For years we’ve been able to offer not only the quality of BDS products, but the warranty that goes along with it. This No Fine Print warranty has been there to protect the original purchaser against bending, breaking, sagging, and other types of product “failure” so they can go with confidence to use it and abuse it. Over the years we sweetened the deal leveraging the No Fine Print Warranty as a component of Factory Protection Plus program included with each of BDS’s lift systems. Factory Protection Plus brings together the No Fine Print Warranty along with the FMVSS 126 ESC system compliance testing and a 5 year, 60-100K* mile drivetrain warranty for an unbeatable protection program at no cost to the customer. (*5yr/60k for Ford and Toyota vehicles. 5yr/100k for Ram, GM, Nissan and Jeep vehicles)

We’re excited to announce improved coverage as part of the No Fine Print Warranty and Limited Lifetime Warranty policies. Among the updates are:

  • All bushings now included in No Fine Print Warranty (lifetime replacement)
  • Shocks/Stabilizers have improved coverage under the limited lifetime warranty (2 year replacement)
  • Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints are now covered under the limited lifetime warranty (3 year replacement)

Along with that we’ve improved the warranty claim process with a new Field Destroy Program. These are effective on new orders placed on/after February 1, 2020.


Its an exciting time in the mid sized truck world as the Ford Ranger returns to the great US of A for 2019. While at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, we took some time to visit our favorite 2019 Ford Ranger builds, including our very own, #ProjectRangerX.

Most of these builds were featured in the Ford booth, and almost all of them featured BDS Suspension Systems on them. These lift systems will be making their way into the market in the near future.

You can find more information about the Ford Rangers that were in Ford’s Booth at the Ford 2018 Sema Show Press Release.

So I found this on the web earlier today and thought it was a great testament to how we stand behind our products. Phil Howell, Editor-in-Chief of 4Wheel Drive Magazine posted a story about a Jeep braking one of the BDS 5” leaf springs after 11 years of faithful service out on the red rocks of Moab, Utah. One call to BDS and the spring was warrantied thanks to the No Fine Print Warranty that comes with each and every one our lift kit. To see the full story, check out 4Wheel Drive Magazine.