The crew from BDS joined the party out in Moab, UT for the hybrid Easter Jeep Safari (EJS) and Dixie Offroad Expo for a week of trail riding, vendor show, and other activities. This year was understandably a little different. Looking back to last year EJS was the first major event to get cancelled in the wake of the early 2020 pandemic chaos. What seemed at the time like an overreaction was just a sign of what was to come with most tradeshows and other events getting cancelled throughout the year.

A year later and it felt so good to get back out on the red rocks, to see friends and hit the trails. Planning went a bit sideways about 2 months before the show with Grand County deciding not to allow the EJS vendor show to happen before a back and forth, on and off uncertainty leading up to Dixie Offroad stepping up to host a vendor show at their shop just outside of the county limits. In a short amount of a vendor show was organized where to host more than 80 vendors to include BDS, JKS, FOX, Ford (Bronco) and Jeep to show off cool products, talk to customers, give test drives and more. Turnout was good this year especially with the timeframe to plan it all out. BDS set up alongside FOX and JKS showing off some Project Go Beyond our 2020 Super Duty Overlander and the #11 Ultra4 #4400class car of Kevin Stearns.

Around town there was plenty of see and do. The town of Moab was buzzing as thousands made there way in to enjoy the scenery, the activities and give the local economy a little tourism boost. As always Jeep was set up showing off several concept vehicles with a mix of Wrangler JL, Gladiator JT and other models on display. As to be expected the Wrangler 392 was in the spotlight, as was the 4xe hybrid, a fully electric JL and even the EcoDiesel powerplant used in some of the other concepts.

On the other side of town team Bronco was out in force with several Bronco and Bronco Sports available for on/off-road test drives along with several cool build Broncos to check out. BDS has a number of kits in the works for these new Broncos so it was great to see how well they were all received at this "Jeep" show.

Throughout the week, the BDS crew made it out on the trail running some of our favorites Poison Spider Mesa, Cliffhanger, Top of the World, Hell's Revenge, among others. Check out our separate coverage from the Fullsize Invasion here.

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