BDS Suspension Dealers and Customers,

As this pandemic continues to reek havoc on both the public health and safety as well as the economy of this country it is clear that every business has been affected. With that said we thank all of our dealers and customers for their continued support and patience during this difficult time. The state of Michigan has extended and expanded its Stay Home, Stay Safe order which is now in affect through the end of April. While this has forced us to take additional measures to limit staffing across every department, the silver lining here is we are still open for business and are beginning to ship product daily again.


Shipping Resumes – As we resume shipping orders we will still be doing so with a very limited staff. The backlogged orders have begun to be processed first in the order received up through the new orders being placed. While this will take some time to get caught up, please allow for up to 7 business days at this time for in-stock item orders to ship out. Some orders will ship the following day. It’s all based on daily volume and order sizes. Obviously this will improve as we work through the backlog of orders.

Business Hours –  Business hours have been updated to Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm EST. Our sales, tech support, shipping, marketing and accounting departments will be available. It should be noted that email continues to be the preferred method of communication as the majority of staff is working remotely.

Staffing – At this time several temporary staffing changes have been made. If your sales representative is currently not available another has already been assigned to you temporarily and will be monitoring all emails hourly. You are welcome to continue sending your emails to your regular sales rep, the emails will be forwarded to the sales rep currently handling the territory. Please see the list below of available sales staff currently available to assist.


General Sales –

General Tech Support –

General Marketing –


Inside Sales - Jason Shellhaas | Chris Lytle | Nate Moore | Brandi Raymond | Jason Goodwin | Josh Mannes | Mike Maloney

Tech Support - Andy Hazel | Randy Wilson

Outside Territory Reps - Miles Henderson | Brad Spearing


Thank you,

BDS Suspension Management



COVID-19 Notice: BDS Suspension remains open for business, shipping temporarily suspended.

At BDS Suspension we value our employees, customers, and distributors above all else. However, given the recent exponential spread of COVID-19 in Michigan, we will be temporarily shutting down all on-site activities, including shipping through at least April 13th.
We will continue to provide as much remote service as possible, including a sales and tech support team to take orders and answer questions. Every sale will be shipped in the order it was received once we can safely resume operations. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be working safely from home and the best means of communication will continue to be through email. For a list of contacts click here.
Since March 24th, when the governor-issued Stay Home, Stay Safe Order went into effect, we have continued to manufacture and ship product with only 20% of our regular workforce. Those dedicated employees have worked with premium pay, on a voluntary basis, to ship current orders as quickly as possible.
While the state mandate has allowed BDS Suspension and its affiliated brands to continue operating at minimal capacity as an essential business in the “Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics” sector, we cannot, in good conscience, continue to send staff into our facilities to manufacture or ship our products while the virus is a real and imminent threat in our area. We understand not all our competitors will comply with these warnings and make these tough decisions. We ask for your understanding and support during this temporary closure. We are looking forward to getting back to business as soon as possible and to providing the quality product and service you expect.
We believe that keeping our employees home at this time is the right decision to do our part to help eliminate the spread of the virus, protect our employees, and support our local and state healthcare systems.
Stay Safe, Stay Informed.
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COVID-19 Notice: BDS Suspension and its affiliate brands remain open for business.

For the safety of our employees, their families and our community as well as Michigan’s recent “Stay Home, Stay Safe” orders we will be operating with limited staffing over the next few weeks. Several employees will be working from home to do their part to support day-to-day operations and precautions are being taken on site. Email is be the best form of communication during this time.

We are shipping product and will do our best to ship product out quickly and on schedule. Shipping carriers are running at limited capacity during this time. We apologize for any delays and appreciate your patience. Be safe and stay informed.

Key Operational Differences

  • Limited staff in the office along with many working remotely
  • All departments are running, but with limited staffing
  • No change to business hours
  • Same day shipping remains our goal, however delays need to be expected.
  • Emailing is currently the most efficient method of communication
  • Please refer to the website for your sole source of updates

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For years we’ve been able to offer not only the quality of BDS products, but the warranty that goes along with it. This No Fine Print warranty has been there to protect the original purchaser against bending, breaking, sagging, and other types of product “failure” so they can go with confidence to use it and abuse it. Over the years we sweetened the deal leveraging the No Fine Print Warranty as a component of Factory Protection Plus program included with each of BDS’s lift systems. Factory Protection Plus brings together the No Fine Print Warranty along with the FMVSS 126 ESC system compliance testing and a 5 year, 60-100K* mile drivetrain warranty for an unbeatable protection program at no cost to the customer. (*5yr/60k for Ford and Toyota vehicles. 5yr/100k for Ram, GM, Nissan and Jeep vehicles)

We’re excited to announce improved coverage as part of the No Fine Print Warranty and Limited Lifetime Warranty policies. Among the updates are:

  • All bushings now included in No Fine Print Warranty (lifetime replacement)
  • Shocks/Stabilizers have improved coverage under the limited lifetime warranty (2 year replacement)
  • Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints are now covered under the limited lifetime warranty (3 year replacement)

Along with that we’ve improved the warranty claim process with a new Field Destroy Program. These are effective on new orders placed on/after February 1, 2020.

Trail Hero

Trail Hero 2019

Trail Hero is located on Sand Mountain at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT. This event invites and embraces all types of off road vehicles, not limited to, but including side by sides, Ultra 4 cars, moon buggies, Jeeps, Toyota’s, Trucks, and every type of truggy or buggy you can think of. There are guided runs every day of the week for attendees to participate in, and there are all sorts of different races and rock crawls to watch each afternoon.

This year we were excited to be part of the Lasernut Rock Race with the BDS/Tilden Racing 4502 Ultra4 car. The car, driven by owner Kevin Stearns, had just got a full refresh before coming to Sand Hollow, so this was going to be its first shake down before Nationals in a couple of weeks. The race drew a gigantic crowd, but unfortunately only two of the seven registered race carsit  showed up. Nevertheless Kevin wanted to go out and not only try and win against a 4400 car (more capable class than the 4500 that he races in), but put on a great show for the crowd as well. Kevin started out the first heat of 8 laps very strong, pulling ahead of the 4400 car by almost a half a lap. After about five laps Kevin had to back off a little bit due to his transmission getting hot from racing in the sand section (the sand was like powder due to fact that it hadn’t rained in 103 days). The 4400 car passed kevin and won the first heat of the Rock Race. The second heat was even more entertaining as both drivers were racing flat out. On the fourth lap of the race Kevin hit a rock hard on the passenger side of the car which blew both tires and ultimately took him out of the race. Even though there were only two drivers in the race, Trail Hero did a great job with the video that they made. The BDS 4502 car was featured numerous times in the video.

Throughout the week the vendor section was setup more like a pit than what you would picture a trade show booth to look like. When we weren’t on the trails, we were usually at the booth with vehicles displayed. The KJ had a large amount of people that were really excited to see it up close. On the trails, everyone was amazed at how capable that little Liberty is. We took it up the Chute, which is one of the more famous obstacles on Sand Mountain. It is a fairly vertical v-notch, which can go real bad real quick if you stray from the correct line. There wasn’t much that I could throw at the KJ that it couldn’t conquer. We did rip a headlight mount out of it because the 40” tire was so stuffed in the wheel well. We removed the other headlight so it looked intentional.

On Saturday, everyone moved from Sand Hollow down to the city of Hurricane where we all setup booths for the public to stop by and see what we had.

All in all, the event was pretty good. There was a lot of great media that was gained, and we talked to quite a few potential new customers throughout the week. Thank you to everyone that came out and stopped by. We had a great time and look forward to visiting again.

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