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So picking off where we left off on the last build update, teardown is well underway as the team is dismantling this new Super Duty down to its core in preparation to start building it back up into a one-off custom standard cab, short bed (SCSB) 2017 Raptor Super Duty. With dozens of parts on order and several of them already arriving the build team gets the bed and body panels pulled, unbolt the seats and other interior components all with the goal to start mocking up new body panels fitment and measuring out the interior to start on fabrication. Underneath this truck the team is starting to develop several new suspension components for this Super Duty, some will find their way into production, others won’t.

For panels, the light weight stock aluminum panels are getting removed in favor of McNeil Racing 6″ bulge fiberglass fenders and bedsides to give this truck an aggressive stance and more tire clearance while keeping the weight down. Additionally a RK Sport fiberglass hood with functional ram air is being bolted on. At his point the goal is to check rough fitment, make any modifications needed and get a visual of clearance. Using a 40″ tire we had on hand at the shop, the team jigged up the setup to check clearance and figure out what trimming will be needed. The factory crash bars and inner fenders and other sheet metal are getting removed to maximize clearance so we can keep this truck as low slung as possible.

Meanwhile, the team has the interior gutted, with the seats, carpet, headliner and panels removed. The team is taking measurements to order up some PRP Racing seats an harnesses along with a custom console/roll bar to integrate some stereo upgrades and other accessories. We’ll dive back into the plans for the interior here soon,  for now the cab is coming off this truck to gain better access to the chassis for frame modifications and suspension installation. Check back next week to see how the build team is coming on Project SD126.

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