For the past several years, BDS has held the coveted title of official suspension of the Ultimate Adventure (UA). The prestigious position is good advertising, but it also gives us the opportunity to build a kick ass trail rig and spend time wheeling with a select group of magazine reps, corporate sponsors, and readers as we all challenge ourselves and our rig to the  ultimate test, a weeklong off-road road trip covering more than 1000-miles across multiple states. The terrain varies from year to year depending on the region we wheel, but one thing is certain, you never know what to expect on the UA. Each day is a mystery lead by 4WOR’s Rick Pewe, some days consist of 100% hardcore trails and others have hundreds of road miles to get to the next location. One of the perks of sponsoring the event is being able to participate on the trip. When BDS started out on the UA we brought a mildly built Jeep TJ on 37s. After 2 years completing the UA that TJ retired to be weekend trail warrior. The next trail rig to come along was Project KJ, a low slung diesel 1st gen Jeep Liberty on solid axles and 40s. Once dialed in that Jeep was unstoppable, conquering the trails, mud, and rocks all the while still able to cruise along the highway at 80mph. The BDS KJ went on the 2013 & 2014 and at this point continues to be used out on the trail and at shows, but at this point is retired from the Ultimate Adventure to make way for a fresh face on the trip.

For 2015, BDS Suspension is once again the official suspension of the Ultimate Adventure. We wanted to change things up this year by opening the sponsorship vehicle spot to one of our distributors. We had a call for submissions back in March to find out which distributors were interested and what they would build for the trip. We had several submissions and after looking through them all and discussing the plans with each of the applicants, one stood out among the rest. Kevin Stearns of Pacific Fabrication in Gilroy, CA pitched the idea for the Crawlorado, a 1st Gen V8 Colorado running solid axles, modified BDS long arm kit and 37s. Kevin is no stranger to the Ultimate Adventure, he attended as a reader back in 2009 followed by being selected to build the magazine’s Tug Truck for the 2014 trip. That year Kevin wheeled the UA as the official builder taking his KOH-prepped BroBlazer. Kevin and his crew are skilled fabricators and the Crawlorado is an excellent opportunity to showcase those skills. BDS Suspension will be teaming up with Pacific Fabrication to turn it into a capable trail rig with a custom BDS JK long arm kit that is being used and Fox shocks, the truck and several other mods to get this Colorado UA-ready. Thank you to all the applicants for their interest and congrats to Pacific Fabrication, stay tuned for more on the build plans and updates from the transformation!


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  • Barry. T. Stearns says:

    I may be biased but I’m very proud of Kevin’s shop is done with his life love you son


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