Crawlorado2It’s getting down to the wire for Kevin Stearns and the Pacific Fabrication crew with a little over a week to finish up the build up before they hit the road for the secret start point of the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. If you haven’t heard how this build came together to represent BDS Suspension on #ua2015 check out the UA Winner! article along with finding out more about the plans at Crawlorado build plans and Update #1.

With less than 2 months to complete the transformation (all the while managing the shop’s day to day business), the crew at Pacific Fabrication set out to tear down their shop truck, a timid looking beige 2011 Chevy Colorado with a healthy 5.3L V8 under the hood. In the last update we hit on the steering mods, front suspension, and axle upgrades. In this update we’re hitting on their progress to fabricate front and rear bumpers, buttoning up the suspension, t-case and driveline install, and prepping for future mods that are getting started.

With most of the front suspension buttoned up, and the JKS prototype swaybar getting installed. The attention turned to the rear where the Dynatrac ProRock 60 went into position using a new perches and a simple spring over conversion to net enough lift to level the stance and fit 37” Pitbulls. Matching the front a pair of Fox 2.5 remote resi shocks were added.

Behind the stout factory 5.3L V8 and automatic transmission we turned to our friends at Off Road Design for a transfer case. These guys make some trick products and thought a custom pink/purple Magnum Box was just the ticket for the build. Following that South Bay Driveline got wind of the Magnum and sent a set of powder blue/pink driveshafts to send power to the front and rear ProRock 60s with 4.88 gears.

For bumpers the team at Pacific Fabrication fabled up a front and rear set to maximize clearance, offer addition protection and to mount up the Warn Zeon 10.5S winch and an assortment of Vision X LED lights. Time is running short as the team wraps up the build adding a roof rack, rock sliders, install and wire up the winch, lights and other accessories before they hit the road for the start of the 2015 Ultimate Adventure representing BDS Suspension.

Stay tuned for updates as this build comes together gets painted and graphics in the next week. We’ll be posting on the BDS Blog and watch for daily updates on Facebook and Instagram as we hit the trails for the 1000+ mile Ultimate Adventure June 27-July 4, 2015. #ua2015

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