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Trail Hero 2019

Trail Hero is located on Sand Mountain at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT. This event invites and embraces all types of off road vehicles, not limited to, but including side by sides, Ultra 4 cars, moon buggies, Jeeps, Toyota’s, Trucks, and every type of truggy or buggy you can think of. There are guided runs every day of the week for attendees to participate in, and there are all sorts of different races and rock crawls to watch each afternoon.

This year we were excited to be part of the Lasernut Rock Race with the BDS/Tilden Racing 4502 Ultra4 car. The car, driven by owner Kevin Stearns, had just got a full refresh before coming to Sand Hollow, so this was going to be its first shake down before Nationals in a couple of weeks. The race drew a gigantic crowd, but unfortunately only two of the seven registered race carsit  showed up. Nevertheless Kevin wanted to go out and not only try and win against a 4400 car (more capable class than the 4500 that he races in), but put on a great show for the crowd as well. Kevin started out the first heat of 8 laps very strong, pulling ahead of the 4400 car by almost a half a lap. After about five laps Kevin had to back off a little bit due to his transmission getting hot from racing in the sand section (the sand was like powder due to fact that it hadn’t rained in 103 days). The 4400 car passed kevin and won the first heat of the Rock Race. The second heat was even more entertaining as both drivers were racing flat out. On the fourth lap of the race Kevin hit a rock hard on the passenger side of the car which blew both tires and ultimately took him out of the race. Even though there were only two drivers in the race, Trail Hero did a great job with the video that they made. The BDS 4502 car was featured numerous times in the video.

Throughout the week the vendor section was setup more like a pit than what you would picture a trade show booth to look like. When we weren’t on the trails, we were usually at the booth with vehicles displayed. The KJ had a large amount of people that were really excited to see it up close. On the trails, everyone was amazed at how capable that little Liberty is. We took it up the Chute, which is one of the more famous obstacles on Sand Mountain. It is a fairly vertical v-notch, which can go real bad real quick if you stray from the correct line. There wasn’t much that I could throw at the KJ that it couldn’t conquer. We did rip a headlight mount out of it because the 40” tire was so stuffed in the wheel well. We removed the other headlight so it looked intentional.

On Saturday, everyone moved from Sand Hollow down to the city of Hurricane where we all setup booths for the public to stop by and see what we had.

All in all, the event was pretty good. There was a lot of great media that was gained, and we talked to quite a few potential new customers throughout the week. Thank you to everyone that came out and stopped by. We had a great time and look forward to visiting again.

Media Gallery

A few years back we overhauled a worn out, run of the mill, grocery getter of a ’05 Liberty CRD to take on the 4Wheel & Offroad Ultimate Adventure. The plan was simple, start with the most hated Jeep that we knew of at the time (to many the KJ that replaced the beloved XJ) and turn it into something cool, different, and most importantly capable offroad. Using a mix of off the shelf parts and some custom fabrication the BDS R&D build a low slung diesel rock crawler that is ready for Moab or a trip to the dunes. Check out our latest overview video on BDS’s Project KJ and to see more on hos this Jeep was transformed from stock to what it is today check out the blog thread complete with photos, videos and writeups at

XOR-MOABEach year the crew from BDS Suspension loads up and heads West to that magical offroading Mecca known as Moab, UT.  Maybe its the red rock terrain, or the warm spring time temperatures after a long Michigan winter or maybe even the thousands of Jeepers (and other 4×4’s) that flock to the town each Spring for a week of 4wheeling, but its one of our favorite places to attend each year during Easter Jeep Safari (EJS). When it comes to media coverage, this event has plenty, from Jeep in attendance with their much anticipated concept builds to just about every offroad media outlet from magazines, to forums, and TV shows.

