The 4wheeing trip of a lifetime and if you’re up to the challenge of a weeklong hardcore offroad adventure its one you should have on your bucket list. The Ultimate Adventure hosted by 4Wheel & Offroad Magazine is a weeklong 1200-mile 4wheeling trip across multiple states with about 25 rigs split between magazine staff, sponsors and selected readers. No trailers or support vehicles, you need to be self sufficient with tools, spare parts, and food for the journey. Its a mystery what each day of the trip will bring as you follow Rick Pewe on the route he mapped out. This year BDS was the official suspension once again bringing the Crawlorado, a bad ass V8 powered 1st Gen Colorado as well as a 2015 Colorado to shuttle the magazine and video crew around from trail to trail. Each year the magazine features the event in multiple issues of the print publication, online as well as in a feature length video. Check out the 2015 Ultimate Adventure video… #ua2015

UA2015 Part 1View on YouTube

UA2015 Part 2 – View on YouTube

UA2015 Part 3 – View on YouTube

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UA2015 Part 5 – View on YouTube

We’ll be updating this post each day as the magazine posts their 5-part coverage from the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. Stay tuned for more and check out the rest of our coverage from the trip at


#UA2015 - DAY 3Its become somewhat of a yearly ritual with 5 out of the last 7 years attend 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s Ultimate Adventure as the official suspension. Each year (always over the July 4th week) the event is secretly organized in some region of the United States. The location and day to day plan is kept a mystery only the start and end points are known for those that want to drop a trailer for before or after. What isn’t know is how we’ll get there, some days are trail days and spent navigating difficult terrain while others are road days where the convoy covers hundreds of miles to get to the next destination. Road days are always dedicated to the highway as this year we made detours to run local trails along the way, crush cars with a tank, invade military surplus stores, and even a canoe race. The trip runs Saturday to Saturday and covers 1000-1500 miles and a handful of trails all out of the comfort of our semi DOT-compliant trail rigs.

The 2015 Ultimate Adventure (#UA2015) was dubbed summer camp and with that a canoe or other form of personal floatation device was added to the required list of gear along with a winch, recover points, lockers, 35”+ tires, roll cage, seat belts, and first aid gear. The UA convoy is made up of 4 types of wheelers; (1) the magazine staff and media crew their to document all the action for magazine, DVD, and social media. (2) the “cronies” who are a bunch of guys that attend each year with a variety of skill sets to help heard the group along, (3) the readers who are 4WOR Mag readers hand selected to attend the adventure in their personal rigs and (4) the sponsors, event sponsors are offered a spot on the trip to show off their products and partake in the action. BDS is part of the later, attending for our 5th year (2 in the BDS TJ, 2 in the Project KJ, and this our first year in the Crawloradofor more on any of those vehicles, click the links). Throughout the week the BDS Crawlorado was impressive. With a LS2 V8 powering the stock automatic tranny, ORD magnum 205 case box, Dynatrac ProRock 60s, 37” Pitbull Rockers, and BDS JK long arm kit retrofitted running Fox shocks the truck conquered the trails with a unique style. Also along for the trip was BDS’s 2015 Colorado acting as the social media support vehicle to bring the world daily updates from the action. This year’s event covered roughly 1300 miles and 7 states (OH, KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, and AL) over the course of a week, camping along the way in a convoy of 25 vehicles.

This year’s trip was a wet one, with gratuitous amounts of rain every single day of the adventure and event a tornado touching down in close proximity on one of the road days. Here’s a rundown of the day to day action along with photos and links on where to find more from #UA2015

2015 Ultimate Adventure
Day 1: Check In and Tech Inspection [view D1 video] and [4WOR D1 coverage]
Day 2: Powerline Park  [view D2 video] and [4WOR D2 coverage]
Day 3: Road Day – OH to KY  [view D3 video] and [4WOR D3 coverage]
Day 4: Black Mountain Adventure Park  [view D4 video] and [4WOR D4 coverage]
Day 5: Road Day – KY to NC  [view D5 video] and [4WOR D5 coverage]
Day 6: Durhamtown Tellico Park  [view D6 video] and [4WOR D6 coverage]
Day 7: Road Day – NC to TN  [view D7 video] and [4WOR D7 coverage]
Day 8: Adventure Offroad Park [view D8 video] and [4WOR D8 coverage]

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BDS Suspension 2015 Ultimate Adventure Photos:

If you’re like us the photos from #UA2015 just aren’t enough. While only a lucky few get to experience the excitement, the sights and smells of Ultimate Adventure we documented all the action to bring it to you first. Check out the daily update videos  covering all the offroad trail action, road days and stops along the 2015 Ultimate Adventure now live on the BDS YouTube channel.

