BDS Suspension has built a reputation of top quality suspension lift kits for the 2007 and up Toyota Tundra. The current lineup of 3", 4.5" and 7" lift options not only improve the appearance and tire clearance, but also the ground clearance and all-terrain performance. The newest addition to this lineup is the 4.5" high clearance performance coilover system bringing a new level of performance to the 4.5" lift height. Whether you're cruising the highway, climbing trails or bombing through the desert, this kit is built to handle the adventure by correcting the suspension geometry, adding protection and improved dampening capabilities. This new option is available as a 4.5" complete system as well as an upgrade for current BDS 4.5" equipped trucks. Get the look and performance you're after with clearance for 35" tires from BDS and FOX.

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain Warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

Product Description

4.5" Performance C/O System
4.5" FOX C/O Upgrade Kit

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2007-2015 Toyota Tundra 2WD/4WD
  • 2016 Toyota Tundra 2WD/4WD

4.5" C/O System Features

  • High clearance design w/ full width skid plate
  • Ductile iron steering knuckles
  • FOX 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers for superior dampening and improved performance
  • Corrects steering/CV axle geometry
  • Allows fitment of 35" tires


$3663.06  (#814F/819F)
$2552.68 (#883-02-124)

Available Accessories

#128409 - Carrier Bearing Drop Kit
#128109 - 1" Rear Shackle Kit

Rec'd Max Wheel/Tire Specs

35x12.50 tires on 18x9 wheels (5.5" BSing)
35x12.50 tires on 20x9 wheels (5.5-6.25" BSing)
additional sized may fit, however trimming may be needed

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4.5" Performance Coilover System: BDS Suspension adds to their sterling lineup of high quality suspension lift kits for the Toyota Tundra with new 4.5" performance coilover systems designed for vastly improved offroad performance while providing a smooth, comfortable ride on pavement. These new coilover systems build on the proven high clearance design of the 4.5" and 7" BDS suspension systems, now offered with FOX 2.5 remote coilovers pre-tuned for optimal performance right out of the box. These new 4.5" systems integrate flawlessly with the new electronic stability control (ESC) systems and allow enough clearance for 35" tires to be installed. For 2007-2016 Tundra owners already running the BDS 4.5" high clearance kit the FOX 2.5 remote coilovers are available as a upgrade to improve performance. The coilovers come pretuned and include all the mounting hardware to bolt right into place of the strut/strut extension assembly with a frame mounted bracket for the external reservoir.

The complete system includes everything needed to turn your stock Tundra into a trail monster. UP front a pair of high strength, one-piece crossmember built from 1/4" steel are supplied along with the heavy duty full width belly skid plate to create an extremely rigid subframe to position the suspension and drivetrain components. A pair of CNC-machined ductile iron steering knuckles dwarf the factory units and reposition the steering mount to compensate for the lift. The FOX 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers come pre-tuned with Eibach coils to provide a great ride and provide 4.5" of lift right out of the box. Also included are frame mounted brackets for the remote reservoir, bump stop extensions, differential relocation brackets, weld-in frame reinforcement plates, longer swaybar links, alignment cam bolts, and heavy duty tie rod ends to round out the front of this kit. In the rear, 3" rear lift blocks and longer u-bolts are used to achieve a level to slightly tail high stance. Brake line extensions and precision tuned FOX 2.0 IFP rear shocks round out the system and giving clearance for 35" tires to be installed.

The FOX 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers are pretuned for exceptional performance right out of the box. They feature:

  • Smooth-bore, clear coated, zinc-plated alloy body
  • Black anodized 6061-T6 billet Aluminum mounting components and remote reservoir
  • 7/8" hard chrome plated heat treated alloy steel shaft
  • High flow piston design with specially formulated race oil
  • External reservoir separates shock oil from high-pressure nitrogen
  • Easy bolt-on installation, coil spring preload set for proper ride height out.

Get more out of your 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra from BDS Suspension and Fox with new 4.5" Performance Coilover Systems.

2016 Toyota Tundra IFS & Coilover Lift Systems

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4.5" Performance Coilover System - Toyota Tundra
4.5" Coilover Upgrade Kit
4.5" Coilover Upgrade Kit

2016 Toyota Tundra

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Toyota Tundra with BDS 4.5" Suspension System
Toyota Tundra with BDS 4.5" Coilover System
18 Comments on “BDS New Product Announcement #246: Tundra 4.5″ Coilover Systems
  • Tyrone says:

    Hey I’m from Canada and interested in this fox 4.5″ lift kit for my 2016 tundra platinum.. I’m just wondering if you ship to Canada? Or you you have disturbuters in Canada that you recommend.. thanks and looking forward to your reply..

