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  1. Dondray Smith
    Dondray Smith at | | Reply

    I have a 4” bds lift on my 97 Chevy. I can’t find any tie rods long enough to get my alignment done and I was wondering if you guys made any.

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hi Dondray, just for clarification we don’t (and haven’t ever) offered a 4″ kit for the ’88-98 GM1500 4WD trucks. We have a 6″ IFS kit for your truck, but it reuses the factory steering linkage to connect to our new steering knuckles. We don’t offer longer aftermarket tie rod ends for this application.

      If the kit installed per our instructions (see step 57 of http://bds-suspension.com/instructions/021605.pdf) the stock center adjustment turnbuckle is cut shorter (1/2″ per side) to get the overall linkage length close to what’s needed to work with our knuckles while still allowing the adjustability to set alignment. If too much is cut off of the turnbuckle it would cause the linkage to be too short which is what it sounds like you are having the issue with.

  2. AJ
    AJ at | | Reply

    I was reading some info in the 2019 Chevrolet lift kits mentioned in the forum, and it was stated the 4WD 4-6″ suspension lift kits will work on the 2WD trucks, does that also pertain to 2018s as well or would a Zone be the next best option? Or does BDS plan on in the future making a 4-6″ lift for the 2WD trucks?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Currently we don’t list 2WD specific kits for the ’14-18 GM1500 trucks, however our 4WD kits are a direct bolt-on for 2WD models with the exception of the differential brackets and CV spacers that aren’t used. Its possible we will offer a 2WD specific kit that excludes the 4WD-specific parts, but with our focus on several other high-demand applications I don’t know how soon that will happen. For more on the 4WD kit head to http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=712H.

      Zone Offroad is a sister company of ours, still American made and built from quality components. They do offer 4.5″ and 6.5″ lift options for the 14-18 GM1500 2WD trucks so that would be another kit to consider as well.

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