Watch the individual daily recap videos
Day 1: Check In and Tech Inspection [view D1 video]
Day 2: Powerline Park  [view D2 video]
Day 3: Road Day – OH to KY  [view D3 video]
Day 4: Black Mountain Adventure Park  [view D4 video]
Day 5: Road Day – KY to NC  [view D5 video]
Day 6: Durhamtown Tellico Park  [view D6 video]
Day 7: Road Day – NC to TN  [view D7 video]
Day 8: Adventure Offroad Park [view D8 video]

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What an amazing week on the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. Despite daily rain showers, downpours at times, tornados and other inclement weather we had a blast on the week long, 1200+ mile adventure. This year BDS brought (2) Colorados with a 2011 Colorado trail rig dubbed the Crawlorado built by Pacific Fabrication along with a 2015 Chevy Colorado that served as media support crew throughout the adventure.

If you weren’t one of the lucky few to go on the 2015 Ultimate Adventure or maybe you  were and want to relive the action than check out 4Wheel & Offroad Magazine’s coverage then you’re in luck. In addition to everything on social media sites the magazine has posted their photos just one week after the weeklong wheeling trip is a wrap. Check out all of 4WOR’s coverage at

For individual daily recaps check out:

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Day 3: Black Mountain Adventure Park  [view story/photos]

Day 4: Road Day – KY to NC  [view story/photos]

Day 5: Durhamtown Tellico Park  [view story/photos]

Day 6: Road Day – NC to TN  [view story/photos]

Day 7: Adventure Offroad Park [view story/photos]


In addition to Project Crawlorado the bad ass 2011 trail built V8 Colorado we’re running this year, BDS was asked to bring a second vehicle to haul the social media crew around. After debuting our 2015 Colorado kits at SEMA last year, we took this opportunity to revamp the BDS Colorado to hit the trails as the official “media” support vehicle of the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. Along with being able to navigate the back country terrain, the rocks, and mud, this 2015 Chevy Colorado is carrying 4WOR’s social media team along the trip to each location. 1000+ miles spent with phone chargers, camera batteries, and computers hooked up to every outlet bring you the latest from where ever the journey may take us. The truck is now running the production 5.5” BDS Lift Kit with preproduction Fox 2.5 Remote Coilovers. We pulled the Zone 1.5” body lift, 35” tires and bumper mounted curved 30” light bar off the truck and have it sitting on 33×12.50×20 Mickey Thompson ATZ P3s with 20×9 Eagle Alloy 012s. N-Fab wheel-to-wheel nerf steps still allow easy access into the truck of bed. The bed features a SofTopper canvas top along with a custom storage rack that houses a 40×60” basket, canoe and paddle mounts, 40” front LED lightbar and rear cube LEDs from Lifetime LED. Under the hood the stock 3.6L V6 has plenty of power to turn the 33s and sounds awesome with a Magnaflow stainless steel cutback exhaust system.

Watch for updates for the 2015 Ultimate Adventure and follow along on Facebook and Instagram at #ua2015 and #bdscolorado.


Kevin and the Crawlorado are in route to the secret starting point of the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. It was a busy and stressful 2 month build as the guys from Pacific Fabrication transformed this 2011 Chevy Colorado V8 into the beast it is today. BDS 4-link long arm suspension, Fox shocks, locked Dana 60 axles, custom bumpers and rack along with 37” Pitbull tires.

If you haven’t heard how this build came together to represent BDS Suspension on #ua2015 check out the UA Winner! article along with finding out more about the plans at Crawlorado build plans and Update #1 and Update #2. Since our last update on the project the suspension was buttoned up, the hydraulic ram assist steering box was plumbed, Warn winch wired up along with the Vision X lighting. The team fabbed up a awesome chase rack to mount lighting, Hi-Lift jack and this year’s mandatory canoe. With everything installed the guys turned their attention to the engine. While this Colorado had the factory V8, it wasn’t in the best shape and upon deeper inspection they found it was better off being replaced than repaired. So with less than 3 days till their deadline to hit the road they pulled the motor and swapped in another V8 out of a Chevy trailblazer and finished prepping it for the trip. Graphics were installed, canoe mounted and Pacific Fabrication was on the road in the Crawlorado for the nearly 3000 mile rive to the start of this year’s Ultimate Adventure. He’s meet up with the rest of the BDS crew driving out the BDS 2015 Colorado and meeting up with the other 25 rigs attending this year. Stay tuned for more and follow the Ultimate Adventure throughout the week long trip on Facebook and Instagram, #ua2015