Moab is a magical place, breathtaking views, access to incredible offroad trails and a wide range of activities for the adrenaline junkie. Moab has a bit of both lifestyles with small town charm and modern conveniences and innovation. Each year we go back this ancient landscape evolves and adapts, ever so slightly out on the trails, but by leaps and bounds in town as more hikers, bikers, offroaders an its fair share of hippies make their way through town. While we'd love to say Moab is kept pristine and in great shape by visitors and locals, that's not always the case. Some areas get run down and unfortunately get used as a dumping ground for trash. We often preach to be good ambassadors to the land, leave the trail and camp cleaner than you found it and do your part to keep the trails open.

We've been excited to Now that Ford Broncos are making it out into the wild there are more and more gatherings as owners and enthusiasts take to the trail to test out their capability and enjoy the great outdoors. With more and more events getting organized we are excited to get behind the wheel of our Fire Command Bronco to take part in the action. We were pumped to get the invite to join one of these gatherings as Ford teamed up with Sons of Smokey Wilderness Defense, Bronco Wild Fund, Bronco Nation and others to clean up trails and other public lands around Moab. About 20 Broncos gathers to take part in the cleanup with Ford bringing out a pre-production Bronco Raptor among other cool vehicles as a large group gathered up discarded plastic, metal, tires, mattresses, glass, car parts, etc to make the area cleaner than we found it. In all, a couple dumper loads were filled for proper disposal.

We all love getting outdoors and going offroad, but remember if we're goign to keep the trails open we need to tread lightly and keep them as clean if not cleaner than we find them.

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