Project Crawlorado: Update #3 On the Road Again!


Kevin and the Crawlorado are in route to the secret starting point of the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. It was a busy and stressful 2 month build as the guys from Pacific Fabrication transformed this 2011 Chevy Colorado V8 into the beast it is today. BDS 4-link long arm suspension, Fox shocks, locked Dana 60 axles, custom bumpers and rack along with 37” Pitbull tires.

If you haven’t heard how this build came together to represent BDS Suspension on #ua2015 check out the UA Winner! article along with finding out more about the plans at Crawlorado build plans and Update #1 and Update #2. Since our last update on the project the suspension was buttoned up, the hydraulic ram assist steering box was plumbed, Warn winch wired up along with the Vision X lighting. The team fabbed up a awesome chase rack to mount lighting, Hi-Lift jack and this year’s mandatory canoe. With everything installed the guys turned their attention to the engine. While this Colorado had the factory V8, it wasn’t in the best shape and upon deeper inspection they found it was better off being replaced than repaired. So with less than 3 days till their deadline to hit the road they pulled the motor and swapped in another V8 out of a Chevy trailblazer and finished prepping it for the trip. Graphics were installed, canoe mounted and Pacific Fabrication was on the road in the Crawlorado for the nearly 3000 mile rive to the start of this year’s Ultimate Adventure. He’s meet up with the rest of the BDS crew driving out the BDS 2015 Colorado and meeting up with the other 25 rigs attending this year. Stay tuned for more and follow the Ultimate Adventure throughout the week long trip on Facebook and Instagram, #ua2015

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