There's a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the 2021 Ford Bronco. Long before these started to roll off the assembly floor there’s been a buzz around the Bronco, lots questions and excitement from as enthusiasts and manufacturers alike itching to get their hands on them to see if they live up to the hype and how they’ll measure up. Now that these Broncos are starting to be seen out in the wild we’ve been working through our product plans to test and validate and get new products into production quickly, but without cutting corners or ensuring our kits are built to take any use and abuse you want to through at them. While we might not be first to market with kits, the wait will be worth it.

For the bigger Bronco, both the 2Dr and 4Dr, our goal is to Up the performance and capability. While independent front suspension and rear 4-link with four-corner coilovers is noteworthy right out of the gate, we plan to take that further. Improve travel, better damping, more adjustability. All of the BDS systems will include FOX coilovers at each corner for next level ride quality and performance to go way beyond what the stock shocks and Sasquatch shock packages offer. We’ll be offering several lift kits from the 2” all the way up to 6.5” allowing clearance for up to about 40” tires. Additionally we’ll be offering upper control arms and other accessories to enhance its capabilities.


As with any manufacturer, the more complex parts take longer to develop, test and ultimately bring to market so things like the FOX coilovers and replacement steering knuckles will have a longer lead time. Initially you’ll see us come to market with performance upper control arms designed to increased travel that can be paired with all of our lift packages.

In the Q4 of 2021 we’ll have the FOX shock upgrades available along with complete 2-4” BDS coilover systems on the shelf and ready to ship. These systems will utilize FOX 2.5 performance elite series coilovers with the DSC adjustment along with BDS performance series upper control arms among other upgrades these will allow clearance for up to 37s tires and dramatically improve ride and handling of the vehicle. Due to the factory suspension geometry there isn’t a ton that is needed on when lifting the Bronco up 4”.

Over 4” of lift there are some additional provisions need to be made to correct suspension, steering and driveline geometry. We’ll be offering 4.5” and 6.5” lift height suspension systems to include crossmembers, taller steering knuckles, differential relocation, FOX coilovers all the way around with the goal to allow clearance for up to 40” tires. More to come on these taller lift systems, but expect to see them out early 2022.


Beyond those systems we will be launching additional accessories and components to further enhance your Bronco experience. Along with these upcoming BDS products the FOX Factory family of brands will be bringing new suspension, shock, armor, bumper, fender and other accessories to market over the coming months so stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more coming.

Keep a look out for updates on of website and social media pages, sign up for notifications on our website. We’re looking forward to helping you take your Bronco to the next level.


BDS Products:

2-4" UCA Coilover Lift Systems - Available Q4 2021

4.5"/6.5" Coilover Lift Systems - Available Q1 2022

Performance Upper Control Arms - Available Q3 2021

FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coilovers - Available Q4 2021

Additional Kits/Accessories - Announcing Soon

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