2020 has been a different year than most, with the pandemic still on everyone's minds and events getting shut down left and right there was a lot of uncertainty leading up to the annual SEMA Show and where or not this massive event held in Las Vegas each Fall would be able to welcome the more than 150,000 automotive industry professionals it typically brings in. Well, in August we got that answer as even SEMA would be forced to take a year off from the traditional in-person gathering. Instead, SEMA scrambled to organize a virtual even called SEMA 360 and several of the larger vendors hosted their own events to engage audiences.

One of the largest vendors at SEMA, the Ford Motor Company started secretly planning out a virtual event in its place, a show that would be live streamed and open to the public to showcase the latest models, cool accessories and some tricked out project rigs. While Ford has so much to show off, they boiled it down to a 1hr special that highlighted the Bronco, Bronco Sport, Ranger, F150 and Mustang MachE followed up by multiple 30 minute Live Q&A sessions. Along the way Ford leaned on celebrities and racers from Jay Leno, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Ken Block, Loren Healy, Hailie Deegan and more.

Throughout the show Ford highlighted (4) main project vehicle builds they had organized in partnership with their build partners. BDS has been one of those partners for a number of years, building everything from the insanely cool SD126 to RangerX and GoBeyond. This year Ford tapped the BDS crew to build a dual purpose work & play themed 2021 Ford F150 Hybrid. Check out the segment and for more on the Work/Play F150 check out the complete build thread here.

Well here it is in all its glory, the Work/Play F150 from BDS Suspension. This 2021 Ford F150 Limited Hybrid is ready for the job site regardless how off the beaten path that might be. Whether the job is large or small, it is ready to tackle it with Ford's Pro Power On Board. Mobile metal fabrication shop by week and background adventure rig by weekend, this F150 has all the gear to get the job done and do it in style. Well equipped form the factory, the aftermarket accessory list includes:

Build Sheet:

2021 Ford F150 Limited 4WD
3.5L Powerboost Full Hybrid
10-speed Hybrid/Electric Transmission
7.2kW Pro Power On Board
Antimatter Blue Exterior

BDS Suspension 4” Lift System
FOX 2.5 Factory Race DSC Coilovers & Shocks
Ridetech LevelTow Airbag System
BDS (Custom) Front Skid Plate
BDS Upper Control Arms

20x10 Method Race Wheels - Series 304
35x12.50x20 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires

Drivetrain Mods:
Ford Performance (Borla) Exhaust System
Ford Performance Differential Cover

Interior Mods:
Trigger 4-Switch (Bluetooth) Relay System
Truck Vault Console Vault
Ford Performance Pet Ramp/Seat Covers
Ford Performance Storage Bags
Sync4 Infotainment System
B&O Premium Stereo System

Work/Play Graphics & Striping
3M 1080-series matte black and satin silver

Exterior Mods:
Putco Illuminix front Ford emblem
Air Designs Fender Flares
Decked Storage System w/ D-Box and Core Trax rails
Yakima Overhaul Rack System w/ accessory mounts
Ford factory powerstep running boards
Rigid LED Lights (auxiliary & under body)
Rotopax storage containers
Ford Performance recovery boards
Yakima Slim Shady awning
Ford Performance (Warn) recovery kit
Ford Performance first aid kit
ARB Twin Air Compressor

Work Gear:
Milwaukee MX Fuel Battery Power Tools
(deep cut band saw, 5” grinder, magnetic drill press, hammer drill, impact gun)
Miller Multimatic 255 Welder (MIG/TIG/Stick)
Hypertherm Powermax30 Air Plasma Cutter
Miller 30FX Welding Table (folding)
Ford Hand/Air Tools

Recreational Gear:
ARB Elements Fridge/Freezer
Grillpro 1500W Electric Grill
Milwaukee 18V Bluetooth Speaker/Charger
Isle Outpost Stand Up Paddleboard
Yeti Arc C Bike
Yakima Bike Rack and SUP Mounts
Camping Gear (tent, cot, chairs)


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We're back and in the homestretch to set this new 2021 Ford F150 up to be a super cool, super functional, dual purpose Work & Play truck. At this point the build team has outfitted the bed with tons of accessories for the work aspect. With measurements taken and prototypes designed, its time to give this truck some extra altitude (and attitude).

