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  1. Terry fleming
    Terry fleming at | | Reply

    I got a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7 cummins and need this kit. Could u tell me the cost for this in Canadian please.

    1. BDS Suspension
      BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Terry, you would need to speak with one of your local BDS dealers for pricing information. You can look up your local dealer at http://bds-suspension.com/distributor-lookup

  2. Levi
    Levi at | | Reply

    Is there any way of tightening the shocks up. Mine are way to loose and make the truck have a mind of its own. If not could i just take one off?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      @Levi, contact BDS tech support at (517) 279-2135 or tech@bds-suspension.com so they can assist you.

  3. Nate
    Nate at | | Reply

    So, I don’t see an item number for this kit. All I see in your online store is the 5500 and 9500 kits. Where is this fox kit at?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Nate, we’re currently doing some updates on the site, the Fox 2.0 steering stabilizer chart isn’t posted for the RAM trucks. For the time being you can view the these stabilizer under any of the applicable lift kit when you use the kit customizer tool, example http://bds-suspension.com/kit-customizer?kid=691H. The bracket kit is #55371 (MSRP $130.28) and the Fox 2.0 stabilizer cylinders are #98224016 (MSRP $147.34 ea)

  4. Luc
    Luc at | | Reply

    Do you guy’s make one for a 2001 ram 3500?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Luc, we don’t get a huge call for the ’94-02 Ram 3500s so we haven’t designed a kit specifically for them. That’s not to say our stabilizer kits for the ’94-02 Ram 1500/2500 won’t work on there, but you’l want to verify the diameter of your axle tube and steering linkage before ordering. For more on theRam 1500/2500 kits and contact info to get in touch with our sales/tech department head to https://blog.bds-suspension.com/?p=9081

  5. Thomas
    Thomas at | | Reply

    Does the center bracket fit a Dana 60 from a 97?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      The center bracket is designed for the AAM axles in the RAM, that said it may fit your Dana 60. We offer a dual stabilizer bracket to fit the ’94-01 RAM 2500/3500 trucks (#55351) as well, the center bracket doesn’t have the BDS emblem

  6. William
    William at | | Reply

    Hello. do you guy’s make a kit for 2004 dodge ram1500 2wd i need help please..?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hi William, unfortunately we don’t have any kits for the 2WD RAM trucks

  7. Tommy Mitts
    Tommy Mitts at | | Reply

    The headline says 03 – 13 yet the application doesn’t coincide with those years. I have an 07 2500 4 wheel drive. You got an application for that?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Tommy,
      sorry about the mixup, the ’08-13 RAM HDs use a “t-style” steering linkage where as the ’03-07 RAM HDs use a “y-style” steering linkage. We offer dual steering stabilizer kits for the ’03-07 trucks, however the center bracket doesn’t include the BDS branding. We offer the stabilizers with 5500-series (white body) and 9500-series (brushed metal body) stabilizers. FOX 2.0 stabilizers are not available.

      #55357 Bracket Kit, #55405 5500-series stabilizer (ea), #95405 9500-series stabilizer (ea)

  8. Patriot_ram
    Patriot_ram at | | Reply

    I have a 05 2500 it currently has a rough country dual stabilizer. I want to upgrade to the fox shocks and a bds dual stabilizer just like the 08-13 rams…are you guys offering anything yet

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Unfortunately we don’t offer the updated dual FOX stabilizer kits for the 2003-2008 Dodge RAM 2500/3500 trucks with the “inverted Y” style steering linkage. That said we do offer a dual steering stabilizer kits with your choice of NX2-series silver painted or 9500-series brushed metallic stabilizers.
      #55357 (mounting brackets) / #85405 (NX2 stabilizer ea) / #95405 (9500 stabilizer ea)

  9. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    I have a 2010 Power Wagon and need to upgrade to a dual stabilizer due to larger tires. Do you have a Fox Dual kit that will fit the early 4th gen PWs?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Dan,
      This setup will fit your 2010 RAM 2500 Power Wagon as well. #55371 bracket kit and #98224016 FOX 2.0 stabilizer (ea)

