Kevin Stearns racing at Area BFE

For those who don't know, Kevin Stearns has been a BDS-sponsored racer since 2011. Kevin started racing bikes and RC cars as a young kid, then he moved into motorcycles, and now for the past 15 year cars/trucks. Kevin is a racer with a whole lot of passion.

Area BFE Beatdown

After a great week of prep and racing, the crew was feeling excited for the race to come. The team arrived in Moab on Wednesday and began some pre running on Thursday. After a few adjustments to dial the set up for the terrain, the crew was ready! On Friday the team was able to take the time to make some course notes while pre running in the BDS Liberty. Later in the afternoon, Stearns suited up and qualified the car for 13th out of 40 entries.
As Saturday approached the team was ready to race. The first 5 laps went exactly as Stearns planned; keep it clean and smooth, saving the tires lap after lap and moving up in position. Things were going great and Stearns was in the top 10, until a road disaster struck. After the dust started to settle, Stearns realized there was some damage. He had hoped he could hop out of the car and fix it, but the lower subframe broke and the leading pivot on the lower A arm had broken from the chassis. Stearns was quick on his feet to formulate a plan to use the winch and a soft shackle to pull the arm back into place and limp the car back to the hot pits. It was there that the team decided to play it smart and put the car on the trailer and save it for the next race.
While disappointing, this was only the 2nd race that this car had been in, and the team is learning where they stack up in the pro class and what they need to do to move up. Moving forward the team plans to continue developing the program with exciting things coming in 2021.
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