Despite pandemic-borne uncertainty, there were still plenty of show-stopping vehicles and impressive new products at the 2021 SEMA Show. When it was all over, BDS walked away with a Ford Design Award for our Fire Command Bronco. A melting pot for all things automotive aftermarket, The SEMA Show is home to everything from over-the-top "brodozers" to race and trail-bred rigs. As with recent years, some of our favorite builds are Overland theme -- with just the right mix of performance and utility. Regardless of what spins your wheels, the SEMA Show always delivers and never disappoints.

One of the largest automotive trade shows in the world, the SEMA Show has grown from humble beginnings with less than 100 vendors in 1967 to massive proportions. With recent additions, the show takes up more than 3 million square feet of Las Vegas real estate. Nearby casinos resorts and establishments welcome around 2000 vendors and 165,000 attendees each year. If you are in the business, you can explore the latest trends, incredible builds, and prepare for the coming business year. The show covers all aspects of the automotive aftermarket with trucks & offroad growing in popularity as they moved into the newly built West Hall of LVCC. Due to the pandemic, SEMA made the call to cancel the 2020 show after more than 50 consecutive years of running. For 2021, SEMA pulled out all of the stops to get the annual trade show back on track.  Though we were unable to bring our full display due to COVID precautions, a few of us were on hand to deliver our one-of-a-kind Bronco Pickup to the Ford display. while we weren't speaking with attendees and doing interviews with media, we used our free time to check out the sights and sounds. Since sharing is caring, here are some highlights. Enjoy the video and gallery.

Even with attendance down in 2021 due to COVID, there was still plenty to see including lots of new products and cool vehicles on display. Around every corner, we saw awe-inspiring -- even jaw-dropping customs. ...and in some cases, we rolled up on some head-scratching builds. The SEMA Show is all about getting attention in an environment of sensory overload.

BDS has been participating in the SEMA trade show for the last 15 years. For us, it's all about showcasing exciting new products, meeting with our valued customers, and collaborating with top partners in the industry. This year, our focus was somewhat different. We showcased products on dozens of vehicle builds spread across the show floor. It was a great way to get a glimpse at new and upcoming product offerings from BDS and our growing family of brands. From new 6-8" lift kits for several full-size applications to new Bronco accessories and more, here are just a few examples of the BDS-equipped vehicles on display. More info will be coming out soon on these vehicles and suspension upgrades so keep an eye out for news updates and be sure to join our newsletter HERE.

The new 2021 Ford Bronco undoubtedly stole the SEMA show this year. With nearly 100 custom Broncos on display, the future looks great for this new vehicle. Among the many Bronco upgrades on hand, BDS recently announced 3-4" Coilover lift systems that begin shipping in a few weeks. Of the many Broncos in attendance, the crew at BDS took this opportunity to overhaul a Bronco 2Dr Black Diamond edition into a fire/rescue truck dubbed the Fire Command. Built in just a few short weeks, the Fire Command is a modern-day throwback to the original Bronco brush trucks used by many rural fire departments back in the late '60s and into the '70s. Our unique Bronco was outfitted with numerous upgrades before making its way out to SEMA. On display in Ford Motor Company's booth, the "little" red BDS Bronco stole the show--bringing home one of only a few Ford special recognition awards for Excellence in Design. We have a ton planned for this Bronco so keep an eye out for it at upcoming events. For more on how the BDS Bronco took shape click here.

All in all, the 2021 SEMA Show was still commendable and points to the future growth and success of the SEMA Show. We look forward to sharing more coverage inside the one and only SEMA Show.

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