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Coil-Over Spanner Wrench


Universal to Fox Racing 2.5″ Coil-Overs with single collar

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Coil-Over Spanner Wrench

Coil-Over Spanner Wrench
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Coil-Over Spanner Wrench

Coil-Over Spanner Wrench
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Coil-Over Spanner Wrench

Coldwater, MI—March 14, 2013— BDS Suspension now offers a simple solution to adjusting ride height of the Fox Racing 2.5″ Coil-Overs offered in BDS Performance Lift Systems with a new coil-over spanner wrench. This unique tool design fits the adjustment collar of the Fox Racing coil-overs and accepts any 1/2″ drive ratchet or breaker bar. The ratchet allows the spanner wrench to function in multiple positions for easier use in IFS setups.

The spanner wrench uses a pin-style design that is precision machined to fit in the Fox adjustment collar holes.  This precise fit provides the best grip and reduces the chance of damage to the tool, adjustment collar and your knuckles.

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