Rocky Top Diesel Shootout 2019

Each year the RLC Motorsports crew strives to grow this event even larger than the year prior. Last year’s even brought in 4200 people with this year falling just shy of 5000. RLC has reached this growth by word of mouth, cross promotion, social media, added entertainment, and larger prizes for the Show n Shine. A new addition to the event was the VIP section. Only a limited number of attendees were allowed in the VIP section, which seemed to really appeal to those who paid for that access.

Show n Shine Contest

The BDS booth was set up right next to the RLC booth, and this year BDS Sponsored the Show n Shine contest. This year's contest consisted of 5 categories: Best Ford, Best GM, Best Dodge, Best Other, and Best of Show. Winners in each category received a $250 gift card to RLC along with custom made trophies. These trophies were custom made constructed of steel in the shape of the state, Tennessee. They were also powder coated and had the name of the category that the participant won, the event sponsor (BDS), and event (RTDS6) laser cut into it.

The BDS Booth was always busy. People stopped by to either check out #ProjectRenaissance, BMS's Red Square-body Chevy, or to ask about what happened to #ProjectSD126. We had a good amount of people showing interest in purchasing BDS Kits for their own vehicles. We receive lots of requests at events like this, we're relaying all these requests to our R&D team to get you all more product. As always, we enjoyed this event and all it has to offer. We look forward to coming out again next year. Check out the photos below to see some of the fun we had. For more information on BDS Suspension, check out our website, bds-suspension.com and follow us on Facebook.

Photo Gallery

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