Recently we received this email and picture from Charlie Stevens, VP of PA Jeeps, Inc. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet Charlie at any of the PA Jeeps shows, you know he’s a great guy and a loyal BDS customer. By purchasing his mods during the “Make Tracks to Cabela’s with BDS” promotion, Charlie received a $100 Cabela’s gift card courtesy of BDS. Thanks Charlie…enjoy!

“I purchased my 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport right off the showroom floor and within two weeks had it delivered to Hoak’s Four Wheel Drive Center in Wrightsville, PA. Hoak’s 4WD Center installed a 3″ BDS Suspension system and 33″ BFG KM Mud Terrains. This started my personal relationship with the folks at Hoak’s and BDS Suspension.

In 2006 I asked Hoak’s to install a Sid Row engine and transmission skid plate, a set of BDS lower fixed control arms in the front and add a slip yoke eliminator kit.

In October of 2009 I decided to take my Jeep to the next level. I asked Hoak’s to remove the 3” BDS kit and install the following:

  • BDS upper adjustable control arms (four)
  • BDS lower fixed control arms rear (front previously installed)
  • BDS stainless steel extended brake lines (two)
  • BDS adjustable front track bar and relocation bracket
  • BDS 9500 gas charged shocks (four)
  • BDS rear track bar relocation kit
  • BDS rear sway bar links
  • BDS rear lower shock mount extensions (two)
  • BDS 4.5″ coil springs (four)

I cannot thank Mike, Trae, Dave and Eric from Hoak’s Four Wheel Drive Center enough for their time, knowledge and effort. This set-up was put together to obtain three specific goals: I must have BDS Suspension products, it must meet my budget and it must have enough suspension to wheel 35″ tires.

Mike Gross from Hoak’s spent hours with me going over the BDS short-arm, long -arm, stand box kits and custom options to deliver what I wanted, Mike accomplished these goals. Mike, Trae, Eric Hoak and Dave are the best and most knowledgable 4WD guys around. Whenever I want suspension components added to my Jeep, they must be BDS components and they must be installed by Hoak’s.

I put the original BDS 3″ kit to the test and never had a component fail in five years. I’m using the new BDS suspension on the trails now. In the unlikely event something breaks, I have the “No Fine Print” Warranty behind me.”

Charlie Stevens

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4 Comments on “Charlie’s Awesome Jeep | PA Jeeps, Inc
  • David says:

    Why does the BDS 4.5 long arm kit for 2006 TJ Rubicon say it’s for 33 inch tires ? Is there enough articulation with 35’s ? Also I’d like to know what rim offset to use.

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey David, while 4.5″ is enough to fit a 35″ tire with stock fenders for around town driving, our long arm systems allow for a ton of articulation so at full flex the 35s would be stuffed in the fender and rub so we spec 33s for offroad clearance. If running an aftermarket “flat fenders” 35s will fit for on/off-road use

  • Alex says:

    For the 35’s, does it have to be a raised flat fender, or will one flush with the bottom of the un modded hood work with 35’s?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Typically a 3″ kit will allow clearance for a 33″ tire under a TJ. With fender modification (trimming, flat fender, etc) a 35″ tire can be used, however flexed out offroad there is still the potential it will rub.


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