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Tyrone, thanks for your interest in BDS Suspension. The #819H and #819F kits are an awesome option to get your Tundra up in the air while maintaining ride quality and fitting 35s. You can check out more info on the kits and available options at We don’t offer manufacturer direct retail sales outside of the US, but do have several dealers set up throughout Canada for you to purchase through. Check out our dealer locator to find the nearest dealer to you,

  • jeff says:

    I just purchased this 4.5 lift kit! out of curiosity what are the parts i need to order if i wanted to upgrade the height to resemble the 7 inch coiler system?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Jeff, congrats on the new setup. The main difference between the 4.5″ and 7″ heights is the strut spacer/preload spacer/coilover used up front along with the lift block in the rear. The standard 4.5″ kit uses a smaller lower strut extension where the standard 7″ kit uses taller strut extension + preload spacer. For more on the topic contact and a detailed parts list contact BDS customer service directly at (517) 279-2135 or

      • jeff says:

        thanks for the reply Carter. so what you are saying is that if i ever decide to jump the height to 7 inches I’m able to just buy a 4 inch block for the rear and a new strut spacer/preload spacer/coilover from you guys? Thanks again

        • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

          You’ve got it, the rest of the suspension is the same and can accommodate the 4.5-7″ lift height.

  • Timothy Kijawski says:

    I have the 7″ lift on my 2014 tundra and im getting squeeks up front i assume is from the coilover shocks when I’m going over bumps in the road. What do you think it may be and what can i do to fix it? Please help it is becoming very annoying.

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Timothy,
      I’m going to refer to over to our customer service/tech support team to look into the front end squeak you have currently. They’ll have more input than I do from the marketing side of things. (517) 279-2135 or

  • Josh says:

    I need to replace my stabilizer bar end link bushings. Maybe the whole link. The top “metal to metal” (I think), bearing is shot.. I’m having trouble finding them. I could really use a place, n a price. I have pics. But dk how to add them to this. Anything will help. Thanks

  • Tinnagorn says:

    2007 Toyota Tundra 2wd double cap. I have the ICON 2.5 remote reservoir coilover series front and rear I wonder is this kit will compatible what I have. The shocks that I have are only allow 3.5 lift for maximum.

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hi Tinnagorn, our IFS systems for the Tundra are designed for 4.5-7″ of lift. If your current coilovers are only adjustable up to 3.5″ of lift we wouldn’t recommend trying to reinstall them with our lift system. For more on the topic you can contact our sales/tech support team at (517) 279-2135 or

  • Jason White says:

    Does the 4.5″ kit require cutting off the cross member?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Jason,
      As is common with most IFS lift kits our 4.5″ and 7″ lifts for the Tundra require cutting/removing the factory rear crossmember. This is required to allow the front driveshaft to be reconnected to the front differential after beign repositioned with the lift (which is required to keep the CV axles at an acceptable operating angle). You can check out the step-by-step process to do it in steps 27-30 of the instructions at If cut cleanly it can be welding back in place to return the truck to stock if you ever chose to do so.

  • Luis A Lucero says:

    Hello I just had the 4.5 lift kit with coilovers and I love the system the only thing that kinds of bothers me that I have 10 inches in the front and 9 in the back from the tire to the fenders and it looks like baja stile how can I make the back higher

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Luis, typically this setup levels out the stance and in some cases a slightly tail high setup. Assuming the coilovers haven’t been adjusted taller for more tire clearance I’ll say its possible to be tail low, not all truck are exactly the same and heavy accessories like camper shell, aftermarket bumpers, other gear loaded in the bed can all effect final ride height. If your everyday usage ride height is 1″ tail low you have a couple options to bring the rear stance up.

      Option 1: Install our 1″ shackle kit (#128109) to bring the rear ride height up
      Option 2: Swap lift blocks, currently you have the 3″ blocks in there, you could swap them out for 4″ blocks

      In either case, you local BDS dealer will be able to assist you with the purchase and installation to get the ride height set.

  • Matt Bartolozzi says:


    I have a 14″ tundra with a zone 5″ kit. I currently want more rake but don’t want to lift the rear end anymore. If I were to purchase the strut extenders from the 4.5″ BDS kit, could I expect .5″ less lift in the front? Please advise and provide pricing for just the extenders if so.


    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Matt,
      My honest opinion is you won’t notice the 1/2″ of different once installed on the truck. We don’t have a finished part number to order these so you would need to contact our sales team about special ordering the raw parts, I know you don’t want to lift the rear any taller, but another solution to add a bit more tail high rake would be our 1″ shackle lift in the rear, #128109.


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