Being a suspension manufacturer, and with our close association to FOX, it shouldn't be surprising this truck is well equipped and ready to perform. Using this truck as a test bed, the team prototyped several lift sizes and accessories and decided on a 4" lift height to allow fitment of 35s on this build. While there are some similarities to previous generation F150s, ultimately this kit is a redesign around the updated suspension configuration. This kit features the drop crossmembers, steering knuckles, multipoint differential relocation, sway bar correction, skid plate(s), driveline adjustment, and everything else necessary to set this truck up right. In addition, FOX brought next level capability with their 2.5 factory race series coilovers with remote DSC reservoirs up front and 2.5 factory race series DSC piggyback shocks in the rear.

From there the team fitted color-matched fender flares, wheels and tires, wired up accessories, installed exhaust, and prepped the bed for the dual purpose "recreational" features to include camping, grilling, and a cooler, along with recreational gear to include a stand up paddle board (SUP), and bike using Yakima mounts. Stay tuned for the reveal of this truck...



  • BDS Suspension 4” Lift System (link)

    • New for 2021, this system is designed to maintain suspension-steering-driveline geometry for on-road comfort and predictable handling. BDS UCA Kit offers additional strength and suspension travel. Custom skid plate also designed for this build
  • FOX 2.5 Factory Race DSC Coilovers and Shocks (link)

    • Next level performance with FOX 2.5 factory race series shocks with front R/R DSC coilovers and rear P/B DSC shocks designed to soak up the roughest terrain
  • Ridetech LevelTow air bag system (link)

    • Ready to haul at a moments notice, this airbag system ties into a compressor and uses a ride height sensor to automatically adjust air bag inflation based on how you have the truck loaded
  • Air Designs Fender Flare Kit (link)

    • Great styling and extra coverage for the tires, colormatched to the factory antimatter blue.
  • 20x10 Method Race Wheels Series 304 Wheels (link)

    • Machined finish for a great look and super strong design
  • 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires (link)

    • This tire is built to perform on-road and offroad, from driving and towing to rocks, sand, mud and snow.
  • Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover (link)

    • This cover offers extra fluid capacity, additional strength and easy fill/drain access
  • Ford Performance (Borla) Exhaust System

    • Cat-back, side exit, black chrome tips
  • Custom Vinyl graphics package
    • Subtle to accent the antimatter blue paint and tie in billet grille styling and with the work/play theme

Recreational Gear:

  • ARB Elements Fridge/Freezer (link)

    • 63 quarts of awesome to keep your food and drinks ice cold out on the jobsite or out on an adventure. The stainless steel exterior offers a great look and it features easy touchpad control and security with a magnetic lock build in.
  • Grillpro 1500W electric grill (link)

    • 110V plug in grill is perfect for this truck to serve of hot food with family, friends or co-workers.
  • Milwaukee 18V Bluetooth Speaker/Charger (link)

    • This M18 Packout radio is part of the Packout line of products and integrates 10 rugged speakers for great sound as well as the ability to charge multiple M18 batteries and mobile devices at the same time.
  • Isle (SUP) Stand Up Paddleboard (link)

    • When the work week is done and it’s time to relax with family this truck can be set up with a paddle boards and mountain bikes and other gear for an outdoor adventure.
  • Yeti ARC C Bike with FOX shocks (link)
  • Yakima bike rack and SUP mounts (link)

    • Quickly and easily mount down our gear for a weekend adventure
  • Camping Gear
    • Chairs, tent, cot and other gear to be ready for any weekend adventure

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Well, the team at BDS Suspension is back at it partnering with Ford to build a crave-worth project truck chocked full of cool features and capability to match its good looks. For this year, a plan was hashed to spotlight the all new 2021 Ford F150 Hybrid and showcase the truck's capability as a dual purpose work + play truck able to get the job done during the week and have fun on the weekend. The truck selected came well equipped right off Ford's assembly line as a Limited, Ford's top-of-the-line trim package featuring LED projector headlights, 12" Sync4 infotainment system, premium leather with heat/air-con/massage built in, trailer assist, B&O premium stereo system, moon roof and our favorite feature - Pro Power On Board (PPOB). Now this PPOB is super cool and something not matched by any other truck on the market right now. SO much more than just a power inverter - this PPOB system packs up to 7.2kW of power to tap into 220V and 110V right out of the bed to power tools, gear/accessories, whatever that might be.