This past EJS marked the 50th annual year of the Red Rock 4Wheelers hosting the trail ride and gathering. BDS made it out in an assortment of vehicles including the BDS Colorado, Project Raider (Chevy HD), BDS Crawlorado, and of course Project KJ. During the week we met up with friends, customers and industry partners to hit that trails and test out the equipment. Along the way we met up with Ian Johnson, host of Xtreme Offroad TV and ran Pritchett Canyon, one of the quintessential Moab Jeep trails. View breathtaking views and hardcore terrain, this is one of those bucket list type trails that you don’t pass up on. With Ian in his BDS leaf sprung M715 project Lockjaw, us in Project KJ and a handful of other rigs in the mix we set out to run the trail with Ian and his camera crew. The trail lived up to its reputation and challenged not only our group, but all the groups that made it out to the trail head before us that morning that caused a bottle neck getting through the single file through the 4-mile trail. In the end over 11 hours spend on Pritchett Canyon, but made some friends along the way. Outside of some body damage, the only trail damage our group had was a front ring and pinion on Ian’s M715 towards the end as we climbed out of the canyon. For more on our week from the 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari head to our official recap on the BDS Blog.

Here’s our coverage from the Pritchett Canyon Trail Ride with XOR

To watch the Official Episode of Xtreme Off Road that aired called Moab Madness click the link below. XOR Moab Madness Episode


Each year the 4Wheel & Offroad Magazine crew host a week long debut to showcase the Ultimate Adventure film. While the video only offers you a glimpse into the journey, it gives fans a chance to see what the trip is all about and the lucky few that get to attend a chance to relive the experience once more. This past year Dave and myself (Carter) were the lucky ones selected to represent BDS Suspension and headed off on the journey with the company’s 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD, dubbed Project KJ. The journey took place back in July and we still tell stories from the week that we 4wheeled our way through Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri in a parade of 25 rigs. Watch the videos below to check out 4WOR’s coverage from the trip.

To see our daily updates from the 2014 Ultimate Adventure and how Project KJ was built head to

UA2014 Part 1

UA2014 Part 2

UA2014 Part 3

UA2014 Part 4

UA2014 Part 5

BDS on the 2014 Ultimate Adventure

There’s plenty more video from this year’s trip on the 2014 Ultimate Adventure DVD. To pick up your copy and catch all the action head to the BDS website where we’ll have it for sale as soon as they are released.


It seems to be tradition now. Each Spring thousands of Jeepers make the journey from around the country and beyond to converge on the quiet town of Moab, UT for a weeklong event that combines trail rides, parties, a 2-day vendor show and raffling off of more than $250,000 in aftermarket goodies. With daily trail rides and events every night, Easter Jeep Safari has become a bucket list event, that thousands check off each year again and again.

BDS Suspension made the trip out to run trails, test new products and chat with customers at the 2-day vendor show. With the rigs loaded BDS made the long haul from Michigan to the red rocks of Moab, UT with Project Slate our 2013 Ram 3500 Diesel, Project KJ, our 2005 Liberty CRD, and the BDS Ram 2500 Diesel. The week in Moab was amazing. From catching up with old friends and making new ones out on the trail, EJS continues to be an amazing event bringing together OEs and aftermarket manufacturers, media reps and Jeep enthusiasts. The event is organized and hosted by the Red Rock 4Wheelers and continues to grow in size each year. BDS has been attending for 5 years now and every year the event seems to get better. While the terrain may not change much from year to year, the numerous trails and countless miles of off-pavement paradise is just what you need to break the cold coming out of a long winter like this past one. We met up with companies and customers alike to run Poison Spider, Behind the Rocks, Hell Revenge, 7Mile Rim, Gold Bar Rim, Steel Bender, Area BFE and a few other trails by day and held a weeklong free pint special at the Moab Brewery to entertain by night.

The BDS crew went hard all week long, on vendor trail rides, the annual Crawl Mag Reader’s Ride, several photoshoots, the annual Fullsize Invasion in the BDS Ram 2500, and a 2-day vendor show where we had a chance to talk with Jeepers and see many of our customers. Following the show we hit the road for Florida with only 3 days to make it for the start of Jeep Beach. Check out some of the photos from out week in Moab and follow along on social media sites for daily updates from events.

Easter Jeep Safari continues to impress each year. With next year marking the 50th Anniversary you can bet the Red Rock 4Wheelers have big plans for the event. BDS is excited to make it back next year and hope to see you there. For more on the event and to keep up with plans head to Red Rock 4Wheelers.