BDS-sponsored athlete and company videographer Nate Smith has been on a long road of recovery. The once Jr. Olympic soccer player suffered a fall in 2012 that left him partially paralyzed with doctors painting a grim look on his recovery to one day be able to walk again. Not accepting the diagnosis, Nate fought hard through PT and in 2016 had the approval of his doctors to start training again. With that green light he began strength and conditioning training working out 10-15 time per week year round to better himself and surpass his pre-injury goals.

Nate met a milestone competed (and completing) the RedBull 400 in 2018, the world’s hardest 400m uphill race on his first competition back since his injury finishing in 36th place overall. From there he continued to train and set his sites on the Spartan Race Super Elite Open held at the Michigan International Speedway, an 8-mile, 30-obstacle grueling race that he finished 16th overall. In his next Regional Spartan Race Elite challenged him yet again, but he endured and finished 9th overall.

Nate continues to train daily and will be competing in the Spartan Race Nationals Series, a series of 5 races over the span of 6 months across the United States where he’ll compete again the best OCR athletes American has to offer. His first race in Jacksonville, FL kicks off this weekend  with a 8.5-mile race consisting of 26-obstacles running through the hot swamp lands. From there he’ll go on to race in Alabama, Washington, California and Utah. The races will be aired nationally on Facebook and YouTube through Spartan Race and will air later on NBC Sports and ESPN. Good luck, Nate, we’ll be cheering for you.

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