For our particular work/play - themed build, that meant building this truck into a mobile metal fabrication rig able to access remote locations to cut, weld, and manipulate metal right out of the bed thanks to the PPOB with tons of storage and gear to get the job done. On the play side this truck needs to be ready to get off the grid, camping, exploring, and having fun with man (+ dog) and machine enjoying the 700+ mile range that this Hybrid F150 offers.

With no SEMA Show to debut it, the teams at BDS and Ford had to get creative planning in a virtual event to showcase the trucks 6-week to overhaul. With the truck on site and a plan together, the team at BDS got to work sourcing the right parts to get the job done. At this point in the build the team has taken on the bed accessories to include lighting, tools, and storage. This included:


  • Putco Illuminix LED Ford Grille Emblem (link)

    • Adds a custom touch to the front of this truck and ties into the factory LED lighting package
  • Trigger 4Plus Switch Relay System (link)

    • Easy to install auxiliary switch relay system mounts under the hood and connects via bluetooth remote or mobile app
  • Decked Storage System (link)

    • Light weight, heavy duty dry storage solution in bed supports up to 2000lbs and features 2 slide-out drawers + Core Trax tie downs
  • Yakima Overhaul Rack Aystem w/ Accessory Mounts (link)

    • High quality, modular bed rack and accessories to mount work and recreational gear. Great fit and offers both function and form
  • Rigid LED Lights (link)

    • Building on the factory lighting we added D-SS series ditch lights, bed rack lights and A-series underbody lights for better visibility
  • Rotopax Storage Containers (link)

    • Rather than fuel/water storage, we opted for storage packs to hold tools and gear for easy access
  • Yakima Slim Shady Awning (link)

    • Adds an extra 42sq ft of protection from the sun and elements and rolls up nice and tight when you’re on the trail
  • Ford Performance (Warn) Recovery Kit (link)

    • Extra security and peace of mind to off the grid with Ford Performance branded tow strap, tow hooks, and gloves
  • Ford Performance First Aid Kit (link)

    • Be ready for anything when working around power tools and outdoor sports because you never when a good day turns bad
  • ARB Twin Air Compressor (link)

    • Reliable air on demand to air up tires, run power tools or whatever else needs an air supply. Mounted in the bed for easy access.

Work Accessories:

  • Milwaukee MX Fuel Battery Power Tools & Chargers (link)

    • We've been using Milwaukee tools out in the shop for years and this truck gave us an opportunity to highlight some of our favorite tools to include the deep cut band saw, 5” grinder, magnetic drill press, hammer drill, impact gun, hand tools, not to mention their safety gear.
  • Miller Multimatic 255 Welder (link)

    • This small, yet powerful welder plugs into the 220V plug on the Pro Power On Board to allow us to MIG, TIG, or stick weld depending on the situation.
  • Hypertherm Powermax30 Air Plasma Cutter (link)

    • Another small, yet powerful solution this plasma cutter packs a punch. It can be used on 110V or 220V and allows us to cut
  • Miller 30FX welding table (link)
    • This folding table allows easy setup for our welding gear
  • Ford hand tools and air tools + tool box (link)
    • Top quality tools designed to get the job done.

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The all new 2021 Ford F150 is chocked full of cool features and the latest tech. Combine that with an already built Ford tough design and this truck can do things that other trucks can't. Join Courtney as she takes you through a deep dive into the new features, available options and ultimately takes one of the first production 2021 Ford F150 Limited Hybrid trucks (serial number 0002) out for a test drive to give her first impression from the drive.

Truck Reviewed:

2021 Ford F150 Limited 4WD
3.5L Powerboost Full Hybrid
10-speed Hybrid/Electric Transmission
7.2kW Pro Power On Board System

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To check out what BDS products we offer visit our website at BDS-Suspension.com

Over the last several years the crew at BDS has built some bas ass Ford trucks to include Project Ascension, Project SD126, Project RangerX, and most recently Project Go Beyond. With each of these builds the team at BDS has given everyone a peek inside to watch the build process as these trucks get conceptualized, torn down, built up and ultimately put into action. 2020 has been an strange and challenging year for everyone and if you've been wondering if the BDS team was going to take on any new project builds this recently released teaser seems to answer that question.

The teaser shows serial #002 2021 Ford F150 Unlimited badging, the top of the line trim package and hints at something electrified with a light up front Ford emblem. Stay tuned to find out more next week...