  10. Cody smallwood
    Cody smallwood at | | Reply

    I have a 3500 single rear wheel. 2014 I know it sayes up to 13 but do you have a dual stabilizer fox 2.0 set up yet ?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Cody, we’ve had the dual steering stabilizer for the ’13+ RAM 3500 and ’14+ RAM 250 models available for years. It uses a similar design to this stabilizer kit just designed to work with the updated front setup on the OE radius arm RAM HDs. Here’s a shot of it installed on our ’13 RAM 3500 (Project Slate) – http://bds-suspension.com/images-prod/apps/dodge/print/dodge_3500_14slate_8in_b.jpg

      #55370 – BDS dual stabilizer bracket kit – $140.71 msrp
      #98224016 – FOX 2.0 steering stabilizer (ea) – $149.33 msrp

  11. Shawn
    Shawn at | | Reply

    How many miles should I expect to get out of my bds dual stabilizer fox 2.0? 2007 dodge 2500 mega cab 37×13.50×20 toyo mt. converted to t-style.a

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Shawn, there’s no life expectancy or mileage rating on shocks and stabilizers as it will all depend on how they are used (or abused). The steering stabilizer cylinders don’t take near the stresses that the standard shocks do so you should expect to see a very long service life out of them.

  12. Ben warner
    Ben warner at | | Reply

    Hi how the heck are yah! I am getting a death wobble in my 2012 ram 3500 I have put new ball joints and tie rods in so far next step is duel stabilizer set up and I was hoping to see a steering brace but didn’t find one do you carry it? Or maybe have some tips or hints to stop it? 6 inch lift 35s and they have an big offset I just bought it like this a couple days ago any help would be appreciated as she shakes hard at 110km down thru 90km and it’s unsafe

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Ben, thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear you’re having an issue with the dreaded death wobble. Its not the easiest issue to diagnose, especially over the internet. It could be related to worn steering components, out of balance tires, truck out of alignment, improperly installed suspension parts or any number of other reasons. Our tech support team is better suited to offer assistance you your local BDS dealer to help you get to the bottom of what the cause is and how to resolved it.
      BDS Tech Support – (517) 279-2135 or tech-bds@sporttruckusainc.com
      Local BDS Dealer – http://bds-suspension.com/distributor-lookup

  13. Ben warner
    Ben warner at | | Reply

    80,000km on truck

  14. antonio attardo
    antonio attardo at | | Reply

    Hi i have a 2013 Ram power wagon and looking to get your dual stabilizer set up for it but no luck finding it your web site? Could you please help with application numbers.Thank you.

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hi Antonio, thanks for your interest in BDS Suspension. This is the correct steering stabilizer listing to fit your 2013 RAM 2500 Power Wagon. Your truck uses the same base suspension and axle setup as the standard RAM 2500/3500 trucks, so you’ll want to use #55371 mounting brackets and your choice of 2 stabilizer cylinders: #85422 for the NX2 series, #98224016 for the FOX 2.0 series

  15. Marc Guilfoyle
    Marc Guilfoyle at | | Reply

    Hi. I’m installing part #55371 on a 2012 Ram.
    I have synergy tie rod and therefore do not have a mount point for the shock on yhe driver side.

    Any ideas how to solve?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Marc,
      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with that combination from the marketing side, but our tech support team should be able to figure out a solution. You can reach them at (517) 279-2135 or tech-bds@ridefox.com

  16. Corey
    Corey at | | Reply

    Hey BDS I’ve had your 8″ lift installed on my 2012 Ram 2500 for the past 4 years and I love it. I get alot of great comments on the truck and I always send people your way. So, I have the old style dual stabilizer setup with the U-bolt mounting bracket on the underside of the tie rod. I put on an aftermarket diff cover so obviously now there are clearance issues with that setup. It looks like this re-design will solve the clearance issues, is that correct?. If so, can I use my white-body 5500 stabilizers included from the previous setup—that came with the 8″ lift kit originally—with this updated mounting kit?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Corey,
      Unfortunately some aftermarket diff covers will cause a clearance issue with end-to-end style dual steering stabilizer kits. We haven’t tested clearance with every aftermarket diff cover/stabilizer combo to give a definitive answer, but can say the updated 55371 bracket design does improve clearance over the older bracket used. 55371 can be used with your existing cylinders and does add BDS branding, that said there’s still a chance you could have a clearance issue. While it’s not ideal, in some cases grinding down the fins on the diff cover to clear the cylinders is needed.

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