Mid Michigan Mud Fest 2019


Event Recap


Friday afternoon BDS rolled into the Mid Michigan Mud Fest ready for a Michigan-good time. The main entrance and ticket booth were located by the Grand Stands, which is where other vendors were set up. We set up near the main entrance road, a few hundred yards from the ticket booth.  Every vehicle that came in went right by our booth to get to get to the rest of the event.  We brought our KJ and staged it front and center, with BDS trucks bordering the booth.  Our tents and tables were set up behind the KJ, as well as custom-made BDS corn hole boards in the booth.

On Friday and Saturday there were open bogs until 6pm. There were a lot of people in attendance at these open bogs, and we, of course, wanted to check out all the action, so we ended up taking the KJ and driving around the camping/blog area and passed out some free BDS kozzies. People loved this! We got to get our name out there as well as met some fun people; all with the help of some BDS kozzies.  We enjoyed doing this on Friday, so on Saturday we decided to do the same thing.


Saturday morning we arrived at 9:30am and opened the booth back up.  As people were rolling in we played some corn hole and talked with people passing through. People were impressed with the booth and were glad to see us up and active with our visitors. Later in the day, we, again, took the KJ back to the mud bog area and handed out koozies and talked with people multiple times throughout the day.

We were impressed with the set up of the mud pit. On both sides people were set up with pop-up canopies watching, along with a few areas to park their SxS's.  They also had some trails back in the woods that the a SxS could go run on.  Those were pretty busy every time we were back there.


All in all, this event has a lot of potential, as there were a lot of people in attendance, and based on conversations had with other vendors and attendees, they expect this event to grow tremendously in the next two years.  One guy said he expects the event to be 10k+ people by year three. We will look forward to watching this event grow in the coming years.

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