BDS New Product Announcement #292: BDS Upper Control Arms for Tundra


Coldwater, MI: Nothing compliments a set of FOX coilovers like a quality suspension to maximize travel. BDS Suspension is excited to announce new heavy duty upper control arms (UCA) now available for the 2007-2017 Toyota Tundra trucks. These new UCAs are designed for improved strength, great looks, and more wheel travel on leveled and lifted for the Tundra.

The new performance control arms are built from high strength 1.5" OD x .120-wall tubing, gusseted for strength and durability. They use an indexed ball joint cup to correct the ball joint positioning for use with 2-3" leveling kits and most full IFS lift kits on the market. The frame mounting ends feature durometer-specific rubber bushings. At the other end they use an indexed ball joint cup with and premium Moog-brand ball joints for smooth, quiet operation and superior durability to arms that feature uniballs, poly bushings or heims. These control arms come finished in a durable semi-gloss black powder coat and include a billet aluminum machined BDS ball joint dust cap as well as proper brake line attachment points to ensure a factory-like fit. The arms integrate a mounting tab for the factory brake lines so there's no need to zip tie the lines like with other kits. The control arms come fully assembled for easy install right out of the box.

Take your Tundra to the next level of ride quality and performance with suspension upgrades from BDS.

Product Description

BDS Performance Upper Control Arms

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2007-2017 Toyota Tundra 2/4WD

Compatible With:

  • 98502004 - 0-2" FOX 2.0 Coilovers
  • 88002367 - 0-2" FOX 2.5 Coilovers Resi
  • 88006367 - 0-2" FOX 2.5 Coilovers DSC Resi
  • BDS 3" Leveling Kit (810H)
  • BDS 7" IFS Systems (813H/818H)
  • BDS 7" Coilover Systems (813F/818F)

Kit Info

#128253 - $735.39 MSRP

BDS Upper Control Arm Features

  • High strength tubular construction.
  • Indexed ball joint cup allows for additional droop travel.
  • Heavy duty MOOG ball joints.
  • Clevite rubber frame bushings.
  • Includes brake line mount.
  • Full assembled, ready to install.

Kit Notes

Designed for 2-3" lifts and compatible with many full IFS lift kits. Can be used with BDS 3" and 7" kits, not recommended with BDS 4.5" kit or Zone 5" kits.

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain Warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

32 Responses

  1. Kay
    Kay at | | Reply

    I just installed a set of bds 4.5” lift kit with Fox coilovers on my 2015 Toyota Tundra 4×4, and right now I wanna upgrade the ucas for my tundra, but I just see here this set uca not recommended with the 4.5” lift kit, so what kind uca will recommend with 4.5” lift kit? Uniball style uca or balljoint style uca? Or do you have any other plan to upgrade a set of heavy duty ucas for my tundra?
    Thank you very much

  2. Jay
    Jay at | | Reply

    Hey everyone.. I have 2017 Tundra with the 7 inch BDS Lift kit. I’m looking to buy the new BDS UCA’s but I’ve been hearing that aftermarket UCA’s don’t align well with the BDS Lift kits.. I’ve heard I need a Heim Joint UCA … have you heard this as well?? And if so, will this new BDS UCA work fine for alignment with my lift??

  3. Craig
    Craig at | | Reply

    Will these work on 2018 crewmax limited?

  4. Kyle
    Kyle at | | Reply

    Will these uca’s fix the alignment issues I’m currently having with my bds 7″ coilover lift?

  5. Rodney Walker
    Rodney Walker at | | Reply

    Hey guys just installed the 2.5-7″ extra Reservoir BDS/Fox shocks on my 6″Rough Country lift brought it to have it aligned and they say they couldn’t align it right I plan on getting a second opinion but will these uca’s work with my Rough Country lift?

  6. Dong Yang
    Dong Yang at | | Reply

    I’m having a lot of outside wear on the tires on my 2017 tundra. Currently running 7 inch bds lift kit and apparently a lot of tundra owners with the lift is having issues. I have done some extensive research that spindle design has flaws. what does this uca kit do? I see that people are talking about get adjustable ones but looks like your product isn’t adjustable. I need this corrected asap as my tires that only has 7k miles is wearing out quick on the outside edge. Please contact me immediately

    1. Benjie
      Benjie at | | Reply

      Hey I’m having issues with my tundra too that has the bds 7 inch lift the tires are wearing down quickly did you get any solutions to solving your problem

  7. Dong Yang
    Dong Yang at | | Reply

    Also – I’ve contacted the distributor and they are not willing to resolve the issue. This is causing a lot of headaches and very stressful with the outside wear on the tires as they aren’t cheap.

  8. James
    James at | | Reply

    Recently added the BDS UCAs to my Tundra TRD 4X4 CM with a BDS 7″ Fox coilovers and shocks. I am having to get a body mount chop due to caster being different and still experiencing some outer tire wear but drives better than it ever has. Ted in tech support helped tremendously

  9. Alex
    Alex at | | Reply

    Hi I have a 2013 tundra on a bds 7″ lift was looking to get a little more out of it. Soni wanted to throw a bds 2 inch spacer on top of the fox 2.5 coil and add these upper arms . Do you think I’ll have issues with angles or any issues at all ?

  10. Robert Sloan
    Robert Sloan at | | Reply

    Can you use these on a 8” ready lift kit?

  11. Zack
    Zack at | | Reply

    Hello, I plan on doing the BDS/Fox 3” coilover system as I don’t care for the 7” sky high lifts and all the problems that come with lifting a vehicle that high. How close to stock will the bds UCA get? Do you have the +/- caster specs? I think stock is around 2*-2.5* am I correct? Trying to learn more about UCA’s in general. I’ve heard stock arms are fine with 3” of lift, but I’d like to go aftermarket just for more wheel travel and tire clearance. I’m currently on the fence about your BDS UCA and the MCM Fab UCA. Any insight would be great.

  12. Salman
    Salman at | | Reply

    The upper Control arm looks amazing as it’s protected agenst the dust for offroading but do you have for Fj cruiser? Or the tandra will fit?

  13. Chris Foote
    Chris Foote at | | Reply

    Is it true tha BDS is certified by Toyota to not void the warranty on a Toyota vehicle? I want to level my 2018 trd 4×4 SR5 but don’t want to void the platinum warranty I have.

  14. J Hepler
    J Hepler at | | Reply

    I’m having a lot of outside wear on the tires on my 2017 tundra. Currently running 7 inch bds lift kit and apparently a lot of tundra owners with the lift is having issues. I need this corrected asap as my tires Are wearing out quick on the outside edge. Please contact me immediately

  15. Mike S
    Mike S at | | Reply

    I’m looking into a Rancho Quicklift strut assemblies (2.25 inches of lift built into the strut, so no spacer on top). Would these be compatible?

  16. luis lopez
    luis lopez at | | Reply

    I have the 7 inch bds lift with fox shocks. I been having lots trouble with it. Am on my second wheel bearing. Wearing my inner tire. And my rear drive shaft. People that put it in say I need uca for it. Maybe yall can help me out

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