Hey, BDS Suspension! I am contacting you in regards to your great quality lift kits!

I bought my 8″ lift kit about a year and half ago and I am been extremely busy driving the darn thing through mud and really giving it a beating! I am very glad we have great forest trails and such because it really makes it a lot fun when you’ve got an ’08 Ford F-350 barreling down a mud-infested logging roads and you can gun-it at 70km/h and appreciate the huge clearance of the life kit. I had a great time this weekend with a couple of my buddies on the Mainland (in Vancouver), we definitely ripped up the trails and forest! Anyway, thank you for making your products with the high quality possible, because I really jam the throttle when I wanna make the mud spray!

Benjamin D. Mall, British Columbia
View the 2008 Ford F-350 8″ Lift Kit

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