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  1. Mason Joseph
    Mason Joseph at | | Reply

    When is the lift kit for the 2.8L Canyon diesel going to be available?

  2. Robert Payton
    Robert Payton at | | Reply

    It’s October,

    WHEN is the 2.8L Duramax kit going to be available?? I don’t want a Zone, as there is no coilover set up for that lift. I prefer BDS, Yes I know the parent company owns both BDS and Zone.

  3. Mike McCrohan
    Mike McCrohan at | | Reply

    Think this will work for the zr2 when you get the Duramax kiit? I have already given the dealer the build sheet for the zr2 I want so they can order it first thing.

  4. Clint Bright
    Clint Bright at | | Reply

    How much is the kit for the 2017 diesel going to be? Does a leveling kit need to be installed first? Or does it need to be done after

  5. Shane
    Shane at | | Reply

    Will 17×9 wheels w/4.53 back spacing (-12offset) work if I install BDS 5.5″ lift on a 2016 Chevy colorado 3.6l v6?? I already own the aftermarket wheels and want to avoid any issues. Thanks

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