Adventure

There’s plenty more video from this year’s trip on the 2014 Ultimate Adventure DVD. To pick up your copy and catch all the action head to the BDS website where we’ll have it for sale as soon as they are released.

BDS Suspension is excited to be the official suspension sponsor of the 2014 Ultimate Adventure (UA) hosted by 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. This annual event held each summer brings together 25+ trail rigs for a week of hardcore no whining, follow the leader style 4wheeling, camping, and back roads as the convoy takes on the challenging terrain of a region in the US. The group averages 1000+ miles over the weeklong journey and hits 4-5 trails along the way. The kicker is always not knowing the UA start location until just weeks prior. Each day on the trip at the daily driver’s meeting the group finds out from leader Rick Pewe whether it’ll be trail day or a 300-mile road day to get to the next spot, sometimes both.
One of the reasons we like to sponsor the Ultimate Adventure has to do with participate in the event as well. Building a rig, taking on the trails, the long road days, the sleep deprivation, and road-side wrenching to make it through the week. We’re passionate about this hobby and love the chance to take on the UA. Last year we stepped outside of the norm and went for an oddball of rigs. We took on the challenge of turning the most unliked 4×4 out there and turning it into something cool. While we started with an ’05 Jeep Liberty, we gave ourselves a break and started with the CRD model, swapped in solid axles, coilover long arm suspension, body trimming and cage work. The end result was a ultra-cool low slung Liberty on 40s. While we had our share of electrical and mechanical failures last year, the team has continued to improve Project KJ over the past year. BDS Reps Carter and Dave are ready to tackle the adventure wherever it may be.
Stay tuned to the BDS Blog, Facebook, and Instagram as we’ll keep you up to speed on Project KJ and what’s happening during the 2014 Ultimate Adventure. Watch the magazine’s planning and coverage at Ultimate Adventure 2014.


Is the Ultimate Adventure on your bucket list? Is it one of those events you’ve dreamed about, but never thought you’d get the chance to go? Do you want to hang out with the staff from 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine, BDS Suspension and other corporate sponsors, along with a handful of other lucky readers for a weeklong 1000+ mile offroad adventure? Well here’s your chance, if you have a capable rig and a love 4wheeling, then you might have what it takes to go on the 2014 Ultimate Adventure.

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BDS-UA43Ultimate Adventure 2013 Video: Check out BDS Suspension’s video coverage from the 2013 Ultimate Adventure. The 1500 journey covered 4 Southeast states, in a hot, muggy, rainy thrashfest as 25 rigs, a film crew, and 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine took us on the Ultimate 4Wheeling trip.

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